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Mariner’s CEO Kevin Mather (Kevin Mather) was criticized and issued a statement

Kevin Mather (Kevin Mather) has been the president of the Seattle Mariners since 2014.

On February 5th, when team president and CEO Kevin Mather (Kevin Mather) spoke at the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club, the Mariners became the main focus of baseball.

The zoom lens of the event was posted to YouTube by BBRC and shared on Twitter on Saturday night. The video was taken down before Sunday afternoon, but it was not deleted until online copies and transcripts were shared, including Lookout Landing.

In the 45-minute video, Mather gave a 20-minute opening remark, and then asked the Zoom audience about the remaining recording questions, and the recording ended suddenly. Throughout the planning process, Mather proposed many themes and aroused reactions from fans, players, agencies and members of the national media.

On Sunday night, the sailors issued the following statement from Mather:

I want to apologize to every member of the Seattle Mariners, especially our players and fans. There is no excuse for my actions, and I take full responsibility for my serious mistakes.

My comment is my own. They do not reflect the views and strategies of the Mariner Baseball leadership responsible for organizing decisions about the development and status of players at all levels.

I was on the phone most of the day today, apologizing to many people who were insulted, hurt, or disappointed in a recent online event.

I promise to compensate for the personal injury I said, and I will do everything I can to repair the damage caused to the Seattle Mariners.

In the interview with BBRC, Mather̵

7;s opening speech included a summary of how the 2020 influenza pandemic will have a financial impact on baseball, stating that the Mariners’ performance is better than most, but for the club , This is still the “low years”.

Mather said: “We are at the bottom of the rebuilding cycle, so our wages have been very low.” “We have also signed a TV broadcast agreement with ROOT Sports. Our strength in the TV broadcast agreement far exceeds ours. We have 60 games. Compared to other similar-sized markets, we have earned far more revenue than we deserve in each game. The financial situation for a year was poor, but our performance was better than most.”

Mather continued to tout the Mariners’ plan to bring as many young players as possible to Tacoma’s bench last season. A total of 15 potential customers were invited to participate. Since there is no minor league season, their small pitching camp in North Carolina is the only way to get potential clients to work. However, as Mather revealed in his speech, they did not get the opportunity to join the major league clubs.

“Despite the devastating continuous improvement in player development in 2020, we took the risk and brought our high-end prospects into the market and really understood them. They got high-end guidance in Tacoma,” he said. “The risk is that if our major league team has a COVID outbreak or injury, and we have to call a taxi team, we will have a shortage of players. Because you have no chance to see these young players in T-Mobile Park. We will not put it in the list of 40 people, nor will we start the service time clock. For various reasons, if we have an injury problem or a COVID outbreak, you may have seen my big belly in the left area You won’t see our prospects in T-Mobile Park.”

This, together with the predictions of April’s top MLB players Jared Kelenic and Logan Gilbert’s debut, is interpreted as service time manipulation, which will definitely become the central issue of the upcoming collective bargaining agreement negotiations between MLB and the MLB Players Association. Those aspects of Mather’s speech caught the attention of at least one player agent.

Throughout the conversation, Mather praised many participants, but in some cases, they provided insights about the participants.

“Kyle Seager, this may be his last season as a Mariner,” Mather said of the Seattle third baseman, who is about to enter the final year of his contract. “He will, and I have told him that after finishing the game, he will become the Mariners Hall of Fame. Last year, he seemed to have found the Fountain of Youth and had a good year, and we expect to do so in 2021. “

Kyle’s wife Julie Seager appeared to have responded on her Twitter account.

Top potential client Julio Rodriguez quickly commented on this statement:

Mather said: “Julio Rodríguez (Julio Rodríguez) has a bigger character than all of you combined.” “He is very loud. He doesn’t speak much English. Everyone says he will arrive in 2021. Here. He won’t be here until 2022 or 2023. An amazing kid. We are really important on social media. He likes to be in front. He loves sailors. Between him and Kelenic, we think we’re picking up In the next six to seven years, we will have an outfield as good as a baseball game. He is a real deal. He is ranked higher than Kelenic.”

It is worth mentioning that Rodríguez is extremely proud of his English, and the Dominican Republican even hosted “Perform with JRod” during an interview on the Mariners YouTube channel this winter. Since the interviewer does not speak Spanish, he conducts all interviews in English, including thanks for the conduct.

Rodriguez was not the only one who was mentioned by Mather in English. He said “It made me feel frustrated” because he started discussing Hisashi Iwai. He is the team’s former All-Star player and recently returned to the team as a full-time coach. Mather continued: “For example, we just re-hired Iwakuma. He has been our pitcher for many years. Humans are so good, and his English is too bad. He wants to come back to the game, he came to us , Frankly, we want him to be our Asian scout, translation, and development of the Japanese league. He comes to participate in spring training. What I want to say is that I’m tired of paying his translation fees. When he was a player We will pay Iwakuma X at the time, but we also have to pay $75,000 a year to live with him as an interpreter. His English suddenly became better, and when we told him, his English also became better .”

In addition to the above comments, Mather also discussed a six-year contract offer that was rejected by Keleni, saying that the spring training would not be postponed for one month, which would be “embarrassing” and repeatedly referred to the catcher Louis Torrens as ” Torres”. He also said that Torrance and potential Carl Rowley may fall behind the Mariners in the next six years, which is likely to upset Tom Murphy, who just expressed his gratitude to the Mariners for the best on Saturday. Play out. After he came over from the Rocky Mountains.

Discussing the potential signing of James Paxton or Taijuan Walker (the player is still a free agent at the time of the speech) is a good message, and there is no doubt that the target audience appreciates it . Acknowledging that the Mariners have “there are still 180 free agents unsigned on February 5th, and sooner or later these players have to turn their hats over, put on their hats, and look for contracts.” It is a word that no player will like.

Participating in activities like rotating breakfast is not uncommon for sailor executives or front desk staff. This is an opportunity to connect with the community, so goodwill and benefits can be generated. Although additional insights or inside information are usually shared in these events, a small amount of information can be of great help. In his speech on February 5th, Mather not only apologized to many people for his admission, but also went beyond the scope of benefit to the organization. Through the reactions seen online on Sunday, great losses have been caused.

The sailors are expected to make a statement on Monday morning.

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