Holidays are particularly extra for David Talbert.

Subsequently, the directors of “Almost Christmas” and “El Camino Christmas” released the holiday movie “Jingor Ginger: Christmas Journey” (released on Netflix on Thursday), hoping to redefine his son You can see your own holiday classic.

The character of Phylicia Rashad wrote at the beginning of the film: “I think it’s a new story.”

After Talbert tried to introduce his son to classic works, such as “Willi Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”

; and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), he was very interested in this kind of musical The need for music is obvious to Talbert.

Talbert told USA Today: “I took popcorn… and put (“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”) on the surround sound. I had my 4-year-old son there. “I looked at him, he was talking to him Play with Lego blocks. “

He continued: “I looked at the screen, which shocked me. This may be the whitest film in human history. I realized that he couldn’t see himself on the screen.”

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The musical is composed of Forest Whitaker, Phylicia Rashad, Keegan-Michael Key, Anika Noni Rose (Anika Noni Rose) ), Ricky Martin and newcomer Madalen Mills sing (compared to Talbot’s performance with the July Young Garland in The Wizard of Oz), with a rich festive atmosphere, including .

Even if it is an impromptu snowball fight, it is possible to combine African beats and dance.

However, “Jingle Jangle” is not just a movie with a diverse cast. The film tells about “hearts, humans, miracles and hopes”, which are common concepts that families around the world might think of before and after the holidays.

Talbert said: “This is the universal theme of the movie, and I hope everyone can participate because it speaks to everyone.” “But we are normalizing people of color, and these are things you don’t usually see The place.”

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“Jingle Jangle” follows the quest of the outstanding toy manufacturer Jeronicus Jangle (Whitaker) to make new toys for children before Christmas.

Martin gave a soft seal to the manipulative matador doll Don Juan Diego, who convinced apprentice Gustafston (Key) to steal the toy manufacturer’s invention book.

The granddaughter’s journey (Mills) alienated by Jangle re-awakens the magic of her grandfather.

Whitaker told USA Today: “This story involves a second chance, believing in yourself, healing the family and forgiving.” “Everyone is struggling with the COVID-19 problem: people are caught and not It feels like making it and regaining their lives. This is the theme of the movie.”

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“Jingle Jangle” has all the elements of a Christmas wonder. There is a colorful Victorian town, music sequences all over the city, magical toys come to life, and even fly.

Whitaker has a “flying camp” for this.

He said: “When we were flying in the room, we had a lot of fun.” “They installed these rigs, like ropes and things. They start in a straight line and pull you up, and then you learn how to flip and turn around. . Then they start to make it three-dimensional, you can enter circles and things.”

Witnessing Whitaker’s fly was a tearful experience for Talbot, “It’s really a huge emotional mess.”

Talbert said: “Seeing him flying… it’s like seeing myself and then seeing this story finally flying.” He added that he had to assure Whitaker many times, “The wires will not break. “.

Talbert added: “It was amazing just to see him there. He looked like a big kid again.”

“Jingle Jangle: Christmas Journey” screened on Netflix last Thursday.


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