Kilauea's latest outbreak devastates the Big Island with fiery lava flows and volcanic air pollution.

Scientists warn that Kilauea volcano in Hawaii is on the verge of a new explosion spewing ash, steam and sulfur dioxide from the summit crater and six-foot-wide boulders up to a half Mile could throw off in all directions.

"Primary hazards that should be a source of concern when this activity takes place are ballistic projectiles and ash rain," states [[Hawaiian Volcanic Observatory] the US Geological Survey [19659036]

but the scientists said they knew exactly when would the new eruption take place, how long would it take or how severe it would be.

It is said that the lava flow of the volcano falls below the water level and generates steam that makes stone and ash fly.

Driven explosions typical of volcanoes I say very little warning, "says the HVO.

It is said that the" projectiles "emanating from the volcano could range from pebbles to rocks weighing many tons.


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The receding lava lake recalls conditions observed before a major summit eruption in 1924, said Tina Neal, senior scientist at the HVO, who killed and sent a person Rock, ash, and dust for 17 days.

Don Swanson, a HVO geologist, said the magma is likely to fall to critical levels mid-month, but it's uncertain how long it will take until an explosion occurs.

"We suspect it's a fast process. We really do not know, "he told reporters.

While there are no residents in the target areas, workers at the Puna Geothermal Venture on the other side of the highway, where the lava flows, are removing tens of thousands of gallons of flammable gas from the facility a safe area.

The Governor of Hawaii, David Ige, said it was "very, very dangerous," when a volcanic vent would open under the fuel storage facility.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which includes the crater and the region, announced it would close on Friday in anticipation of the possible explosive event. [235] The Hawaii Civil Defense civil defense said Wednesday that 15 columns have opened in the last volcanic activity and that lava, which has destroyed 36 structures, now covers 116 acres.

About 2 .000 residents of the subdivisions Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens on the Big Island were evacuated when the volcano erupted last week

The Hawaii County Police Department and the prosecutor declared that they were pursuing a policy of zero tolerance of looting vandalism is treated as a crime.


Take a look inside the crater of an active volcano in Hawaii.

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