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Microsoft says that you need an Android phone to write from Windows 10 with your phone app

  Microsoft Your Phone

There is bad news for iPhone users who were previously excited about Microsoft's new "Your Phone" app. This new Windows 10 app was unveiled at Build 2018 in early 2018 and provides a way to connect your phone to your computer and then view notifications, send texts, and copy files from Windows 1


But some of these features will be Android-only. Microsoft says it needs to work with Apple to set up some features, including the ability to respond to iPhone text messages over Windows 10. How likely is this collaboration?

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Your phone will most certainly provide support for iPhone and Android phones, but Android users will get a much better deal. Sending and receiving text messages from a PC is something many people would like to do, as it eliminates the need to switch between devices and disrupt the workflow. However, the limited nature of iOS means that Microsoft can not just jump in and create a system that seamlessly follows it. By its own account, it will need a lot of help from Apple.

Talking to the Verge, Microsoft Shilpa Ranganathan explained:

We will actually have photos on iOS and notifications. Apple makes it a bit harder for news, but we are very willing to work with Apple. I want to do this in a supportive way, with respect for the ecosystem we are building on and at the same time making it a pleasant experience. News is one in which we do not currently have to be compared to Android, but we have to work with Apple.

While it's understandable that Microsoft wants to provide the same functionality to both iOS and Android users, there's no such thing as an incentive for Apple to do so.

But the iOS limitations are not everything we know about your phone. From an interview with Windows Central, we also know that a computer and a smartphone do not need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. While connecting to the same network will certainly help, a Bluetooth option will also be available.

Microsoft has also noticed that for Android users, the last month of text messaging is automatically synchronized between phone and computer, in which case Photos on Android and iOS syncs only the last 25 pictures.

Your phone will soon be released on Windows Insiders and is expected to be available to all users in October, with the next major update for Windows 10 due to the launch.

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