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NATO is angry at Trump’s refusal to transition the military to Biden

  • The Russians invaded the American government. Iran has vowed to assassinate one of the US military leaders. Sources told insiders that Trump is still mishandling the Pentagon’s transition to the incoming President Biden.
  • The official said: “We need to fully inform the incoming Biden administration and be prepared to deal with these very dangerous issues facing NATO security.”
  • Some officials left by Trump were not impressed by the security news either.
  • A NATO source told insiders: “It’s almost unimaginable to refuse reunification and coordinate the handover of the world’s most powerful military force responsibly.” “Except for now, of course, it’s 2020, what we’re talking about is incredible. Selfish, irresponsible bastard Donald Trump.”
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The outgoing Trump administration’s refusal to coordinate the handover between the Pentagon and the incoming Biden team, and the last-minute superimposition of civilian positions with marginal national security numbers, came at a worse time.

According to two NATO officials and former Obama administration defense officials contacted by two people familiar with the matter, the United States and its allies are dealing with the consequences of Russia’s massive invasion of the US government’s computer systems and increasing tensions with Iran throughout the Middle East.

“As a result, the main network of the US government has been historically damaged. The US military and NATO allies are fighting together in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and East Africa. This incident coincides with the anniversary of the assassination of the United States. [Iranian commander Qassem] A senior NATO official said that Tehran had sworn revenge. Somalia refused to disclose his identity to criticize key allies. The source said on the same day that the United States had transported multiple B-52 bombers to the Middle East to demonstrate its power to deter Iranian operations.

“Except in the case of 2020, it is almost unthinkable to refuse to coordinate the exchanges of the world’s most powerful military forces in a unified and responsible manner, unless it is in 2020, and we are talking about incredibly selfishness. , Irresponsible bastard” Trump. “The official said.

“We need to fully inform the incoming Biden administration and be prepared to deal with these very dangerous issues”

“From the perspective of our allies, we know that this is a difficult situation for our American allies, but the major security situation with Iran is happening at any time, and there is clear evidence that many of the most secure computer networks in the United States have been compromised. Russia’s invasion. Intelligence”, the official said.

The official said: “We need to fully inform the incoming Biden administration and be prepared to deal with these very dangerous issues facing NATO security.”

When commented, Sue Goff, a spokesperson for the US Department of Defense, told insiders that the Pentagon had already had some meetings with Biden’s team. Although one of the briefings was about how Russia invaded the highest levels of the Trump administration, it was only held on December 30, the day insiders asked for comment.

“The Biden-Harris Department of Defense Agency Review Team met with the combat commander of the U.S. Cyber ​​Command; the U.S. European Command with NATO as the subject of its agenda; the U.S. Central Command, which includes discussions on Iran; and the Deputy Assistant Europe and NATO And the defense ministers of Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe.” “Today, the Ministry of Defense briefed ART on cyber security. In addition, DOD also provided ART with some responses to requests for information, as well as those included in the initial transition book. Many information documents that discuss the current relationship between the United States and NATO and NATO member states.”

Danger of chaos

In addition to refusing to hold transition meetings for organizations with an annual budget of more than $720 billion and millions of employees, Trump fired Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in November. Trump began appointing loyalists to many key positions, including civilian supervision of special operations and many technical advisory committees. Some analysts worry that this indicates an intention to stack the department with loyalists to interfere with the Biden administration.

However, the former Obama-era defense official agreed to speak in the context of the U.S. Department of Defense discussing the background of internal staffing. He stated that concerns should be more focused on the danger of chaos, rather than the coordinated first left by Trump. Five columns. Continue his policy.

The former official said: “First, Trump seems to have no national defense policy at all, so there is no grand plan here.” “If any of these figures are loyal to Trump, it will be a cult attraction. It is not the attraction of a certain ideology, because there is no ideology.”

The former official said that this is not to say that last-minute appointments (including former general Anthony Tata, who was appointed to the highest policy position in November) will not pose risks.

“These fringe figures like Tata-have never been so close to the top position, because [Tata’s] In case he is crazy, he will have the opportunity to fill in his resume with his title, which will help them get consulting work in the future. “Officials in the Obama era said.

The source said that in addition, a typical warning sign is “when you see them suddenly trying to implement or lock in policies-troop downsizing, priority shifting from the air force to the navy-this is their personal ideological goal, or they are pushing The final policy, which will benefit the past defense policy, and hope that future defense contractor customers will benefit.”

Trump’s Deputy Secretary of Defense Policy considers Obama to be a “terrorist leader”

The “crazy” comment is a reference to Tata’s past. Before serving as Deputy Minister of Defense Policy, Tata had maintained an active Twitter feed, was a guest of Fox News, and made frequent comments, which did not actually surface. He once wrongly accused former President Barack Obama of being a Muslim and mistakenly believed that Obama was a “terrorist leader.” He also said that there is no evidence that Obama is a “Manchurian candidate” for the White House.

An investigation conducted by the Army in 2007 found that there was a forged legal document in his child support case that was beneficial to his side. Tata told News and Observer, “We will clean up immediately.” According to News and Observer, he slept with two women when he married his wife, which is a violation of military law.

Before Tata was first proposed for a Pentagon policy post, Tata was just a minor figure in military affairs. Senator Jim Inhofe said that fellow senators “know nothing about Anthony Tata and don’t think he is yet. Will hold a very important position”. According to National Defense News.

Insiders asked the Pentagon and Tata to respond. The Department of Defense pointed out the speech of the Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs of the Department of Defense Jonathan Lars Hoffman at a press conference on July 30, 2020: “General Tata has a wealth of Experience and successful experience large public organizations, public sector organizations and rich experience in national security. He has been an effective deputy policy secretary of the Ministry of Defense.”

The White House, which had previously praised Tata, postponed the comment to the Department of Defense.

Addressing this issue will attract the Pentagon’s resources and attention for more important things

The former official said that given the penny nature of the Tata loophole, from a basic policy perspective, the loss will be largely small. The source said, but dealing with it will attract resources and attention from more important things, and it may end up taking great risks at the Pentagon.

The former official said: “For Donald Trump and his group of happy idiots, it may be necessary to clean up other people’s troubles again.” “The real risk is that they pursue themselves while pursuing taxpayer expenses. They did not see or help the Biden team to prepare for the goal.”

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