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Miley Cyrus mourns the death of her dog Mary Jane: “The Real Queen”

Miley Cyrus mourns her beloved bison hybrid Mary Jane, who has been the singer’s loyal companion and “best friend” since she rescued the dog in 2012. Heartbroken.

The 28-year-old “Midnight Sky” singer posted several photos and tribute notes on Instagram to commemorate Mary Jane and the dog’s important role in her life.

Cyrus wrote: “Anyone who knows me doesn’t necessarily know that my best friend in the world is a pitted mix that was rescued, named Mary Jane.” “MJ was diagnosed with a disease more than a year ago. There is cancer… Since then, it has been diagnosed with multiple types and multiple tumors. Someone told me that it will be an uncertain time until she leaves.

Cyrus said, “I suggest that she spend every second tasting her special spirit,” but added, “This is nothing new,” and it’s been her experience since she first met Mary Jane ten years ago. Things to do.

Cyrus wrote: “I thank her again when she held her breath to whom and the experience of me.”

; “It’s not just friends or family. Things are so different. You can’t define it. Our connection is pure It is sacred. An unparalleled love.”

Miley Cyrus paid tribute to her dog Mary Jane on Instagram.Miley Cyrus/Instagram

The singer said that Mary Jane has been here to comfort Cyrus for many years.

“We never said hurtful things that we didn’t want each other. We never fought and went to bed to get angry. Our loyalty never wavered. Every time my heart broke, she would save me. Put me back. Being together again in the same place,” Cyrus wrote. “It’s so lonely to experience this pain without her magic.”

When Mary Jane was about to end, Cyrus said that she did her best to “repay all her favors” to keep the sweet bulldog comfortable and pain-free.

Cyrus wrote: “She is no longer hurt, but I am hurt.” “That is love.”

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