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Major League Baseball opening day takeaway: The Dodgers faltered against the Rocky Mountains, the Angels rushed back, the Giants lost on the 10th step

As the opening day kicks off on Thursday afternoon, the 2021 Major League Baseball season is underway. Unfortunately, as the “Yellow Orioles-Red Sox” game was eliminated by rain, the prime-time Mets national team cancelled the tilt due to COVID-19 issues among Washington players.

The latter problem prevents us from starting the game between 4:10 pm and 10:05 pm ET. The schedule is bad, right?

This is today’s result.

Major League Baseball Opening Day Score

  • FINAL/10: Toronto Blue Jays 3, New York Yankees 2 (box score)
  • Finals: Detroit Tigers 3, Cleveland 2 (box points)
  • Final/1
    0: Milwaukee Brewers 6, Minnesota Twins 5 (box score)
  • Baltimore Orioles of the Boston Red Sox-postponed (rain)
  • Finals: Pittsburgh Pirates 5, Chicago Cubs 3 (Box Score)
  • Final/10: Philadelphia Phillies 3, Atlanta Warriors 2 (box of points)
  • Finals: San Diego Padres 8, Arizona Diamondbacks 7 (box score)
  • Finals: 14th in the Kansas City Royals, 10th in the Texas Rangers (scoring)
  • Finals: Colorado Rocky Mountains 8 points, Los Angeles Dodgers 5 points (box score)
  • Finals: St. Louis Cardinals No. 11, Cincinnati Reds No. 6 (box score)
  • Finals: Tampa Bay Rays 1, Miami Marlins 0 (box points)
  • Washington Nationals’ New York Mets-Postponed (COVID-19)
  • Finals: Los Angeles Angels No. 4, Chicago White Sox No. 3 (box score)
  • Finals: Houston Astros No. 8, Oakland Athletics No. 1 (box score)
  • Finals: Seattle Mariners No. 8, San Francisco Giants No. 7 (box score)

Most importantly, for the teams participating in the game, this is only 1/162 of this season. That is 0.62%. Don’t panic and overreact! (At least not too much.) Let’s kill time with actual baseball actions.

A rough start and a silver lining champion

This proves the talent of the Dodgers. Clayton Kershaw is nothing good. They made two mistakes, threw three wild pitches, made a softball error and turned a two-run home run into an RBI single. , And then out, they scored three points with three out of 16 and they left 14 people at the base. However, they are still tied for the top of the ninth place and are likely to win the game against the Rockies.

Believe in the Rocky Mountains victory, but beware of the rest of baseball, because the Dodgers only participated in their worst game and still have good shots.

The angel rushed back late

The White Sox first attacked in Anaheim, then led 3-1 to the bottom of the fifth inning. Reaching the bottom of the eighth place, they led 3-2, but there was a problem. The angels have prepared the highest order, which ultimately means trouble.

The Angels’ comeback is certainly commendable, but the White Sox will definitely open their doors. When rescuer Aaron Bummer decided to take part rather than let him defend, the one in the middle became single by David Fletcher. When Nick Madrigal was looking for the second throw error the troops needed, Shohei Ohtani decided to have a fielder choose.

This brought Mike Trout to the top of the list, and he created a singles match. After the strike and walk, Albert Pujols hit a high ball and bounced it to third base. Ohtani got such an outstanding result and made it to home plate, White Sox third baseman Yoan Moncada had no choice but to finish first in the game. The Angels took the lead, and the ninth newcomer Raisel Iglesias closed the door easily.

The giant melts, comes back, gets lost

The Giants advanced to the bottom of the eighth inning with a 6-1 lead. It should be basic. Despite the great success of the Mariners, the Giants really gave up on this.

Walks and two singles are followed by walks and strikeouts. This is a 6-2 Giants lead, with bases and one eliminated. Jarlin Garcia then ran (Taylor Trammell did a great job, and his plate did a great job, so he was praised again) to improve the score to 6-3. Giants guard Tyler Rogers pitted and scored a double-double for Dylan Moore, who scored 2 points and ended with a 6-5 score. Then Rogers hit a combo. Immediately afterwards, Brandon Belt lost the weakness of the first run (we can argue that it should be caught, but it ends up in the outfield, which is what really matters), allowing two players to score .

Those are the six positions for sailors. They trailed 6-1 to reach the bottom of the eighth place and took the lead before ninth.

Of course, they only took the lead once, and the Giants pin player Alex Dickerson decided that his team would not go quietly. His home run-a 0-2 muscular move to the opposite court-was helpless.

Alas, it was sailor’s night after all. The Giants were unable to take their free runner home on the 10th, and the Mariners succeeded.

And, to get this, all the sailors have to do at the bottom of the tenth place is to stand in the box. There are three plates, all three plates are walking. The evening ended with a walk on strike!

Good for sailors, good for giants.

Astronauts dominate through boos

Oakland A fans are one of the most despicable fans in baseball. They announced their existence by booing on Thursday.

The astronauts took it from there. Zack Greinke only hit 3 goals in 6 scoreless games. Michael Brantley made a home run, and he won three straight four days. Alex Bregman also drove home and rushed twice. Jordan Alvarez drove three cars.

Unlike the other two dramatic late games, this game has never really raised questions.

Bieber star, but did not get support

2020 AL Cy Young champion Shane Bieber eliminated 12 batsmen to join the elite company, but he did not get the running support, and the Tigers entered ninth with a 3-0 lead. Roberto Perez’s two shots made things interesting, but Tiger Gresoli (Gregory Soto) and Gregory Soto seduced Cesar Cesar Hernandez jumped out, a runner and Jose Ramirez stood on the deck, ending the race.

D-Backs makes history; the priest still wins

The 2021 Arizona Diamondbacks are now the answer to trivia questions. They played a four-a-side game and became the first team in baseball history. Nevertheless, the priests will not be rejected. They ranked sixth, then seventh, leading 8-7 and taking the lead. Although Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado have a combined 1-10, they still get 10 hits. Although Yu Darvish gave up 4 runs with 8 hits in 4 2/3 innings, they still won.

Good sign for Jays

The Blue Jays were the new wave of the playoffs. They entered the Bronx and defeated the Yankees on the hill with Gerrit Cole. Teoscar Hernandez-a breakthrough offensive star in 2020-won the championship with a home run 3 to 4, Vladimir Guerrero with a one-way and two The linear motion of this walk looks very good. Jays does not have George Springer either.

Hyun-Jin Ryu played 5 1/3 innings and only allowed two runs (both on Gary Sanchez’s home run), but the true story of the pitcher is that Blue Jays’ bullpen was scoreless in 2 2/3. Only two strikes are allowed in the situation.

The Yankees later received some threats, but Judge Aaron raided twice and ended the five-man rally.

Brewers swept in

The twins scored twice at the top of the third inning and kept their lead until the bottom of the ninth inning twice. Some hastily let the winemaker wander around, because the batsman and throwing errors made the two players basemen, then Christian Yelich headed home, and then Travis Shaw won the game with two consecutive victories. Doubles. The winemaker’s ninth place in three consecutive victories extends the game to other games, and the winemaker will continue to advance.

Hello, Phillies Bullpen?

Last season, the Phillies had the worst performance in recent memory. The kind of numbers they put forward is a shame for the league (7.06 ERA, 1.79 WHIP).

On Thursday, the Phillies used four assists-Archie Bradley, Jose Alvarado, Hector Neris and Connor Brogdon, they were 3 1/3 times Only one shot was shot in a scoreless game and four games were eliminated at the same time. This is not to say that they are facing a lineup full of pushing, because this is the offense of the high-octane Warriors.

Aaron Nola’s excellent outing and Jean Segura’s solo show will be most of the highlights here, but don’t look forward to this outstanding bullpen performance.

Florida Showdown

The Rays and Marlins combined only eight hits, and Austin Meadows’ solo homer was Miami’s only offense. Entry-level players Tyler Glasnow (6 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 6 K) and Sandy Alcantara (6 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 7 K) performed well. Marlins’ first baseman Jesus Aguilar hit two of the three pointers in the game. Marlins were empty on the opening day.

Card crime is cleared early; oh Eugenio

On Thursday, the Cardinals defeated 11 runners in Cincinnati with 9 hits in just 4 games. Of course, after that, they only had one blow in a five-point scoreless game, but who cares? Eleven runs are enough to win. The new look at 2-3 positions The Paul Goldschmidt-Nolan Arenado combination won 6 for 10 with four runs and two RBIs. How about the first time rookie Dylan Carlson squeezed into a third base homer?

On one end of the Red Army, I think even after allowing six offenses at the top of the first round, there is still some glimmer of hope to win seven rounds. Nonetheless, the suspicious decisions they might make when shortstop tried All-Star third baseman Eugenio Suarez still led to two errors, one of which could ultimately cost them the game. In the first game, only one cardinal ran to this point, Yadier Molina (Yadier Molina) sent a regular ground short ball, which could have been a round to end the doubles match, Suarez Suarez started it. Of course, it was in the hole, but Molina is one of the fastest baseballs, and he doubled because of his lack of speed.

The crumbling of the cub

The Cubs are at a crossroads this season, and several key players have since reached agreements with free agents. It is possible that they will enter the playoffs in the last remaining round of their 2016 core game, or fall apart and sell before the trade deadline. Thursday was a cruel start. Kyle Hendricks only lasted three innings. This was the first time since two years ago that Kyle Hendricks took three steps. The offense only hit two in the entire game. The Cubs pitcher took 11 steps, which could have been worse, but the pirates left a ridiculous 15 people on the base.

The barbarian offense of the Royals will not be rejected

The Royals allowed five runs at the top of the first inning. Before starting the opener, you have to see your opponent’s score reach five points. This is really jaw-dropping, right? Regardless of. The Royals matched these five positions with their own five positions in the second half. Then, they will be behind two games 6-5 and the third game 8-5. But the Royals never stopped fighting. They have scored multiple times in four different rounds-the “curved numbers” of ol. Kyle Isbel, Michael Taylor and Whit Merrifield have all won three hits. Taylor, Merrifield and Jorge Soler all homered. From beginning to end, their perseverance with bats.

14 games are the Royals’ record on the opening day. This is the longest nine games in the history of the Royals on the opening day.

Oh, and got it (via Jeremy Frank on Twitter): This is the first open day game ever, and none of the starting pitchers have gone out five times (1 2/3 innings). The Royals’ first release, Brad Keller (Brad Keller) ran 1 1/3 innings, and Rangers starter Kyle Gibson (Kyle Gibson) left after 1/3 innings. He faces eight combos and can make four shots and three moves in one hit (stroke).

Follow the real-time updates below.

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