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NBA Playoffs live Results: Match 2 Cavaliers-Celtics

(AP Photo / Charles Krupa)

LeBron James and the Cavs even watch their Eastern Conference finals in Boston on Tuesday night. Follow the live updates throughout the game and jump into the comments to ask NBA reporter Tim Bontemps questions. Get game 1 here on Sunday.

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The Celtics turned the game upside down in the third quarter.

In the third round, Cleveland defeated 36:22 and Boston were seven points clear of 84:77 after the break. LeBron James has 32 points, five rebounds and 10 assists, but has only scored 11 points since his 21-point explosion in the first quarter.

Kevin Love has added 20 points to Cleveland starting the fourth quarter with James on the bench. Boston & # 39; s youth and athleticism have played a role in how the game has progressed, and Cleveland seems to be wearing out.

Here comes the Boston Celtics.

A Marcus Smart three-pointer and a Terry Rozier fast-break slam put the Celtics in the middle of the third quarter 74:71 ahead and put the Celtics back in the first half from a double-digit deficit.

Boston has lost in these playoffs still at home, with an 8 -0 record so far, and the crowd is helping to feed this young team back into this game.

After the Cavaliers were routed in Game 1, there was some doubt as to whether Cleveland could hang with the Celtics. These doubts were answered by the way the Cavaliers played in the first half of Game 2.

After a stellar performance by LeBron James, who already has 25 points, four rebounds and five assists, Cleveland goes into the break 55-48 half-time lead and is 24 minutes away from tying this series to one game each.

The Cavaliers shot a total of 51.2 percent, including 7 for 14 out of three – after only four for 26 in Game 1. Cleveland Maybe it should be even more, assuming it went 6 for 12 off the free throw line – including James Even went 3 for 8 – and has seven sales, the seven Boston points were committed.

Jaylen Brown continued his breakout postseason with 16 points in the first half for Boston, while Jayson Tatum dropped nine points in a second quarter but otherwise struggled. Cleveland also benefited from Kyle Korver, who moves to the bench, where he has 11 points on 4-for-5 shooting, including his three defeats.

The Cavaliers overtake the Celtics 14-8 in bank points, powered by Korver's production

Cleveland plays, as expected, with much better energy in this game, with the Ghost, with 0-2 going to Boston go and let the Cavaliers hang with another loss. The deployment of Tristan Thompson on the grid, along with Larry Nance instead of Jordan Clarkson, has given Cleveland better energy and defense, and has been translated as the Cavaliers have played.

LeBron James then went into the dressing room to take a shoulder from Jayson Tatum Square to his jaw while riding on the baseline. He returned shortly thereafter and checked back into the game.

Before he left, James took both free throws, made one of them, and then Cleveland immediately made a foul so he could go into the locker room. He went there without hesitation.

Doris Burke of ESPN says LeBron James has suffered a neck strain on this game, according to the Cavaliers Chief Executive Officer Koby Altman, and that there is no fear of a concussion.

Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum continues to impress – and does not play like a freshman.

Tatum now has nine consecutive points for Boston, jumping back after he has gone goalless in the first quarter. He has done so with a variety of jumpers, confirming why he looks like a long-time star in the league. In a team in which both Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward are injured, Tatum has to deliver that kind of goal scoring for Boston to be with Cleveland.

He did that in the second quarter of Game 2, which allows Boston to maintain contact

It's funny how many different things can look like when LeBron James is engaged.

The Cleveland Cavaliers gave up a 25-2 run in the first quarter of Game 1. They finished the first quarter of Game 2 27-23. James was obviously the story, scoring 21 of those points himself, but the Cavaliers looked much more locked in the group than in Game 1 when they missed 11 out of 12 undisputed threes and were driven out of the Boston TD Garden. [19659026] A few changes in the second quarter rotation for Cleveland: Larry Nance, Jr. is back in rotation thanks to Tristan Thompson returning to the starting lineup, and George Hill has yet to leave the game – Jordan Clarkson (Who remembers LeBron James "erroneously" calling Jordan Crawford after Game 1 gets stuck on the bench.

LeBron James was shot – by many, many media members in Boston during a shootaround on Tuesday morning after a hard shooting performance in Game 1, in which he went 5 for 16 in total and 0 for 5 of 3. It was the kind of moment that pointed out that James the severity of the situation and the need of Cleveland for this Series in Game 2 knew.

He came out like a man possessed to start the game.

Although James fought from the free-throw line, where he is currently 1 in 4, he was excellent everywhere t, went 5 for 6 in total and 3 for 4 of three – including a long triple that hit the edge, where air showed up and fell

That's 14 quick points in seven minutes in a game Cleveland leads midway through the first quarter between 20 and 13.

The Cavaliers were blown out of the jump by the Celtics in the first game.

Things in Game 2 will be a little different.

Behind two fast threes from LeBron James – after Cleveland scored 4 points in 26 for 26 – the Cavaliers have taken an early lead of 12:10.

Tristan Thompson's move to the starting grid has seen him make three rebounds, including two offensive boards, while James quickly scored eight points after scoring 15.5 in Game 1.

There are indications that the Cavaliers Tristan Thompson will start in Game 2 against the Celtics. But what will it do?

Thompson has succeeded in the past against Al Horford. And considering that Horford has been the MVP of this playoff so far, the slowdown will of course help give Cleveland the chance to play that series at a game this evening. But even more than slowing down Horford, it feels like a move that wants to bring Kevin Love more.

Love not only struggled to fight Horford in Game 1, but also fought offensively with 5 for 16 off the ground. Yes, LeBron James had an atypically bad game in Game 1, but for Cleveland to win this series, Love needs the player he was against Toronto when he scored more than 20 points in the last three games, rather than against, against whom he was Indiana when he had several single-digit games.

Matching Love up with Aron Baynes or Marcus Morris offensively should give him more opportunities to get started and to offer him defensive matchups more easily.

We will see if it succeeds. But after Cleveland's lackluster game 1, it's a rewarding game.

Schedule :

Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics, 8:30 pm, ESPN (Boston leads 1: 0)

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