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Watch the Michigan State Spartans defeat the Michigan Wolverines 27-24 in the four biggest games at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on October 31

, 2020.

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Editor’s note: For more information about the game, please read the review by MSU beat writer Chris Solari and UM beat writer Orion Sang.

This is a way to bounce back from hard losses.

The Michigan State Spartans-after a shocking week of losing to Rutgers-defeated and surpassed No. 14 with an equally stunning 27-24 victory at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on Saturday. The Michigan Wolverines made Mel Tucker the second MSU coach to win the first victory in the history of football games (the other was Nick Saban in 1995).


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Missouri quarterback quarterback Rocky Lombardi (Rocky Lombardi) accounted for 17 of 32 passes, passed 323 yards, and made 3 touchdowns. Spartan received the ball. Ricky White declared himself the playmaker for 196 yards and 8 touchdowns.

[ Record performance carries Michigan State football to major upset of No. 14 Michigan ]

The following is a breakdown of Saturday’s game score:

the first season

MSU 7, UM 0: Rocky Lombardi kept in touch with Ricky White on a 30-yard touchdown pass and attacked Wolverine’s defensive guard Gemon Green in multiple passes on the field. Green), set the tone for the game. 4 goals, 71 yards, 1:14

MSU 7, UM 7: Michigan responded with an 8-yard TD run by Blake Corum. In the game, Corum easily defeated many MSU defenders with his own speed and scored. 8 rounds 60 yards 3:56

Second quarter

MSU 14, UM 7: Lombard made contact with Connor Heyward on a 2-yard TD pass. The drive includes a 53-yard connection with Jalen Nailor. 6 balls, 68 yards, 2:01

MSU 14, UM 10: After missing the opener last week, Quinn Nordin suspended 9 goals and drove for 70 yards. He scored a 23-yard field goal. 9 balls for 70 yards 3:37

third episode

MSU 17, UM 10: Matt Coghlin scored a good 27-yard field goal. The Spartans moved to the goal position with a 50-yard range and sent it to Ricky White, who finished with a 196-yard range. 5 rounds, 52 yards, 1:03

MSU 17, UM 17: Michigan State responded to a field goal with 75 yards in 11 games, and Blake Corum’s 1-yard TD run reached its peak. 11 rounds with 75 yards 4:26

MSU 20, UM 17: MSU responded with a 51-yard Matt Coghlin field goal. Lombard connected the ball for 19 yards (Rich White) and 15 yards (Jalen Nair) to establish a field goal. 9 rounds with 45 yards 3:37

Fourth quarter

MSU 27, UM 17: Michigan State University meticulously planned an 11-game, 92-yard game that took 4 minutes and 37 seconds, and Lombard’s 13-yard TD passed to Connor Heyward. Ricky White’s 31-yard catch set the score. 11 innings with 92 yards 4:37

MSU 27, UM 24: Michigan State responded with a 93-yard distance in 18 games, capped by a 2-yard run by Hassan Haskins. It took too much time to drive, and the Wolverines’ subsequent side kick failed. 18 goals, 93 yards, 4:34.

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