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Marc Gasol: The Lakers have difficulty accepting Andre Drummond

Marc Gasol scored 9 rebounds in just 28 minutes in the Lakers’ 115-94 win in Sacramento, which is a season-high 20 points. Then why is he so depressed?

Even a great game like he played on Friday can’t eliminate the facts. The Lakers replaced him.

When he started to fight the Kings, Gasol knew that when Andre Drummond returned from his injured toe and broken toenail, he would soon become the team’s three-string center again. For players like Gasol, NBA champions, former defensive players of the year, All-Stars, and gold medalists, such a relegation is hard to say.

Since the Lakers joined Drummond, Gasol said in the first sentence: “This is life.”

; The situation has changed and you must adapt as soon as possible. When I signed with the team, it was to help the team, especially the two main players, to contribute to their game and achieve their goals and win another championship. Therefore, I think this has not changed. “

When asked if he would stay with the Lakers for the rest of the season, Gasol said he was firm, but opened the door to changing this status quo.

“For me, things can change quickly in the NBA. However, I am committed to joining this team,” Gasol said. “This is a medicine that is difficult to swallow because I know that I will withdraw from the lineup at some point. For players, this is no easy task. As a basketball player, you want to participate in the game. You want to contribute, Especially when you make a promise for this reason.

“But we will see.”

Gasol averaged 4.8 points, 4.0 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game. The number of points and rebounds was the lowest in his career. After signing COVID-19, he also missed nine games.

Gasol did not sign the traditional data with the Lakers, at least not a victory. Since Gasol is part of the top five, the Lakers’ net efficiency (at least 150 minutes) ranks sixth in the league. The Lakers’ “old” starters Gasol, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Dennis Schroeder and Kentavit Caldwell Pope scored 103.4 points per 100 possessions.

Coach Frank Vogel said there will be Gasol playing time on Friday. Maybe it’s because of the competition requirements. Maybe it’s because the Lakers tried Gasol-Monterez Harrell on the court.

The Sacramento Lakers defeated the Kings 115-94 on Friday night.

Gasol entered the bench when he made his debut in Drummond’s game against the Lakers on Wednesday, and then when Drummond was injured when the Lakers needed frontcourt help, he quickly entered the game and entered fourth. Section. His performance won unanimous praise from coaches and teammates.

But Gasol doesn’t seem to think these opportunities will continue to exist. He sounds ashamed. If these opportunities do exist, it’s not because the Lakers want to create them.

“There is an asterisk. I think this is an “if”-whether they need you. This is a big “if”. …You are not plan A now. You are plan C, plan D,” Gasol Say. “You have to accept it because that is your job. This is what you register to do. Accepting this is never easy, especially when you ask yourself what you did wrong, when you try to do everything for the team … Obviously, I don’t care much about my stats and shooting or rebounding. I try to get my guy out for the next game and help everyone.

“It’s not easy. But this is life. You have to adapt. Like I said, you either see it as a challenge or move on.”

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