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Netflix announces the premiere date of “Jupiter’s Legacy” (TV News Digest)

In today’s TV news roundup, Netflix announced the premiere date of “Jupiter’s Legacy”, and Showtime set a premiere date for Ziwe’s new variety show.


Rebbi Rosie, Kenan Lonsdale with Enrique Murciano (Enrique Murciano) joined StazintensifySeries while Trail Mountain It was promoted to the regular season series and replayed the role of Marquise in the upcoming season.New cast added Christina Milian with Ne-Yo The series was inspired by the film franchise of Lionsgate film “Step Up”

;. It is centered on Ne-Yo and is Sage Odom, the legendary founder of the famous high water performing arts school in Atlanta, whose legacy and adventures are threatened by a secret. Rossi plays the Englishman Angel (Angel), who abandoned the underworld of organized crime families in London to prove that she belongs to one of the best dancers in the world. Lonsdale took over the role of Tal, who was initially played by the lead dancer of Sage’s billion-dollar tour, Petrice Jones, and Murcia Cruz played by Nuo is an ambitious lawyer who has gained a place among high-profile celebrity lawyers by defending Sage from murder charges.

Roman Flynn, Austrian Davis (Aubriana Davis), Tracy Bonner with Josh Ventura joined Netflixof”Raise DionIn the second season. Flynn will play the nominal Ja’Siah Young coach and mentor Tevin Wakefield; Davis will be 15-year-old Janelle Carr, Bonner (Bonner) ) Plays the mother Simone Carr, Ventura is the new vice president of operations David Marsh of the local biotech company BIONA. The eight episodes of the second season are currently being produced in Atlanta, Georgia.The series is adapted from Dennis Liu Produced and executed by showrunner Carol Barbie, Michael Jordan, Kenny Goodman, Liu, Michael green, Darren Grant, Charles King, Poppy Hanks with Marta Fernandez.


Sundanceof”The secret of psychopath“Will be in Sundance Now and AMC Plus in March 23. The real crime series is divided into three phases, narrated through first-hand narratives by experts, reporters and observers closest to the case, revealing the most explosive and dramatic murder in Irish criminal history.it is from Al Jazeera.

second season show timeof”Couple therapy“Will premiere on April 18 in 10pm.More than nine episodes Doctor Orna Guralnik For eight months, she was given internal internal treatment once a week. The new season introduced three new couples and clarified the difficulty of confinement at home due to the COVID-19 closure. It is characterized by unplanned pregnancy of single mothers, and it must be decided whether the father is the man she wants to live with. A young gay couple is struggling to cope with the trauma and consequences of a near-fatal alcoholism, while a woman faces her husband for failing to fulfill the life she wants. Both episodes will be broadcast on Sundays every week, and the ending will be broadcast on May 16. The entire season will be on-demand on its first broadcast date and broadcast on various partner platforms. Watch the trailer below.

show time Also shared “they are“Will premiere on May 9 in 11pm. The new variety show starring and executed by the titular comedian Ziwe has six episodes aired and includes interviews, music numbers, guest stars and sketches.it is from A24 And executed by Jarmond Washington with Hunter Speth.

Netflix Declare “Murder among Mormons, This is a three-part documentary about the 1985 Salt Lake City bombing that killed two people and seriously injured the other, and a shock wave was transmitted through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. March 3. The ripples intensify when many early Mormon letters and diaries are found damaged in the vehicle of the third victim, including the White Salamander Letter-a notorious artifact whose content May threaten the foundation of Mormonism. “Mormon Murder” was directed and produced by the director Jared Hess with Tyler Measom.This BBC Studio Production Also by Joe Berliner with Ryan O’Dowd. Watch the trailer below.

Netflix Also announced “Jupiter’s legacy“Will arrive on the streamer May 7.based on Mark Miller with to be franklyAs an epic comic novel, this epic superhero drama delves into the complex dynamics of family, power and loyalty with the rise of the next generation of superheroes.star Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Ben Daniels, Elena Kampouris (Elena Kampouris), Andrew Horton, Mike Wade with Matt Rand. Mark Miller,very Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Dan McDermott, Steven de Knight, James Middleton with Kim Sang Kyu Acting as an executive producer. Watch the trailer below.

Epix Will premiere the documentary series “Fall river“At May 16 in 10pm from where Bloom House Television with Pyramid making, It centers on the murder of three young women in 1979. The police claimed that their deaths were at the hands of a cult of Satan who engaged in human sacrifice. Cult leader Carl Drew was arrested and released on parole for life imprisonment. Twenty years later, the chief investigator Paul Carey was swallowed by the contradictions in the case and re-investigated after retirement. “Waterfall River” jumped into the true story of a small town shrouded in Satanic panic in the 1980s, and presented evidence that made the case questionable. Watch the trailer below.

First glance

show time Released the trailer for the second seasonCity on the hill“, the film will premiere at 10 pm on February 3rd 28th. This is the hard-working league leader Grace Campbell (Pernell Walker) Face-to-face with local gang activities and FBI agent Jackie RohrKevin Bacon), he intends to use Boston’s flawed criminal justice system to save his career. In addition, the Assistant District Attorney Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge) Is Jackie’s plan. Their personal confrontation escalated into a war between their respective offices, and no one was immune from collateral damage.The series also starred Lauren Banks, Mark O’Brien, Amanda Clayton, Matthew Del Negro, Jill Hennessy, Elizabeth Keiko, Lucia Ryan, Cameron Kierce, Shannon Wallace, John Doman with Michael O’Keeffe.It is made by executive Tom Fontana, Jennifer Todd (Jennifer Todd), Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jorge Zamakona, Barry Levinson, Chuck McLean with Michael Cuesta. Watch the trailer below.

TBS for”Chad“, the show premiered at 10:30 pm on April 6. The show adopts the form of adult comedy and features former “Saturday Night Live” actors Nasim Pedrad He is a 14-year-old adolescent Persian boy in the first grade of high school. Pedrad also serves as the creator, writer and host of the series. See the trailer below.

development of

Mattel with Nick Will produce a new animated series and based on “Monster high“, is a franchise for children of famous monsters and creatures. Follow Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura and Frankie Stein, who are in Monster High High School Time flies. The show and live-action musical will premiere in 2022 and will be broadcast on the Nickelodeon platform worldwide. The series is produced by Claudia Spinelli with Shea Butter, in spite of Zach Olin with Shauna Phelan Will lead the production of TV movies.

Administrative News

Walt Disney Company appointed Susan Fox Serve as Senior Vice President of Government Relations. She will lead Disney’s government relations team, which represents the company on behalf of Congress, the White House, regulators, opinion leaders and industry associations. Fox most recently served as the company’s vice president of government relations, representing Disney before the federal government, and often concerned about policy issues affecting its traditional and media interests.She represents Disney as a member of the Disney board National Radio and Television Association, This Home Online Safety Institute with Digital content next.

Fox News Channel Promotion Mike Emmanuel Chief reporter from Washington and Jacqui Heinrich To the Congressional Correspondent. Emanuel has worked for Fox News for nearly 25 years and most recently was the network’s chief congressional and senior political correspondent. Heinrich has served as a reporter based in New York since September 2018 and as a national correspondent for the 2020 election cycle.

Award-winning program

TV5Monde United States with Camden International Film Festival Awards TV5 Mond Maine Traditional Movie Grandocumentary writer in Maine Daniel Quintanilla with Jessemin Irving in order to”crossroads. The film tells the story of Tresor. He escaped the turmoil in the Democratic Republic of Congo after the genocide, sought asylum in the United States, and landed in Lewiston, Maine. He married the retired French-American Cecile. For friends, and learned about the scars left by KKK’s Protestant nativist movement against French immigrants, the award awarded Quintanilla and Irwin US$15,000 to make their film and show at CIFF 2021. The premiere ceremony highlights French culture in Maine.


QCode Premiere “Not required“, this is a comedy podcast series starring Lamorne Morris with Billy Magnussen.Created by Morris and comedian Kyle Shevrin, This eight-episode series follows two lazy men trying to capture an escaped convicted murderer in hopes of receiving a million-dollar bounty. The first episode is now available, the second episode will be released on February 25, and new episodes will be released every week.

late at night

tonight, Sunbury Sanders, Soleil Moon Frye with Lord Huron will be”Jimmy Kimmel Live,” with”The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon“Will include Tom Holland, Andraj with Mary McCartney. Colin Jost, Harvey Gillen with Raghav Mehrotra will be”Late at night with Seth Meyers,” in spite of”The late show of Stephen Colbert“will have Billie Eilish, Anna Palmer with Jack Sherman in. Tracy Ellis Ross will be”Lilly Singh (Lilly Singh) is late. “


Before Season 17, “Most deadThe PSA was filmed to encourage the importance of wearing masks in COVID-19. It conveyed their message that becoming a captain means preparing for almost everything, even a global pandemic. PSA is Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with Find,in United States Department of Health and Human Services. Audience can catch Captain Sig Hansen with Josh Harris When the spot airs Find Later this week. Watch the preview below.

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