Royal Oak – A domestic violence incident allegedly started with a 20-year-old Royal Oak stabbed his mother and struck his father In the head with a guitar ended the death of the man in a policeman involved in early Monday shootout.

Royal Oak Police Department identifies the victim as Cody Reynolds. He was 20.

Reynolds death is the [

second deadly shootout of the officer in Royal Oak in as many months The shooting on April 10 by Antonino Thomas Gordon outside a White Castl The restaurant in town remains under investigation.

The engraving and guitar hit took place at 3:11 am on Hoffman's 1000 meter block in Reynolds & # 39; Haus.

An official saw Reynolds running around the area, leaving his patrol car a few minutes after the call came in, and ordering him to stop.

Reynolds said he stabbed his mother. The officer ordered him down. He initially obeyed, "but then quickly rushed to the officer in an aggressive manner."

The officer pulled out his gun and fired, beating Reynolds, then administered first aid when EMS was alerted to the scene, police said. Doctors took him to the Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital, where he died. Shooting took place at Hudson, near South Wilson, which is just around the corner from the family home and north of Interstate 696 and west of Campbell.

The Royal Oak Police Chief, Corrigan O'Donnohue, said the suspect was not armed, but the officer could not have known it at the time.

The officer was at the department for about four to six years. O & O Donohue said, "The official is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation."

"If someone is willing to attack his parents, they would be willing to attack anyone," said O & # 0; Donohue.

Reynolds was on parole for a drunken car crash on Woodward Avenue in 2017, an accident in the wrong direction that had serious injuries.

The only two people who died in Royal Oak in another person this year , have died in confrontations with the police, O Donohue confirmed.

"The public should be critical of how we react," he said.

But it should not affect the way they do Seeing the city, he said, who has witnessed a decline in violent crime and will honor on Monday 13 officers for the salvation of human lives.

"In Royal Oak, it is very good," said O Donohue.

The Department has sworn 79 and at least two are on administrative leave after fatal shootings.

Royal Oak police do not wear body cameras, and Monday O'Donohue said he saw no need for them, as officers carry transmitters who record audio but not video. He described the problem with body cameras as a type of data storage.

O Donohue started the press conference by offering condolences to the Reynolds family and later reminding the officer who fired the deadly shots. At least four shells were found at the scene.

"No officer wants to go through this," said O Donohue. "That's a terrible thing."

Reynolds & # 39; parents were also hospitalized, but their injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Oakland County Sheriff's Office will investigate the shooting.

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