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Microsoft Edge gets a beautiful “vertical tab” feature

Back in March, Microsoft stated that its Chromium-based Edge browser will have a vertical tab option, allowing users to view a list of tabs they have opened.Now, the company has launched a preview of vertical tabs to the Edge Dev channel, giving brave testers a chance to see actual new features (via Beep computer).

All of us are in a situation with too many open tabs. The advent of vertical tabs makes it easier to organize and find these open tabs. Microsoft describes it as “a feature that helps you easily find and manage many open tabs at once”, adding that Edge is the only browser that allows users to manage side tabs with a single click.

The horizontal tab bar is the standard of today’s most popular browsers, but the stack of tabs can become irregular. For people who are often drowned in multiple open tabs, adding vertical tabs in Edge sounds like a good solution.

If you are part of the Edge Dev channel, you can enable the new layout by going to “Settings”> “Appearance” and then toggling the “Show vertical tab buttons” option. Then, you will see a new vertical tab icon in the upper left corner of the browser. The labels can be reordered, muted and fixed, just as they normally would in a horizontal view. You can also minimize the vertical tab pane by clicking the arrow icon in the tab pane.

Now, this feature is available in the Edge Dev channel, hopefully this means that they will reach the stable version sooner rather than later. They work well with the “Hibernate Tab” feature of Microsoft Edge, which automatically uninstalls the background tab.

If you don’t want to wait for a stable release and are looking for an alternative browser with better tag management, you may want to check out Vivaldi, which provides a “tree overview” tab in the window panel in the sidebar. Vivaldi allows users to customize how and where their tabs are displayed in the browser, and even search for them directly from the sidebar. Also, if you are one of millions of users who use Google Chrome, you can get similar functionality by installing the Vertical Tabs extension.

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