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NBA Playoffs: Celtics – Poise surpasses the youth of 76ers in a wild, decisive Game 3 victory

In one of the craziest games of the NBA playoffs, the Celtics took a 3-0 lead over the 76ers with a 101-98 overtime win on Saturday. Game 3 became an instant classic that had everything an NBA fan could wish for: a buzzer-beater, overtime, and a more balanced team that overcomes the mistakes of a young team.

The reality of Game 3 is that the 76ers probably would have to win. In basketball there are never any guarantees, but their own mistakes and lack of execution at the end of the game cost them. Give the Celtics credit – they've done everything they can to force that ̵

1; but the '76 went straight into those mistakes and now have a deficit that no team in the history of the NBA has overcome.

Here are a few excerpts from the game. [19659004] What in the world happened at the end of regulation?

The 76ers may have tasted the game themselves, but at some point it looked like they had saved themselves. They forced overtime with a shot that would have won them if Marco Belinelli had been a little further back. Belinelli has always been known for tough looks, but this fade out of the corner was ridiculous.

The shot counted as two, but what followed was really funny. The in-arena players felt that Belinelli had just won the game and started shooting confetti. Unless he did not do it. So they had to clean up all the confetti from the floor, but that did not hold up the confetti that still floated from the ceiling.

Overtime was delayed somewhat as they cleaned the floor, and the culprit for all this was wearing a T-shirt that just made it funnier.

This raises an important question. If the 76ers had won, would they have had confetti to shoot?

Sales cost the 76ers

The 76ers are a young team that may be prone to certain types of mistakes in the past – especially against a team like the Celtics, who are so incredibly good on the track. Philadelphia had many execution problems, but nothing was as expensive as its revenues. Consider the end of regulation.

The game was a draw and Philadelphia had the ball. They win with a basket here, but if they miss, they'll probably be working overtime anyway. It really is a situation without loss. What followed, however, was an incredible misunderstanding that exerted an obscene pressure on itself.

This failure seems to come from Simmons. Not only does he not even look for the ball when Redick tries to give it back, but he freaks Joel Embiid in while trying to get around the screen attempt. The Celtics take the ball back to take the lead.

Philadelphia was able to bring the game back into the fast lane with a wonderful Marco Belinelli jumper, but the errors in performance continued as the game progressed.

Up to a point in the extra frame, the 76ers regained control of the game. They ran down the clock and set up Joel Embiid. He was stonewalled, but Simmons was able to reduce the rebound. Instead of dribbling the ball back or taking the foul to shoot free throws, he instead tried a hasty putback.

The shot was close and the Celtics got another chance to win the game. They did not waste it, with a fantastic praise game to build Al Horford's preparation basket.

The 76ers are still in control of their fate at this time. All you have to do is make a basket, and you can finish this game as the winner of a dramatic game 3. Instead, they turned the ball over once more at a crucial moment. This time it was Simmons who threw the ball away when he tried to reach Embiid.

This is youth running out in a playoff setting. It is not a young team that fails because of the glaring lights, but rather takes the despair and leads to stupid mistakes against a world-class defense. Each time the '76s were in control, they would continue to give control back to the Celtics. They had so many chances to win the game too late and just could not get through.

Embiid got the highlights, but did not play well

On paper, it looks like Embiid played well. He had 22 points, 19 rebounds and two highlight posters dunks, which will appear on highlight roles for his entire career. First, he baptized Aron Baynes with something so awful that it requires a warning: discretion of the beholder is recommended.

Then Embiid tried to break Horford's hand by placing it on the poster list. These are two posters in a single game for The Process.

Apart from the highlights and numbers, this was a bad match for Embiid. His defense was not nearly as high as necessary for the 76ers. Too often he was incapacitated and let the Celtics pass. More than once, Terry Rozier or even Baynes found nothing but color on the way to the edge.

At the later game winner, Embiid left Horford on a counter so he could protect Brown on the perimeter. This set up the praise game for Horford with Embiid nowhere near the basket. In each round, Horford Embiid played and it was just a match nightmare for him. Even Saturday, with its 22 points, it took 26 shots to get there. He was an efficiency nightmare.

The errors of the late '76s at the execution had much to do with Philadelphia's inability to go to Embiid. Horford and Baynes played him down and Embiid would demand angry looks in response. This inefficient basketball was exactly what Boston wanted from Embiid. More than once, Embiid would line up and then force a one-foot fadeaway when the firing clock went off because he held the ball too long.

Consider the defense of the Celtics and their great men, for they are the ones who force this inefficiency out of him. They will give Embiid as many highlights as he would like if he continues to shoot like that.

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