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Mike Conley (Mike Conley) ranked fourth.The jazz tells their story of what happened in the emergency plane incident

Three thoughts about the Utah Jazz defeating the Memphis Grizzlies of the Salt Lake Tribune 111-107, the Utah Jazz defeated writer Andy Larsen.

1. Without Donovan Mitchell, Mike Conley will handle the fourth quarter

In the course of Donovan Mitchell’s participation in the competition, jazz came to an end and needed other people’s attention. Predictably, it was Mike Conley who did it-he has been on this stage for many years-and we should realize how good he has done this.

Conley scored 13 points 5-5 in the fourth quarter and added 3 assists in the 9th minute of the fourth quarter (2 shots 3 goals, 1

shots 2 goals), and scored in his time. One steal and two turnovers. He is not as dominant on the ball as Mitchell, but the result is definitely telling: Conley’s performance pushed jazz to victory.

In particular, Conley can repeatedly enter the paint area and shoot down mid-range floats or jumpers. This is the last basket of the Jazz game, and it is a big basket: without it, they will not be able to safely maintain the lead at the last minute of the game.

I also want to point out his defensive contribution in the record, although his contribution clearly did not appear in the open scoring. Yes, Merant scored 36 points on 18 shots. However, I think Conley was able to defend him well anyway and made the toughest shot imaginable. For example, this is a great zone from Conley.

I didn’t realize it until the Grizzlies broadcast pointed it out, but Conley’s 1.3 steals per game qualified him to rank 17th in the NBA per game leaderboard. He has four tonight.

2. Back passer Bojan Bogdanovic

In general, making up the difference is not very effective. This is why the NBA has given up on recruiting players on such a large scale: when defenders can strengthen their defense on the defensive end, they help gain defense and steals from all angles, and in most cases, shots are controversial, which adds It is less efficient than most other scoring methods.

Bojan Bogdanovic is the only exception for the Jazz: Quin Snyder still allows him to operate in the blocking area, especially when another team is trying to use a smaller The player protects his case. Is this a good thing?

Well, if we only look at the scoring aspect, that’s not true. According to Synergy Sports, Bogdanovic averaged 0.94 points per round when he played in person. In these opportunities, his hit rate is even as high as 48%, but the chances are always the same. Under these circumstances, his layups exceeded the foul chances.

But when you add a pass, when the defense commits and Bogdanovic can find someone who is open, then it becomes very effective. So far, these players have averaged 1.76 points, which is much better.

There are two examples tonight. Bogdanovic took the post and saw the defender on his way to attack or double him, and then found an open shooter. It looked easy.

Those are really good passes! Bogdanovic has done a good job this season.

Now, it’s interesting that if the playoff opponent diligently probes the jazz orchestra, and takes into account the relevant data, then he will bother to send Bogdanovic’s second man on the field. You may not think about it, but in some cases, they try to hide a smaller defender from him, or just cross-play in transitional defense, then the team may end up doubling him, which is to their detriment. .

3. Airplane incident

Yesterday, a bird strike occurred on the Jazz’s plane, which forced the plane to make an emergency landing at the Salt Lake City Airport. Bird strikes are more common-occur more than 13,000 times a year in the United States-but they rarely cause such damage. According to the FAA, only 15% of aircraft will cause any damage, and as the Jazz experienced, direct engine fires and malfunctions are rare.

Yesterday, we asked Conley and Jordan Clarkson about their experiences on the plane. I think it’s better to include the entire story of what they said instead of summarizing it.

Jordan Clarkson:

Therefore, the place where I sit on the plane is where I can see the engine and everything. I happened to be a bad boy, and when we took off, I got up and took things from my bag. I only remember the sound of walking back to the seat, and when I sat on the seat, I heard a loud noise. Mike and I looked at each other and he was like, oh, “That’s a bird!” I thought, Mike, once saw a bird through a window and saw it happen. So all I heard was a loud noise. Then I turned and looked out the window and saw the whole engine shaking, everything changed.

Then you will see that everyone in the back likes to react to what is happening. Many people behind were sitting behind the engine, and they saw a burst of flames. Therefore, immediately, they may think that the aircraft is completely on fire. I see everyone reacting to it. Looking back, the whole situation is crazy. The whole plane just started shaking.

This is definitely an experience I’m very happy to be able to share, because as I said, many of us really like a point, at least 30 seconds in the flight, everyone reached that point-for us, this It may have passed. And, you know, it’s sad to say. And I don’t play games like Reaper.

The pilot tells you in a few minutes, what will happen when you will turn around and return to the airport?

Yes, that might be the most relaxing part. The flight attendants and pilots were very calm when they got on the intercom, basically telling us what happened, saying that we lost the engine and we would be able to land somewhere, and they said they were going to The plane turned around.

So it’s definitely a comforting thing, but all of us are looking out the window, like “people just…landing anywhere. We don’t care. Once we reach the ground, we can check other things later.” Everything. Please put this plane on the ground and let us live and transcend it.”

Yes, once the pilot got there, it was definitely a relaxing thing, he was super calm, and let us know what happened. Moreover, we fell to the ground and called him to land so that we could return safely, all of this.

Mike Conley:

Okay, yes, for our group, I think it’s me, JC, Joe, Miye, Favs-we are all between the wings of the plane and suddenly it feels like an explosion there. Literally, this is the feeling of most people on the plane, as if we hit a big object, the plane immediately started to bounce and then began to tilt to the left.

The people behind the plane said they saw flames. The people in front obviously didn’t know what happened. Then the altitude began to drop, and we began to look down, wondering what happened just now. Moreover, no one knows, everyone is quiet. You know, we were just shocked. The pilot took about five to ten minutes, about ten minutes to check everything, check and return to us, let us know what happened, because it was obvious that something went wrong with the plane. It feels like an airplane split in the air. So for us, five or ten minutes feels like total helplessness. So, you know, we are very thankful that it is not as serious as it should be, but it is terrible.

In ten or fifteen minutes, I think all of us are questioning whether we are going to be here today. How serious this is for us. I can’t represent everyone, but I know that guys are trying to text family members just in case. This is the case. We are very happy and grateful for the pilots and staff and what they can do to get us back home safely.

And I think many of us are shocked. Obviously, not only do you have to experience something similar, but you have to go back to the plane and play the game again. Therefore, it brings a life perspective to all of us, and I say that we are very happy to be here and do what we like to do.

Because these stories are very scary, an interesting fact that ended the three-person team is that the wreckage of the bird hitting the plane is called “snarge”-this term is controversial with the origin, but I found the most credible origin It is an unknown ornithologist who does this by conflating “snot” and “junk”.

After the bird strikes, scientists checked the traps to find out which bird hit the aircraft, so they could improve mitigation measures to prevent birds from frequently entering the aircraft’s path. I think it’s neat.

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