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MagSafe on iPhone 12: I suspect that Apple’s magnetic charger is wrong


MagSafe is a rechargeable charger, very good. But this is also proprietary technology, currently only applicable to iPhone 12.

Patrick Holland/CNET

of iPhone 12 There is a name Magnetic safety.This is a familiar name because MagSafe used to be MacBook, long, long ago. It can be automatically connected and easily popped out, so tripping through a wire will not drop the laptop off the table… and is generally well received.

When Apple first announced MagSafe for the iPhone 12, I didn’t like the idea of ​​MagSafe because I just want USB-C. I want a normal non-proprietary charger. Instead, Apple doubled its proprietary charging options. It looks interesting, but it is not necessary.

I still want USB-C. But I was wrong about MagSafe.

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Powerful magnet, can be used with supported watch cases.

Scott Stein/CNET

New but familiar

On the last day or so, I had to try the iPhone 12 Pro and MagSafe charger, which has already won me a victory.charger Extra cost $39, And there is no charging adapter, so you need one of them (any USB-C can be used, but Here are some good charger adapter suggestions).But it feels very much like a giant Apple Watch Charger for iPhone. That should be my first hint of appreciation for this idea.

Apple Watch also has a snap-on proprietary magnetic charger, and it works in a similar way. It pops up easily, the watch beeps at one o’clock, and I see the charging status. The same is true for the iPhone. As long as there is a charging cable nearby, you can easily charge your iPhone. It seems to be moved to a room where I am not, and there is no charger in other rooms, because other rooms have Lightning, USB-C or Qi chargers.

You must remember to take the MagSafe charging cable with you, in a sense, just like every professional wearable technology charger I have seen in the past ten years. Little children, older children, children with forks. They fit the wearables you own, but please don’t lose them.


Apple Watch and MagSafe: No, this does not work.

Scott Stein/CNET

How many MagSafe variants will there be and will they perform data transfer?

My first thought was that Apple needed to install MagSafe on all of its devices. But then I wondered, how will that happen? Will the large disc-based chargers get stuck on future iPads or MacBooks? Is there an area covered by magnets that can be used by MagSafe? Or will there be adapters of different sizes made for specific devices? Compared with iPhone 12, is Apple Watch very similar to Apple Watch?

I also want to know if MagSafe can be combined with some kind of data to allow accessories or can also be used as a docking station.Suddenly I feel like Moto Mod territory. Apple’s expansion of its smart connected accessories feels like an idea that has already been hinted at and should have been proposed long ago. Smart connector keyboard It has existed for many years, but nothing else.

There are many long-term questions about MagSafe, but now I have more than I thought. But this does not mean that I still don’t need USB-C. I still hope that Apple will not skip USB-C on the next iPhone. I hope MagSafe will be the gateway to more accessories, and I hope that Apple is not far from replacing the remaining port on the iPhone.

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