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Mardy Fish jumped into Lake Tahoe on Sunday after winning the American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Championship at Edgewood-Tahoe

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Sometimes, the fish will grab the trophy.

Mardy Fish had a brilliant day on Saturday, then another solid Sunday, and won his first championship in the American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Championship held at Edgewood-Tahoe . He won two championships in Florida’s celebrity competition.

Fisher scored 37 points on Saturday, then scored 21 points on Sunday, ending with 76 points. The first round leader Kyle Williams (Kyle Williams) ranked second with 67 points and scored 15 on Sunday. John Smoltz ranked third with 58 points, and Steph Curry ranked fourth with 56 points.

Prior to this year, Fish was in the top five in Edgewood five times in a row.

“I want to have a lot of fun here for a long time. That’s too unsuitable for my eyes. So I haven’t put everything together. Fortunately, I put everything together yesterday because today is not what it is not now. Friday,” Fish said.

Fish said that this year Edgewood was not absent from the audience.

“In any case, I am focused on excellence. I have participated in many competitions in the form of the Davis Cup in some hostile places in the United States, Colombia and Switzerland, and the whole place, and they will yell and shout in the game. Yelling. Your service. So I am used to this kind of stuff,” he said.

The $600,000 purse will be donated to Lake Tahoe groups and various COVID-19 charities. Fish will win $125,000 and Williams will win $60,000.

Williams, who played for Buffalo Bill, said his putter will not fall on Sunday. He has a little bird on Sunday.

This is his second performance at Edgewood.

Williams said: “I know if I only have one bird today, I can’t do it.” “But I played very solidly. I won’t complain about shooting the past three days. I’ve had a great time Week, looking forward to more.”

He said that tension is not a factor of Sunday.

Williams said: “Sometimes, sometimes make us a former professional or other professionals, we will not play like a professional, nor do they do like them.” “Although we are competitive and think We should do it, but it is not.

“The more representatives you get, the more comfortable you are; the good things are ahead. As I said, winning the second place, I am very happy for Mardy. I don’t like him paying my price for this, But at the same time, I am really happy for him.”

Williams said that even if there is a bonus, he will not accept it because he is an amateur and has a better purpose

“With everything that is currently happening in our country, the place to distribute this money is much better than the place to distribute it to us, because we came here and spent a pleasant week here, getting to know each other in this game Old friends, new friends, all this,” he said.

After Saturday night’s game, Smoltz scored 17 points, which made him a bit frustrated.

But he was much happier on Sunday.

Smoltz said: “My biggest thing is that I can’t believe I played well and scored poorly.” “I didn’t make three shots all week. I only played three bogeys all week, but the birdie It didn’t fall down. So I tried birdie 16 times today and I only played two.

“That’s the difference. I mean, you play this golf course, except for one hole, I’ve been streaking almost all day… I have a lot of opportunities to change the environment as soon as possible, this is the pressure I want to apply as soon as possible. But these pushes The pole did not fall at all, just there was no way.”

Smoltz said he believed Fish would win earlier on Sunday.

“I thought he won the first hole when he hit the second shot in the water and swallowed bogey to become 15 feet; from zero to negative 2, suddenly, Kyle’s height became Five feet or six feet. For the birdie ball, it started very early.” Smoltz said. “Mardy hasn’t hit the ball so far, his touch is so good. Therefore, against him is that I know to take the lead, I can do nothing.”

In the game, Curry is the best active player.

His father, Dell Curry, scored 50 points and also entered the top ten. Steph found that Dell had six points, so they tied for the home game.

Steph Curry said he thinks he can win the ACC one day and lay a good foundation for a good start. This is the key to entering a competitive mentality.

Take a look at the 2020 ACC Celebrity Golf Championship:Steph Curry, Patrick Mahomes

Curry said: “The first day was always a bit unstable, but just entered a competitive golf mentality, and this is always-difficult. This game is very difficult.” “I do think I can do it. But I am There are still two years left on the court. So maybe there is a chance to play in this regard, but I think I can do it.”

He said it would be huge to win the ACC while still participating as an active professional athlete.

“I know the active people and our daily work, and how much we spend on crafts other than golf, but I am happy to represent all the active people in this regard; but I want to be the first active person in it, I am still looking for that. That will mean a lot,” he said.

Click here to view the ACC score.

Fish, 38, was a professional tennis player in the early 2000s. The hard ground expert won six events at the ATP Main Event and reached the finals of the four Master Series.

At the 2004 Summer Olympics, Fisher won the silver medal. He reached the finals in the men’s singles game, but lost to Nicolás Massú.

In April 2011, Fish (Fish) became an American in the ATP rankings, ranking seventh in the career singles in August.

After the 2015 US Open, he retired from professional tennis.


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American Century Golf 2020 notes

No repeat champion: Two defending champion Tony Romo retired on the grounds that he suffered a wrist injury in a round on Saturday.

Mahomes watches: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes scored 8 points on Sunday and scored 4 points in the form of a modified Stableford score.

This is the first time Mahomes has participated in the competition. Last February, he was named MVP in the Super Bowl.

Korbel who is closest to the pushpin competition: Boxer Canelo Alvarez is the closest player to the annual Korbel tournament on Saturday at the 17th and 3rd lakeside holes.

Each of the 10 players had a 155 yard two shot. Alvarez wins and knocks down one within 1 inch (13 feet)

Retired baseball pitcher Derek Lowe ranked second with 14-5.

next year: ACC plans to return to Edgewood-Tahoe this week from July 6-11, 2021.

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