Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk announced in front of 20,000 viewers that Nashville will have to hold the NFL Draft prior to the unveiling of the new jerseys.

Nashville has "crystallized out as a leading contender " to the 2019 NFL host Draft, ESPNs Adam Schefter reported Thursday afternoon, citing league sources.

The decision is expected during the spring session of the League 22.-23. May announced in Atlanta.

Nashville is among five cities to host the NFL Draft in either 2019 or 2020, along with Las Vegas, Denver, Kansas City, Mo., and a combination bid from Cleveland and Canton, Ohio.

"Even in the unlikely event that Nashville should lose on the 2019 NFL Draft, it would be in the Prime po's goal to host the draft 2020," reports Schefter. "But 2019 in Nashville is becoming increasingly likely, ever league sources."


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Butch Spyridon, President and CEO of Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp. has been working for nearly a decade to bring the design to Music City. He said the sales pitch includes the potential use of multiple venues, from the Nissan Stadium to the Music City Center to the Grand Ole Opry, from the Ryman Auditorium to Broadway to the Ascend Amphitheater.

Last Month Spyridon Says Titans' Success A unified revelation, which drew an estimated 20,000 people to Lower Broadway in conjunction with a free Florida-Georgia Line concert, could help the city's efforts to land the design.

"A number of NFL people were in town," Spyridon said. "More on the merchandising page, but I think everyone from the Titans organization and, of course, my staff was rewarded with every encouraging word about our prospects, and I would say they were adequately impressed."

The NFL held the Draft each year in New York before taking the annual event to the streets and drawing it to Chicago and 16, Philadelphia in 2017 and the Cowboys in 2015. Stadium in Arlington, Texas, last month.

"With the combination of venues and entertainment that's here on site, live music and other events, it's a snap to Nashville's list of cities (who host the draft)," Titans president and CEO Steve Underwood said in February, "We have a large airport, all sorts of other sights for people to see, world-class restaurants, and great hotel rooms." There are so many positives that I think even the league knows that Nashville will be in the sights

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