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Netflix’s 2020 price increase: this is the change that is taking place

; Thankfully, the god of streaming is listening to me because of Netflix It is now literally starting to increase the price of its premium streaming service Nowadays, According to The Verge.

Picture from Netflix

This is the new, fatter firming paper on the bill: its standard and premium pricing plans each add $1. The standard plan now costs $13.99 per month, which includes 1080p high-definition video, which can be watched on two screens and downloaded to two devices. The premium plan can provide you with 4K UHD video, simultaneous display of four screens, and download capabilities for four devices, now only $ 15.99 per month. Moreover, if you want to stick to the basic plan, which can provide you with a standard-definition screen and a device to be downloaded, there is no increase at all: a permanent payment of $8.99 per month.

A Netflix spokesperson said that this price increase is “allowing us to continue to provide more types of TV shows and movies.” But as streaming services have recently cancelled shows too many people, they are still in prime time and the previous green season (RIP, glow), I am not willing to buy this reason. I think this is likely to be an attempt to increase cash income as soon as possible before the end of the fourth quarter to offset all COVID-related costs and revenue losses. One dollar does not seem to be a huge increase-and I admit that I am a bit dissatisfied with the service that brings me a lot of entertainment in troubled times-but if it is multiplied by its broad user base, it is a pretty good short-term cash solution . That is, of course, if this does not enable a bunch of subscribers to cancel the service and instead use the other 9,000 streaming services currently available.

Now that you know that you will pay a higher price for Netflix, you may also get the most benefit, right? With this in mind, this is our favorite crime series currently streaming on Netflix.

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