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Nearly a thousand girls became the first female Eagle Scouts

Last updated: February 23, 2021, 7:22 pm EST

Being an Eagle Scout is a rare honor. But they don’t just distribute it out-the scout must win it.Two years later Girls are first allowed into the Boy Scouts, Of which nearly 1,000 were promoted to Eagle Scout’s first-class merit.

CBS News interviewed some young women who called themselves Eagle Scouts.

Kendall Jackson said: “I don̵

7;t think any of us really expected this day to come.” “Let me be a first-rate member and say that I did it. I am very proud of myself.”

Only 6% of Scout ever reached the top. It requires at least 21 merit medals, a large service project, and a commitment to leadership. Some girls are beginning to prove that they are capable of doing everything a boy can do.

“As a girl, when I was promoted to a leadership position, I was often called bossy, which is a terrible thing to tell any young girl who is stepping up and trying to help a group of people. The scout taught me how to be An outstanding leader,” Isabella Tunney said.

Isabella Tunney


For many such young women, scouting is part of their history.

Gaby Melende said: “My brother’s eagle, my grandfather and his brother are my great-grandfather eagle. If he is not called to participate in the Second World War, then he will definitely get his eagle. ”

On Sunday, the Scout organized an online ceremony to welcome new female role models.

Lyndsey said: “Eagle Scout is not only about winning medals or awards. It is an expectation and a way of life. This means that you are a role model for every day in your life. Once an eagle, you will always be an eagle,” Nedrow ( Nedrow and her sister Lauren received this honor together.

Lauren Nedrow said: “Everyone in the scout has a little bit of’I want to change the world’.”

Lindsey and Lauren Nedrow


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