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Microsoft brings Android & Windows 10 Closer via Enterprise

Microsoft entered the stage of its annual Build Conference on May 7 to showcase a number of new features in Microsoft 365 that are designed to help developers and business users get more out of Windows 10 and their phones. Of course, this also includes a few new features that are helpful in improving the experience for Android users, who often need to work on both their Windows and Android devices. The main focus for Microsoft seems to be to seamlessly connect the different environments in which people work together. So, one of the biggest new features of the 365 platform is that a new update will soon allow access to text messages, photos, and notifications when a device is connected to Windows 10.

Microsoft has not yet explained how it will be implemented This means that users can drag and drop photos and documents between their phone and PC with a single action. In addition, the ability to access text and notifications should turn any Windows 10 PC into an extension of the phone and vice versa. There is currently no schedule for this rollout, but Microsoft has announced that it will soon move to its early access channel. Meanwhile, the Microsoft Launcher application for Android also receives an update that allows customers to access business applications using their PC via Microsoft Intune. Also, this update supports Timeline. For end users, this means easy access to launch cross-device applications. The company also has no specific time frame for launch. So these features could still be a way out or they could just come around the corner. So far, it may be better not to speculate, since there is really no way to know about it

Meanwhile, these updates should allow migration to and from devices as soon as the changes begin. It should also help simplify workflows between Android devices and a Windows 10 PC compared to other connectivity methods. At the very least, these types of updates for Microsoft Launcher can most likely move it to the most productive launcher app ever created for Android.

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