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NBA Playoffs live Results: Game 4 Warriors Pelicans, Rockets-Jazz

Stephen Curry and the Warriors will again try to marginalize Anthony Davis and the Pelicans. (Gerald Herbert / Associated Press)

The New Orleans Pelicans and Utah Jazz Host Game 4s with a chance, including the series, against the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets. Follow here for the latest analysis and commentary from NBA reporter Tim Bontemps of The Post and ask him questions in the comments. Get the games here yesterday.

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If you want to know if the warriors can be beaten, there is a value that deserves attention : the combined three-point rotation percentage for Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala

When Golden State has rolling at least one of Green and Iguodala from 3-point range, an already powerful team is basically impossible to survey. While Iguodala has not won yet three in the last two games, Green is now 7 at 7 when he scored two goals on Sunday in the first quarter.

With Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson on the court, the defenses are on the run to force Green and Iguodala to fire by default. If at least one of them exploits, the warriors must be of a hard team to stop one that is simply unstoppable.

It's amazing what happens when a team plays its best lineup to start the game. not true?

Golden State has won six of its first eight shots, including three by Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, in the opening minutes of Game 4 with 14: 4 against New Orleans [19659009] Sometimes this stuff is not complicated. Do not play JaVale McGee, start your best lineup and good things will follow. The Warriors experience this early in Game 4.

Rajon Rondo and Draymond Green had numerous incidents in the first three games of the Golden State Warriors New Orleans Pelican Series.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr is good with Rondo serving his usual role as a professional irritant. What he does not agree with is that Rondo may possibly hurt Stephen Curry.

"I do not see anything wrong except stumbling," Steve Kerr told reporters after the Saturday practice of Rondo's typical antics. "I'm only here to get under the skin of a guy, but you can not try kicking a guy's foot or wiping a guy under his feet while he shoots – these are dangerous games."

Kerr later said that the Warriors would draw the league's attention to the games, but that "it will not do anything."

This has done Rondo for his entire career back to his days as the understudy to Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen with the Master Boston Celtics a decade ago. He is one of the smartest players in the league, he is also one of the funniest competitors in the league, one who knows exactly how to get under the skin of any opponent he meets.

That's what he undoubtedly did to the Warriors – and especially to Green, whom Rondo has been working for in this series again and again. It looked as if Green might lose his cool a few times and how he managed to beat San Antonio Spurs striker Davis Bertans in the first round and take a blatant foul-punk.

Remember: earning four such points will result in a suspension. Green and the Warriors know that two years ago, when Green was suspended for Game 5 of the NBA Finals – a game that allowed the Cleveland Cavaliers to start their comeback from three to one in the series and win the championship

But Green, to his credit, has avoided either picking up a flamboyant point or a technical one so far in this series despite countless incursions with Rondo – including one, at Game 2 Halftime, which led to Charles Barkley On national television he blurted out that he wanted to hit Green in the face.

"I do not think there's anything like the limit in basketball, they're competing," Green told reporters Saturday. "If you participate in competitions, you will do what you have to do to win, I never know when someone says someone crosses the border, I said he tries to bait me, yes, he tries to annoy me to get a technical foul.

"But in the end, he's still trying to win a basketball game. You create these narratives of someone crossing the border. There is no limit to winning. You will do whatever you have to do to win.

"I do not believe in crossed lines, they say I've crossed lines, I say, I did what I set out to do, or I did not do what I wanted to do."

Regardless, As Game 4 fails on Sunday, Rondo is in the middle of everything that happens. He will take care of that.

The Warriors gave the Pelicans a chance to launch on Friday night in Game 3 of their Western Conference semi-final series by launching JaVale McGee instead of Andre Iguodala.

Will Steve Kerr make the same mistake twice in Game 4 Sunday afternoon? He does not say before the game, but you have to think that he does not.

It's still amazing why Kerr did not start small in Game 3, having had so much success in the first two games of the series. His argument after the match – he reiterated to reporters at the team meeting in New Orleans on Saturday – is that the Warriors have so many centers that he wanted to buy some minutes with McGee on the pitch because the team had two games in less more than 48 hours

Just my two cents: I personally would have avoided the extra 48 minutes that New Orleans will come back with the Golden State in Game 5 back in Oakland – the minimum extra time this series will go after Pelicans Won Game 3.

The guess here is that Kerr will go with Stephen Curry's small lineup, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Iguodala to start Game 4. This will only make it stranger that he did not chose to do so at the beginning of Game 3. [196909026] Schedule :

  • Golden State Warriors at New Orleans Pelicans (GSW Leads 2-1), 3:30 pm, ABC
  • Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz (HOU performs 2-1), 8 pm, TNT

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