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NBA Draft 2018: Top 3 prospective Luka Doncic is still undecided to leave the EuroLeague after the season

The 19-year-old Euroleague star Luka Doncic, who signed a contract with Real Madrid at age 13, was able to make it to # 1 in the upcoming NBA Draft. His combination of size (6ft-6), agility (see highlights) and projectable top make him a potential franchise cornerstone for a team lucky enough to draw him.

However, the aspiring star has not committed to leaving Europe for the NBA's green fields … yet. On Thursday, Doncic told reporters he was still undecided whether he would stay in the EuroLeague or join the NBA franchise, which would win him the lottery in June.

"I'm not sure if that's my last two games [in EuroLeague]," Doncic said about Eurohoops.net. "We still have to make that decision, maybe after the season."

If you're the Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, or Memphis Grizzlies-the teams that are in the top four-Doncic's comments may be surprising on the surface. But the link with Doncic's current situation suggests that any thoughts about him remaining in the EuroLeague are probably nothing more than a fog disk.

Doncic is in the process of winning a EuroLeague title over their plans for the NBA during the heat of March madness, the time for Doncic to unveil its intentions outside of this season is not right. If he announced that he would be leaving for the NBA, it could give his teammate a strong feeling that he had left the team and looked at the next chapter of his life.

The EuroLeague's top prospects are already set high and deliberately delayed their departure, as did Ricky Rubio, who finished fifth overall in 2009 but will not come to the States until 201

1. But Doncic is probably another case for two reasons: 1. He will almost certainly be drafted higher and 2. Rubio is Spaniard and played near his hometown.

It seems that until the end of the EuroLeague season we will not know if Doncic's comments are serious or if he's just the media during the wrap-up of the EuroLeague season, but his comments might be enough to give the teams one Taking a break, considering placing him at the top of this year's lottery.

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