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Maryland Basketball Team defeated No. 12 in Illinois 66-63

With less than a minute left, the Maryland Men’s Basketball Team desperately needs a key bucket to get rid of the trouble with No. 12 in Illinois.

As time passed, Teps turned to Darryl Morsell’s longest-serving player and senior leader. After receiving the ball from Jairus Hamilton’s screen, Morsell took a kick and brought Ayo Dosumnu to the basket. Mosser fought it through aerial contact, threw it out of the glass, and then led Maryland to a 64-61 lead with 33 seconds left.

In the final 4:08 of the game, Maryland scored only 2 points for Illinois’s powerful offense and hit the ball on either end of the floor in time to equalize the score with a score of 66-63.

Although the Big 1

0 team started 2-5, head coach Mark Turgeon’s lineup now frustrates both top opponents, who were ranked second at the time. 6 Wisconsin. And the team also avoided falling below .500 when winning.

“We are really fighting tonight,” said head coach Mark Turgeon. “They are a great basketball team and I think this team can become the semi-finals. We just fought and it feels like Maryland basketball.”

Although the Coyotes were double-digit losers in Sunday night’s game, they were understaffed and even exceeded expectations. It was announced before the knockdown game that junior guard Eric Ayala would not play due to a groin injury to Iowa State on Thursday, and Maryland has no leading scorer.

As a result, the surgeon chose to replace junior guard Aaron Wiggins with a point guard and paired him with sophomores Hakim Hart and Morsell In the backcourt.

Wiggins said: “It’s just a matter of everyone playing a different role.” “When you lose the image [Ayala]Everyone must step up their efforts to a certain extent, whether it is energy, or the guy on the bench, does it mean offensive scoring, rebounds or playing. “

On the other hand, Illinois, led by Dosunmu’s two stars and forward Kofi Cockburn, attacked Maryland in the weakest place: paint. Cockburn, who is 7 feet tall and weighs 285 pounds, immediately began trying to establish his position on low ground, while Cyps responded with the largest internal presence, the latter at 6 feet 9 tall and heavy. 235-pound forward Galin Smith (Galin Smith).

Smith proved to be an unparalleled game early in the game, as Coburn often hit the ball into deeper positions and showed an impressive touch around the rim, playing the first four times in the opening four minutes of the game. Three of the field goal attempts.

The next person responsible for making an impact inside the paint is sophomore forward Chol Marial. Marial seems to have completely left the team’s rotation, playing only one minute in the game against Indiana on January 4, and then not playing against Iowa.

However, in the early part of the first half of the year, Turgeon turned to Marial and brought him to the floor to provide the Terps with sparks. In the 13:51 match, Illini striker Giorgi Bezhanishvili tried to retreat Marial from the low post, but the Sudanese big man still stood up, forcing him to miss the game.

Coming down from the other end, Marian and Jairus Hamilton caught the ball, got the pass from outside the three-point line, knocked it down without hesitation, and Maryland’s deficit decreased to 16-14, while the remaining 13:36. half.

But as the game continued, these two Serbs were eliminated by Kirkburn, and the Illini center bullied his position and scored a game-high 16 points in the first half.

Due to the absence of Ayala, the guard team, which is already very lacking in point players, has weakened. Maryland has to rely on freshmen guards Marcus Dockery and Akuan Smart ( Aquan Smart) to fill this gap.

Dockery and Smart are forced to rely on two inexperienced young players to fight top opponents in a hostile environment, and they do their best to keep their heads clear. Everyone is prone to accidental mistakes, whether it’s moving away from the shooter on the defensive end or committing a real ball error on the other side.

Midway through the first half, Maryland experienced a drought for more than three minutes and the weather was cold, but the defense stepped up the same bad shot against Illinois, and then Smart’s layup put the Spurs behind by a 23-20 advantage. Eight minutes remain until the intermission.

Although maintaining control of Dotham for most of the time (7 points from a 2-11 field goal), Maryland looked like it was about to make another pointless run in the first half, this time lasting nearly three minutes.

But with 10 seconds left, sophomore forward Donta Scott jumped outside the three-point line, and as time passed, he quickly jumped off to catch the ball. Scott buried a three-pointer. He averaged 11 points per game in 18 minutes, leaving Terps trailing only 34-32 at halftime.

But the real test of Maryland’s determination will certainly come in the second half of the year. Illinois has been a stereotyped “second half team” this season. Recently, in the last 20 minutes of Thursday’s victory, his record exceeded the Northwest Division 53-13.

However, at the beginning of the second half, Mosser thought it was time to start looking for his own shooting opportunities on the offensive end. Morsell opened the scoring record for Maryland in the second frame, pulling up and sinking from mid-range, allowing Tepos to move forward quickly.

Two minutes later, he took freshman Illini guard Adam Miller into the post, turned left, and found another jumper that jumped to the net. In the subsequent defensive possession, Mosser and Dosumnu kept pace, went straight to the basket, and forced the latter to miss.

Pushing the ball to the other end, Mosser dipped on Garlin Smith’s screen and pulled up from the key point again, making a jumper to give Sepps the lead with 16:42 left in halftime Up 43-41.

Mosser scored 11 points in the first six minutes of the first half, helping the University of Maryland shot 77.8% at the start of the second half to keep pace and hope to be angry.

Wiggins said of Mosser’s performance: “For him, it was just a great game.” “He is scoring, he is our rebounder, playing the game, and he is becoming the leader. So. When he feels like that, our team will be at the top of the game.”

But with the two teams running side by side, Illinois turned to two stars when they needed them most. Dosumnu started to heat up in the second half, loosing only one of the first 6 goals he had thrown, rising by 19 points by 7:00. Cockburn continued to maintain the low position he wanted, surpassing 20 points in more than 6 minutes of the game.

Mosser said: “My job today is to make him more difficult and then win.”

Maryland’s offense became cold again at an untimely time. This game was approaching a critical moment. This time there was almost no barrel and lasted for nearly four minutes. Despite this, the Illinois offense once again failed to use the cold spell, Wiggins finally ended the game with a pull-up jumper and a foul, and finally tied 59-59 with a score of 5:08.

The two teams continued their shooting struggle, and as time passed, the game was still going on. After nearly four minutes of a scoreless game, Mosser’s missed shot suddenly bounced back into the hands of the elderly, who quickly hit the ball into a wide open Hart outside the arc, and the latter made three shots. The scorer raised Maryland to 62-61 with a score of 1:18. Left.

Coupled with the subsequent victory from Morsell, Teps’ defense dragged the team to the end. In the four minutes before the last few seconds, Illini had no points in the fight.

Mosser said: “The surgeon coach is always talking about how to evaluate assets and how one or two assets can change the rules of the game.” “Like the late game you see, it is a one-pointer, two-pointer. So , We have that kind of experience, and we have confidence in each other, knowing that we’ve been there, things like that are very important to ensure this.”

Three things to know

1. Maryland once again made a major response. With a balanced season, the Terps won another impossible victory against one of the top teams in the conference. Less than a month ago, Maryland disturbed Wisconsin in Madison, demonstrating that Maryland is capable of defeating anyone on any given night. The same is true for tonight’s victory without Ayala, Maryland can harness the momentum of Sunday’s victory to turn the tide of the season.

“It shows that you didn’t give up,” Turgeon said of his players’ efforts. “Our guy is very proud. There are a lot of people in the dressing room who have won a lot of games and disappeared from others tonight.”

Since the 2014-15 season, this team has beaten two top 15 teams for the first time in the same season, when they defeated No. 13 in Iowa and No. 5 in Wisconsin.

2. Maryland dominates the glass. Although it has given up the internal space to participate in Sunday’s games, Maryland has not effectively boxed at both ends, compounding the problem. Illinois led Maryland 40-33, and Cockburn led the game with 10 rebounds. Illini also scored 13 offensive rebounds and contributed 6 seconds.

3. Tepps made the most of their opportunities at the free throw line. Throughout the season, Maryland has been working hard to force its opponents to foul and cause fouls at the basket. Even when Maryland did reach the charity, as a team, its shooting percentage was only 67.8%. But that was not the case on Sunday night, as the Tepps led 14-17, the highest score in five games.

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