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NBCUniversal targets C3 and "Social Media Guys" during this year's Upfront – Adweek

It would not be an NBCUniversal combo in advance without Linda Yaccarino, the director of advertising marketing, targeting legacy metrics and the Facebook and Google's of the world. Although it took a little longer for her to get on stage, she did not disappoint when she got there.

Yaccarino, the chairman of the Advertising and Customer Partnership, did not attend an annual event in New York's Radio City Music Hall until two hours later at NBCUniversals, followed by an amusing band to sing in the style of Mark Zuckerberg before the congress seemed to demonstrate.

"Nothing brings people together like watching TV," she said to the buyers attending the first event this week. "Come on, no family has ever gathered for a news feed before."

"Nothing brings people together like watching TV Come on, no family has ever collected a news feed."

NBC Universal Ad Sales Manager Linda Yaccarino

On all the talent of stage and production numbers, the NBCU in advance Yaccarino noted, "If social media people can do that, let me know, but I would not hold my breath because we're not in the business with like-minded people ̵

1; we're in the bottom line. Real, verified results that delivered the right path. "

She talked about the benefits of working with clients to drive customer engagement, brand recall, brand affinity, and purchase intent. "These are the metrics that matter, not what a C3 tells you," Yaccarino said. "I still can not believe I have to stand on this stage and talk about legacy measurements."

When the C3 metric was developed in 2007, she said everyone still had flip phones and "Meghan Markle was on Deal Or No Deal." As a modern alternative, she propagated NBCU's new CFlight unified advertising metric Measures live, on-demand and time-shifted commercial impressions of episodes on every platform.

In advance, NBCU will reduce the ads by 10 percent of all prime-time original series across the entire broadcast and cable portfolio (totaling more than 50 shows). It will also feature a 60-second "Prime Pod" of audience-targeted advertising in the first or last breaks of all these shows.

Contradictory News

Two hours before Yaccarino's appearance, NBCUniversal President and CEO Steve Burke told the buyers gathered that the company would shake up something for this year's presentation. "What we're going to do today is not just network by network," he said. "… [I] Instead, we will celebrate all our business together." But strangely enough, most of the event went just as it did last year, going through each network one by one. (Burke also said in this turbulent time in the industry, "We feel we already have the perfect assets to be truly successful in this business"), which contradicts the news that Comcast is preparing for a hostile bid Century Fox.)

E! about Busy Phillips – new late-night talk show, Busy Tonight, and the return of E! True Hollywood Story this fall. Guiliana Rancic called it "what will surely be everyone's choice for the revival of 2018", which would be ABC and the cast of Roseanne News.

Syfy sent trailers for new shows Deadly Class and Nightflyers, while Telemundo produced an emotional staged interpretation of the "This Is Me" by The Greatest Showman about the cultural power of the Hispanic audience. Andy Cohen announced that Project Runway will return to Bravo after the final decade of life for season 17.

"Journalism is at the center of our work, facts are important, and trust is earned."

NBC Nightly News Presenter Lester Holt

The US unveiled its upcoming suits split with Gina Torres, the suits: Second City is called and plays in the dirty world of Chicago politics. "It also featured a sizzle role for Treadstone, inspired by the Bourne franchise, which called it a" new series, "even though the US only ordered one pilot at that time.

The stars of NBC News acted as unified Group up with NBC Nightly News presenter Lester Holt on her "unparalleled team of journalists." "Journalism is at the heart of our work. Facts are important, and trust is earned, "he emphasized.

The members of the Olympic hockey team of the gold medalist received a standing ovation.

Seth Meyers does not hold back

As the event unfolded, MVP Seth Meyers sat down once again single-handedly disputing some oddities about his company and his network.

"NBC had a huge year thanks to the Super Bowl and the Olympics, and I realize that's a weird thing to have up this year we neither. It's like a waiter coming over to tell you which specials they have, "he said.

" NBC had a huge year thanks to the Super Bowl and the Olympics, and I know that's something Strange is. because we do not have this year either. It's like a waiter coming over to tell you what specials they have. "

Seth Meyers

He was also the only person referring to the vicious former presenter Matt Lauer, who was on stage last year," We are home to the first drama on television. A show that. every week, gives us twists and turns, heartrending revelations and this season, the departure of a once beloved character. Of course I'm talking about … the Today Show.

Meyers, who later unbuttoned his shirt to make fun of America's Got Talent Executive Producer and Judge Simon Cowell's Stage Clothes, also had some ad-jokes in advance Arsenal. "For my money, that was best advertising integration this year in the US between the TV show Suits and the Royal Wedding. Whatever the Queen paid for this integration, it was worth it, because I've heard a lot about this wedding, "Meyers said, referring to former suits star Meghan Markle." The most interesting ad integration was when this Crock -Pot Jack on This Is Us killed. What an incredible rebranding for slow cookers!

Déjà vu

NBC, which announced its fall calendar yesterday, was unveiled just an hour before the event, with the network featuring trailers for several upcoming NBC comedies and dramas, many of which recall other past and current shows Abby's, about a backyard bar, had a cheers vibe. Drama The Village, in the middle of the season, felt like this is us in a residential home case The Enemy Within seemed to share the DNA with The Blacklist and Manifest seemed to be more or less similar to Lost.

The event included live and pre-produced production numbers, including a taped opening featuring several NBCU stars, including Kristin Bell, Sean Hayes, Ted Danson, and Howie Mandel An upfront parody on Mamma Mia as NBCU will release a Mamma Mia sequel this summer, "It's the rising / Here we go / My, my, oh how much I've missed you", p accept her. World of Dance jurors Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough completed the presentation with a pyrotechnically filled dance number.

However, none of this year's performances was as electrifying as Jennifer Hudson's concept of 2017 when she started the morning with "I Am Telling You." I'm not leaving, "from her Oscar winner in Dreamgirls, and no one came from the NBC atmosphere -Chef Robert Greenblatt's surreal up-front duet with Dolly Parton three years ago near is-this-real-happing?

Prior to the Upfront, NBCU distributed interactive bracelets to attendees who used colorful lights throughout the event The bracelets were somehow used to help the company choose a new category – "The Most Bingeable Show of 2018" – for the upcoming People's Choice Awards, which will be held for the first time on E! November (19659002) While NBCUniversal (NBCUniversal) vowed to keep the presentation in the last two combined fronts to hold just under two hours, this year's goal was well over 15 minutes vain.

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