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NBA strength rankings: Celtics, Pelicans, 76ers benefit from favorable Disney schedule; Bucks, Lakers stay ahead



Milwaukee’s schedule power remains almost unchanged, so the Bucks are basically on the same boat as the schedule was released. They did not risk giving up the best seed in the East (Is it really important without home advantage?) Therefore, they will use eight seed games to restore Giannis Antetokounmpo and other rosters to their original form. Ready to enter the playoffs. ̵

1; 53-12



The Lakers have been frustrated in their schedules, from the remaining 18th-ranked teams before the game to Orlando in the future, the most difficult. However, their lead in the Clippers and Nuggets is not large, so the difficult game may not hurt them-in fact, the difficult schedule may help increase the intensity of the game as the playoffs approach. In the seed game, the main concern in Los Angeles will be to determine the rotation, especially if Avery Bradley (Avery Bradley) withdraws from the mixed lineup. – 49-14



The Clippers are still the leader in challenging the Lakers in the Western Conference, and the Clippers’ schedule has largely not changed. Their biggest concern is that Louis Williams is considering withdrawing from the restart, which will cause a huge blow to the Clippers’ offense and depth. If Williams plays, the Clippers should be one of the favorites to win the championship. – 44-20



Not only will the Celtics benefit from a completely healthy restart, but they will also develop one of the more favorable timetables in Orlando. They will face the Trail Blazers, Nets, Magic, Grizzlies and Wizards, all under .500, which can allow them to surpass the No. 2 Raptors in the east. 1 43-21



The Raptors had a difficult schedule at the start, but they were given absolute challenges in Orlando. Of the eight games, six are against 39 or more teams, including the NBA’s leading Bucks and Lakers, and none of their opponents are currently out of the playoffs. Toronto will benefit from the second-place seed, because that would mean the first round of the 76ers, Pacers or Heat against the Magic, Nets or Wizards. 1 46-18



Before closing, Denver still has a difficult remaining timetable, and it will remain unchanged at Walt Disney World. The West is very interesting for the elimination of home advantage, so the seed’s chip doesn’t matter much, the duel becomes more important. We have to see if there are any possible defeats in the last few games to form the match they want, because the No. 2 to No. 7 seeds in the West are within four wins. The Nuggets hope that their thin superstar Nikola Jokic will recover from COVID-19 and lead them to success in the playoffs. – 43-22


76 people

The 76ers reached the agenda grand prize, which should bring them all opportunities to rise from the sixth place in the east. They led the Pacers, they may or may not have Victor Oladipo, and then they formed five direct teams, each with a record of less than 0.500. This means that Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and the 76ers can start their Orlando season 6-0 and build a strong presence in the playoffs Motivation. 3 39-26



Another victim of the difficult schedule, the Heat rose from the 14th highest in the schedule to Disney’s second highest difficulty. They are in a deadlock from No. 4 seed to No. 6 seed in the East, so falling to sixth is not necessarily the worst thing in the world for them, although they have lost their duel with the Celtics (currently Ben Season 3 in the East). 1 41-24



In the bubble, OKC’s path to the playoffs has become somewhat difficult, but not difficult. The Thunder are currently ranked fifth in the Western Conference and have the same record as the Rockets, but based on their performance in eight games, they can easily rise to third or fall to seventh. If they somehow end the first round of the showdown against Houston, the entertainment value of Chris Paul James Harden’s play will be almost beyond control. 1 40-24



Houston’s schedule is a bit difficult, but it must still be exciting for players to rest during the offseason. It is generally believed that James Harden’s fatigue is the cause of the Rockets’ recent playoff losses, so I hope this time it will not be a factor. This should also give PJ Tucker a new look. He puts incredible demands on his defense in the form of small rockets. 1 40-24



The Mavericks are the beneficiaries of another looser schedule because they expect to have the fourth most games left before the offseason and rank 15th in Orlando. They have the Suns twice, as well as the Kings and Trail Blazers, which should give Luca Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis and Dallas a good chance to rise from seventh place and avoid the fast The first round of the boat. – 40-27



Orlando, Utah has a better schedule than before, but for Boyan Bogdanovic, who does not have the team’s second scorer and singles high 3-pointer threat, the Jazz will have many questions. They ranked fourth in the West, but only 2 1/2 games ahead of the seventh Mavericks. Therefore, it is conceivable that if the situation is not good in the eight seed games, the Jazz can have a first-round matchup with the Clippers. – 41-23



Indiana’s schedule at Disney has become a little easier, but the real question is whether Victor Oladipo will participate in the game, and if he can play, how will he be. When the season is over, the All-Stars are just beginning to find their place. Before deciding whether to join his team to resume this season, he needs to look at his body’s response to increasing training conditions. Without Oladipo, Jeremy Lamb has lost to knee surgery and the Pacers will be far less threatened by the playoffs. – 39-26



On rest days, the remaining schedule for all 22 teams in New Orleans is the easiest, so to be fair, Orlando has the simplest schedule. The Pelicans are the only team with a total opponent win rate below .500, and each of their last six opponents currently has a record of losing. This puts them in a leading position and can chase the Grizzlies for the No. 8 seed, whether it is straightforward or in possible play-offs. Prepare for Disney’s “Zion Madness”. 1 28-36


Grizzly bear

The Grizzlies had been watching the rest of the NBA’s second-hardest schedule before the truce and now fell to the sixth place, but their eighth position in the West is still in danger. The Pelicans will salivate in Orlando’s most relaxed schedule, so Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Grizz must do their best to repel them. The good news for Memphis is that if it ranks 8th and is forced to enter the playoff series to enter the final playoff spot, then it only needs to beat the opponent in two games. 1 32-33



If any team is sleeping when the discussion is restarted, it is the Kings. During the truce, they were one of the NBA’s hottest teams and now rank third in the Orlando schedule. They have just begun to figure out things, and now Marvin Bagley III can return to some or not all seed games. Beware of Sacramento. 1 28-36



The Nets ranked eighth from the most difficult game schedule to the fourth, which should provide them with a good opportunity to firmly grasp the seventh place and avoid The game situation and the first round of the game with the Bucks. They also have two games with the Magic. They are half behind in the standings, so their destiny is at least in their own hands. Even if Wilson Chandler chooses to withdraw, Brooklyn should not miss the danger of missing the playoffs. 2 30-34

18 years old


Orlando’s scheduling power remains almost unchanged, and its main goal should be to chase the Nets, fight for the seventh position in the East, and avoid the Bucks in the first round. The Magic play in Brooklyn twice in eight games, so they will have every opportunity to do this. – 30-35


Trail Blazers

With the return of Jusuf Nurkic and Zach Collins, Portland looks like a good choice to challenge the playoff position… and then the schedule comes out. During the restart, the Trail Blazers changed from the most difficult 16 qualifying plan to the fifth difficult plan, which made it more difficult for them to enter the playoffs. You never want to rule out Damian Lillard, but it will be a difficult task, especially because Trevor Ariza chose to quit and start over due to family reasons. 3 29-37



Due to the timetable, the Spurs’ path to the playoffs has become somewhat difficult, but in fact, it has actually become more due to LaMarcus Aldridge’s shoulder surgery at the end of the season. difficult. It looks more and more like San Antonio’s incredible 22 season playoff streak will eventually end, unless Gregg Popovich can somehow be in the happiest place on earth create a miracle. – 27-36

twenty one

Sun team

The Suns have a very slim chance of entering the playoffs, and their Orlando schedule certainly does not help them-ranking seventh among 22 teams. It will be interesting to watch the number of games Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton participate in, but in the second half of the eight seed games, winning may not be Phoenix’s main goal. – 26-39

twenty two


The wizards got a good timetable extension because they had planned to face the most difficult timetable before the interruption, but now they will get through the tenth difficulty. Catch up with Orlando or Brooklyn is still a tough battle, especially without Davis Betans, but it is conceivable that Washington can push into a game within four games. It will be interesting to watch Bradley Beal in a win-win situation. – 24-40

twenty three


The Hornets’ season is over, but they have shown an advantage beyond expectations and trained three players-Derwent Graham, Miles Bridges and PJ Washington, which can make them feel comfort. They hope to get the lottery luck and continue to grow in this offseason, but the reconstruction work in Charlotte has just begun. – 23-42

twenty four


For the Bulls, it was a disappointing season. After years of speculation, they finally succumbed and reorganized the front desk. Chicago has talents-Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen, Coby White, Wendell Carter Jr.-but it has not yet been found Into a method of victory. We will see if the new brass chooses to restructure the deck during the offseason. – 22-43



The Hawks’ performance this year is really bad, second only to Cleveland, ranked third in the league, but we have reason to be hopeful about the development of Trey Young and John Collins, plus the addition of Clint Capela, It is possible to enhance their defensive abilities. They are very young with Kevin Huerter, De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish, and may be acquired this offseason Another high draft pick. But sooner or later, you must really start winning the game. – 20-47



D’Angelo Russell averaged nearly 22 points per game from the Warriors, but shot only 41% from the field and 35% from the 3-point range. Obviously, he will benefit from the existence of Karl-Anthony Towns, and the franchise depends on the success of the two. Now it’s time to start placing high-quality parts around them. – 19-45 years old



We don’t know much about the Knicks’ future this season-we’re still not sure how RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson performed, and we don’t know if Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina will be part of the team’s plan. After a major overhaul of the front desk, the most important thing in the offseason is to find a coach. It is reported that Tom Thibodeau’s name tops the list. – 21-45 years old



The Cavaliers hoped to have a better understanding of Andre Drummond, but after changing him before the deadline, he only got eight games. Taking into account the financial situation of the league, he said that he will “absolutely” exercise the option of $29 million next season, so in any case, this decision is not actually in Cleveland’s hands. Collin Sexton made a huge leap at the end of the season, so the Cavaliers hope he can continue to build on this foundation, and they will continue to work hard to find Kevin Love’s Transaction destination. – 19-46



The long and strange journey is finally over, because one of the most bizarre seasons in NBA history is over. The Warriors gained valuable knowledge this year that D’Angelo Russell was inappropriate and Eric Paschall performed well, but everyone’s attention immediately shifted to the next season, healthy Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins, plus everything they got from the draft, all The Golden State Warriors should once again be the champion contenders. – 15-50


Piston rod

From the perspective of the future of the NBA, it is not as miserable as the Detroit Pistons. When Blake Griffin gets the option, his giant contract will continue until 2022, and the most promising young players on the roster are Luke Kennard and Bruce Brown. ). Christian Wood may have done enough work to get the Pistons to give him a good offer this summer (who else will they pay for?), but Detroit may become the club’s leader with the league’s lowest overall win Predict to enter next season. – 20-46

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