A further confrontation of a café on a smartphone Video causes a stir in the social media – only this time the man is angered by a woman who identifies herself as a Muslim.

A barista in a café in Riverside, California, refused to serve a man after him who appears to offend the woman wearing a black niqab, a headscarf that covers most of the face except her eyes.

In a video that was viewed 1.6 million times on Twitter Monday night, the man turned to the woman for s and asks, "Is it Halloween or something?" If she answers, "Do you know that I'm a Muslim?" and asks if he has a problem with it, he says, "I do not like your religion. How does that work?" and adds, "I do not want to be killed by you."

The incident happened Friday in a coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Business in Riverside, east of Los Angeles, reports KTLA-TV.

In the confrontation, the woman then tries loudly to engage the man in a discussion about religion, asking him if he is reading the Koran or the Reading the Bible and mentioning the teachings of Jesus, the man dismisses them and says, "I have no talk with idiots."

She says, "They make hate speech against me," when another customer is shouted, shouting at the man from the room, and he calls the F-word Racist: A barista behind the counter who identifies himself as superior said that s she does not serve the man because he is disturbing and "very racist".

He then leaves.

This latest video, posted on YouTube, comes a month after Starbucks was involved in a controversy over racism at the Philadelphia site. In this incident, also recorded on video, a manager called the police after two black men had been waiting for a friend but had not ordered anything. One was denied permission to use the toilet.

The police arrested the couple for trespassing, but Starbucks did not file charges, and both the coffee giant and the police later apologized. Starbucks plans to hold a training day on May 29 to educate employees on issues of racial sensitivity and profiling.

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