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Mike Pompeo took foreign policy measures before Trump’s term ended

  • On three days this month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced several major changes in US foreign policy.
  • The backlash against these policies has been rapid, and many people criticized it as an effort to further weaken the Biden administration and also an effort by Pompeo to improve his political credibility.
  • Rep. Gregory Meeks told insiders in a statement: “Pompeo is continuing to make politicized foreign policy decisions, rather than focusing on “promoting a smooth and effective transition.” “.
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Since the riots in the US Capitol on January 6, President Donald Trump has always been exceptionally quiet.

After kicking off social media, few allies left, Trump said nothing, and was even rare. Secretary of State Mike Pompei, but has been very busy, announced that this is widely regarded as an effort to consolidate his position and the policy raft of President-elect Biden.

John Gans, a US foreign policy historian and former speechwriter at the Pentagon and Capitol Hill, said that Trump largely ignored foreign policy, reflecting the chaotic process of reaching this policy.

Gans told The Insider: “From the first day, it was a chaotic and chaotic management, but I don̵

7;t think anyone would expect it to reach the level reached in the past week to ten days.”

Mike Pompeo and Donald Trump


Many of Trump’s diplomatic efforts have been censored, but in the past three days this month, Pompeo announced four policy measures, which aroused rapid and widespread opposition.

The U.S. State Department announced on January 9 that the U.S. government should consider its previous self-limitation of official contacts with Taiwan to be “ineffective”. On January 10, Pompeo announced that the State Department had designated the Houthi rebels in Yemen as a terrorist organization.

On January 11, Pompeo stated that the State Department had designated Cuba as the national sponsor of terrorist activities and relisted it five years after Obama’s removal. On January 12, Pompeo declared that Iran had become a “base” for al Qaeda. This was a dramatic and widely controversial assertion that many worries could be used as a legal basis for military operations.

Among these measures announced less than two weeks before leaving office, “Pompeo is continuing to make Lu’s, politicized foreign policy decisions, rather than focusing on “promoting a smooth and effective transition.” Foreign Representative Greg The Lee Meeks Affairs Committee told insiders in a statement.

Meeks added: “The policies Pompeo announced this week are more catastrophic. Hasty mistakes have characterized the disastrous foreign policy of the Bush administration from the very beginning.”

Laying landmines

Mike Pompeo, Israeli Palestinian West Bank

Palestinians protested Pompeo’s visit to the Israeli settlement of Psagot in the occupied West Bank on November 18, 2020.

ABBAS MOMANI/AFP via Getty Images

Criticism comes from current and former officials and overseas.

Cuba’s name has been widely denied; the Norwegian government called it “regrettable”. Former British Member of Parliament David Miliband now heads the International Rescue Committee. He referred to Hussi’s title as “pure diplomatic destruction”. Former U.S. intelligence officer Paul Pillar wrote this week that these names add up to be the “first of the earth” before Biden took over.

Although many people welcome comments on the relationship between the United States and Taiwan, Taiwan itself praised the decision, but criticized the timing and nature of the change because Taipei has opened up retaliation against Beijing, which Beijing views Taiwan as treason and politicizes the relationship .

“The idea that we should study this type of issue is correct. I think it is very dangerous for Pompeo to make himself a Chinese eagle less than two weeks away from the government,” said Ben Rhodes, national security adviser during the Obama administration. , Said in the most recent episode of the Pod Save the World podcast.

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told CNBC this week that Pompeo has been “damaging the planet in the US-China relationship, especially laying landmines in Taiwan.”

Mike Pompeo

Pompeo at the welcome ceremony in the lobby of the State Council headquarters on May 1, 2018.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It is generally believed that these recent moves are intended to burden the Biden administration with bureaucratic burdens, require it to review these decisions, and receive political attacks when it withdraws the decisions.

Trump administration officials told CNN that the goal is to “set a lot of fires, so that it is difficult to put them all out.”

Rhodes said: “If Pompeo is nothing else, he is the road map we will hear in the next four years.” Joe Biden’s hyperbolic criticism will come from…Iranian hawks, Chinese hawks and Cuban hawks . “

It is not clear what will be required to withdraw these latest policies. Some signatures may be revoked. Other regulations (such as terrorist designation) usually need to be reviewed to ensure that the designated person does not support terrorism.

But Roddens said that the Biden team should not “obey some strict norms” to reverse those “obviously political and pants-based” policies.

“It would be better for him to leave America”

Mike Pompeo (Mike Pompeo) Donald Trump (Donald Trump) Patrick Shanahan

Andrew Harnik/Associated Press Picture

When Pompeo took over the State Department in the spring of 2018, he said he wanted it to “reinvigorate”, but Pompeo often distanced himself from the State Department and had close contact with Trump, embracing the president’s baseless opposition to the US election. , Even Pompeo elaborated on the importance of free and fair elections overseas.

Like other previous policies, the new policy is seen as Pompeo’s strategy for future presidential elections. But Gans said that if he counts on his record, the journey will be short.

“My intuition is that Pompeo’s legacy and his achievements will be small, and similarly, any hoaxes he does will be small within the scope of US foreign policy,” said Gans, author of the National Security Council’s history.

Gans added: “This does not mean that it will not take work to solve the problem. It just means that it is work that can be done.” He quoted the George H.W. Bush administration from the “wild nature of Reagan’s foreign policy.” “Western” said the view of recovery. .

Meeks told insiders that his committee is “ready to work with President Biden to restore America’s global leadership and free our country from the destruction of President Trump and his leadership, Pompeo.”

For some people in Kansas, Pompeo used congressional seats to attack then Governor Hillary Clinton’s secretary to improve his national image, but it quickly ended.

The Kansas City Stars editorial board wrote this week: “In about a week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s service will be successfully concluded.” “It would be better to leave his American post. If Kansas decides to stay away from its hometown forever, Kansas The state will be better.”

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