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Man worried about being alive in the forest nearly five years after the murder British news

A man feared by the police for murder was found living in the woods, nearly five years after he disappeared for fear of being exploited.

Ricardas Puisys was last diagnosed at the age of 40. He worked at his workplace on September 26, 2015, 20 miles from his residence in Visbach, Cambridgeshire. Two days later, he unexpectedly failed to return to work. In November of the same year, the police launched a murder investigation. In the second month, a man was arrested on suspicion of murder and was subsequently released without any charges.

But when he set up a Facebook account in his own name and posted a photo of a male police officer allegedly Puisys, people raised hopes that he might still be alive. In November of last year, the officers restarted the call to find him. In December, they said they had received several reports of witnessing him.

On Monday, police said that Puisys had been found hiding in Wisberg on July 1. The officer thought he fled because he was worried about his safety. In August 2015, shortly before his disappearance, local residents expressed concern that Puisys was used and might be forced to relocate in Wisbech.

DCI Rob Hall from the major crime departments in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire said: “The disappearance of Ricardas has been a mystery for the past five years. Until the end of June we received the news. , We found him.”

When Puisys disappeared, he was working at Nightlayer Leek Company in Chatteris through an agent. After get off work, on the night of September 26, 2015, he was believed to be with a small group of Lithuanian men, but from that moment, all his traces disappeared.

Hall said: “People do worry that Ricardas was harmed that night… But we now believe that Ricardas decided to escape because he has been a victim of crime and has been exploited before.

“A group of investigators tirelessly followed up many inquiries, none of which led to the discovery of Ricardas. Until we received information that Ricardas may be alive and still in the Wisbech area.

“After searching the forest area of ​​Harecroft Road, Ricardas was eventually found living in the bushes. After being deliberately hidden and without talking to anyone for a while, it was well covered up.”

He said the decision to postpone the public announcement that Puisys was found alive was for his welfare and to allow time for safeguards. He added that the officers wanted to “make sure that they stay safe, but also that he has the support he needs after living in the difficult years of the past five years or more.

When the police discovered the Facebook account, they said they were visiting it somewhere in Wisbech, but they were unable to pinpoint the location.

After local residents expressed concern about Puisys in August 2015, officials spoke to Puisys, but according to Cambridgeshire Live, he told them he was fine. However, the police later said that because he did not have much money in the country, few friends and no family, he was “a character that is vulnerable to exploitation.”

Hall said that an investigation into the use of Puisys has already begun.

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