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MLB takes away the All-Star Game from Atlanta due to new voting law – WSB-TV Channel 2

ATLANTA-The All League League Baseball announced that the All-Star Game and MLB drafts will withdraw from Atlanta.

“In the past week, we have had thoughtful dialogues with clubs, former and current players, players’ associations, and players’ leagues to listen to their opinions. I think the best way to prove our values ​​as a sport is Rearrange this year’s All-Star Game and Major League Baseball draft picks.” Major League Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred Jr. said in a statement.

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The new law makes the ballot box an official part of Georgia’s election law and replaces the signature contest on absent ballots with voter IDs.

But critics believe that the new law is more about suppressing voters than election integrity, especially since the law prohibits people from providing food and water to voters within 150 feet of polling stations.

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“The Major League Baseball fundamentally supports the voting rights of all Americans and opposes restrictions on the ballot box. In 2020, Major League Baseball became the first professional sports league to join a non-partisan citizen league to help build one for everyone. Participate in shaping the future of the United States. We proudly use our platform to encourage baseball fans and communities across the country to fulfill their civic duties and actively participate in the voting process. The statement goes on to say that equitable access to voting rights will continue to provide firm support for our games .

The brave issued a statement Friday afternoon saying that they were disappointed by the decision.

“The Atlanta Warriors are very disappointed with the MLB decision to move to the 2021 All-Star Game.

“This is neither our decision nor our recommendation. We feel sorry for the fans not being able to see this game in our city. The Brave will continue to emphasize the importance of equal voting opportunities. We hope our city can Use this event as a platform for intensified discussion. Our city has always been hailed as a united person, and we will miss the opportunity to solve problems that are important to our community.

“Unfortunately, Georgia’s businesses, employees, and supporters are the victims of this decision. We will continue to support legacy projects that have been planned and are ongoing in the community.”

Since Governor Brian Kemp signed SB 202, Georgia’s new election law has received strong criticism.

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Kemp said in a statement today:

Today, the Major League Baseball is succumbing to fear, political opportunism and liberal lies. Georgians-and all Americans-should fully understand what MLB’s subconscious decision means: abolishing culture and awakening political activists, involving all aspects of life, including sports. If the left disagrees with you, then the facts and truth are irrelevant.

“The attack on our country is the direct result of Joe Biden and Stacy Abrams’ repeated lies. The bill expands access to the ballot box and ensures the integrity of our election. I will not back down. Georgians will not be bullied. We will continue to defend safe, accessible, and fair elections. Earlier today, I spoke with the leaders of the Atlanta Warriors and they told me that they did not support the decision of Major League Baseball .”

Earlier this week, the CEOs of Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola expressed opposition.

The law even drew criticism from President Joe Biden.

In an interview with ESPN’s Sage Steele, Biden said that due to the new law, he will “strongly support” the move of the MLB All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

Biden said: “I think today’s professional athletes behave responsibly.” “I will strongly support them in doing so. People expect them. They are leaders. Look what happens in the NBA.”

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Soon after the announcement, subway legislators began to react strongly.

“It’s like the consequences of an election, so do the actions of those who are elected. Unfortunately, removing the @MLB All-Star Game from the GA is likely to cause many dominoes to fall first, until the restrictions on entering the ballot box are eliminated. When necessary obstacles,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Tweet.

Senator Rafael Warnock In the statement, it said:

“Businesses and organizations have a strong voice and ability to promote change. I respect the decision of participants to oppose this unjust law. It is not Georgian people or Georgian workers who made this law, but politicians who tried to sacrifice Georgians. To maintain power at the expense of their voice. Major League Baseball’s decision today is the unfortunate result of actions taken by these politicians.

“I hope that companies, athletes, and entertainers can protest the law, instead of leaving Georgia, but coming here, working hand in hand with the suppression of voters and with the community. In addition, the urgency of passing federal voter protection laws is increasing every day, I will continue to maintain my leadership in this struggle.”

Stacey Abrams’ leftist lie stole the All-Star Game from Georgia. This decision is not only economically harmful, but also makes Georgians celebrate our national pastime without celebration. However, Georgia will not be bullied by socialists and their sympathizers. We will continue to advocate free, fair, barrier-free, and safe elections. Despite being blackmailed and intimidated, we will continue to tell the truth,” David Ralston, Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives Said in a statement.

Stacey Abrams The following statement was issued:

“The Republicans who passed and defended Senate Bill 202 do know the economic risks our state faces. They prioritize people of color to vote against the economic welfare of all Georgians.

Like many Georgians, I am disappointed that MLB is repositioning the All-Star Game. However, I commend the players, owners and league committee members for their speeches. I urge others in leadership positions to do the same. As I have already said, I respect the boycott, even though I don’t want to see families in Georgia be hurt by the incident and the loss of jobs. As opportunities flow to other states, Georgians who aim to suppress voters will be harmed. We should not abandon the victims of Republican malice and lies-we must stand together.

Republicans in Georgia must give up the serious damage done to our voting system and the damage done to our economy. Our business community must stay on the sidelines as a formal partner in this fight and acknowledge that the SB 202 regulations will not extend voting rights. They restrict these rights and affect employees and consumers. Leaders must publicly support the voting rights provisions of the “For the People Act” and the “John Lewis Voting Rights Enhancement Act” to mitigate the harm caused in Georgia and other states.

In other events, works and companies are weighing whether to patronize Georgia, I urge those who can speak out, and I urge those who stay and fight here, and stay to vote. we need you.please go stopjimcrow2.com Learn how to participate in the voting rights struggle in Georgia and across the country.

Rep. Buddy Carter Called MLB sadly:

“Major League Baseball is absolutely pathetic. The organization has completely succumbed to the lies of the left, and American pastime has become a political tool for liberal mobs. Let us be clear-Georgia will likely lose hundreds of millions of dollars, because it includes the United States. Democrats, including the president, have been spreading lies about Georgia’s Electoral Integrity Act. Georgians have a strong love for the sport, but this move by Major League Baseball will affect our state and free and fair elections. It’s an attack. Georgians can fight back with their wallets just like I fight back in Congress.”

“We are all responsible for practicing our values. This is our civil rights moment. There are no two aspects to this issue. Everyone should have free and fair access to the ballot box. I vote for the Major League Baseball Players Union. Proud of Quan’s voice,” Representative Nikema Williams Said.

“@MLB needs to stop listening to the sponsorship of their company communists and remember those little guys who buy tickets. Now people who say they have completed professional sports. Keep politics away from the scene and don’t ruin everything!” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Said in a tweet.

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