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New Google Android update limits app visibility on phones

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As Google continues to upgrade its privacy and security policies,Major changes are currently being made to Android, which will greatly limit Android app to view all Other apps you have installed on your device.

recently Developer announcement, Google outlined an update to its policy that will restrict ““Broad App Visibility” in Android 11 or higher. Broad application visibility Is a feature that allows applications to query your device and possibly see what other applications you have installed. Google said that it considers data about other applications installed on the device to be sensitive information and is making this change to help improve user privacy.

More specifically, Google stated that any “can be associated with Targeted package visibility statement“The QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES call is not allowed. This call will return a list of every application on the Android device. Broad application visibility is “limited to specific use cases. In these specific use cases, you must have an understanding of any and all applications on the device and/or interoperability with them in order for the application to run normally. ”

The types of applications that are allowed to have wide application visibility include applications such as file managers, browsers, antivirus applications, and other applications that cannot run due to in-depth access to other applications on the device. This means that it is particularly important to ensure these Types of applications come from a safe and reliable location.

In addition, Google said that in the future, developers will need to properly prove the use of extensive application visibility to call or cancel the application’s permission to view the device application list. Starting from April 1, Google will provide developers with a 30-day grace period to modify or update their applications in accordance with the new policy. However, if developers fail to comply with relevant regulations before May 5th, they may face the risk of deleting or delisting their apps from the Google Play Store.

In the past year or so, Google has been slowly restricting app permissions in Android, and this recent move to strictly limit the visibility of a wide range of apps is another step to improve the security of our apps and devices. Small but important step. Starting in November, as Google forces developers to develop apps for Android 11 and higher, we should see that Android’s security will be significantly improved.

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