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Lot Design 2018 NBA: Time, TV Station, Teams, Benefits, Information

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will lead the lottery's NBA draft on Tuesday night in Chicago. (Michael Conroy / Associated Press)

The NBA will pick the order of their June draft by picking up their tickets on Tuesday night in Chicago among the 14 off-season teams.

Phoenix, after a 21-61 finish, has the best chance at number 1 at 25 percent. Memphis (22-60) is not far behind with 19.9 percent, Dallas (24-58) with 13.8 percent

But it all depends on the fate of the jumping ping-pong balls, and on a commissar, Adam Silber grabs first. The Cavaliers, and either the 76ers or Celtics, the top teams of the Eastern Conference, also have lottery choices due to trades. The Cavaliers have a chance to get help for LeBron James – or to plan for his departure – with a selection of the Brooklyn Nets as part of their prey to trade with Kyrie Irving. In the meantime, either the Sixers or Celtics will benefit from the fact that six years ago the Lakers sent out a first-rounder for Steve Nash – the bill is due.

Here's what you need to know about today's lottery design: [19659006] When: 19:30

How to watch / stream: ESPN or the ESPN app

Best Chances: Phoenix (25 percent), Memphis (19.9 percent), Dallas (13.8 percent)

Worst Quotas: Detroit (0.7 percent), Los Angeles Clippers (0.6 Percent), Denver (0.5 percent)

Top Perspectives: Luka Doncic, G, Slovenia | DeAndre Ayton, C, Arizona | Jaren Jackson Jr., F, Michigan State Marvin Bagley III, F, Duke | Mohamed Bamba, C, Texas | Trae Young, G, Oklahoma | Michael Porter Jr., G / F, Missouri

What's at stake for any team

For Phoenix … The first choice would allow the Suns, either the Arizona center DeAndre Ayton or the Slovenian prodigy Luka Doncic. Both would be welcome under new coach Igor Kokoskov and next to guard Devin Booker.

For Memphis … After a terrible season, a lottery win would give the Grizzlies the chance to give a seasoned team a first-class talent led by Marc Gasol and Mike Conley. The Grizzlies look like they've reached the end of a grand run, but the right young player could possibly allow them to extend it by a few years or more.

For Dallas … Robert made an open commitment to winning the best draft pick after looking for a veteran talent in recent years to pair with Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki. Point Guard Dennis Smith was a strong pick with the ninth pick last year; Another hit this year could finally give Dallas the bridge to his post-Nowitzki future.

For Atlanta … General manager Travis Schlenk has completely rebuilt himself a year ago and hired Lloyd Pierce – known for his work on player development skills – like his head coach last week. However, this plan will only work if Atlanta makes its selection. Winning the lottery in a design where the Hawks have four picks in the top 33 would be a great start.

For Orlando … Since trading with Dwight Howard in August 2012, the Magic on a treadmill of mediocrity, failed to make the playoffs in each of the last six seasons. Three coaches and a new front office later, the Magic Hope Tuesday is the beginning of a new and more successful era in Central Florida.

For Chicago … A decade ago, the Bulls jumped to win the lottery chance to get hometown hero Derrick Rose. Since the lottery moved from New York to Chicago, the cops hope the location change will be lucky enough to add another draft pick to Lauri Markkanen, the runner-up.

For Sacramento … With the Minnesota Timberwolves making the playoffs this year, the Sacramento series of 12 straight years without a postseason appearance is the new leader among NBA teams. Another team that has never won the lottery, Sacramento could desperately use some ping-pong balls waiting for them.

For Cleveland … Want to bet in the long run? Cleveland wins, with Brooklyn & # 39; s pick, is a good bet. Three of the last four times the cavaliers have been here (either with their own or another) have won them. That would certainly be useful to Cleveland, as it would favor a top three pick that matches either a top-notch young talent or a trade fortune to lure more veteran aid to LeBron James.

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Fun stuff:

Watch for the mention of special lucky charms brought by lottery team representatives Tuesday night. The co-founder of Magic, for example, will wear a "Lil Penny" doll on stage. What is a "Lil Penny" doll, you ask? It's a toy designed after former Magic Star and new Memphis Tigers coach Penny Hardaway, once talked about by Chris Rock.

It looks like this:

The last time Magic beat the odds on the # 1 pick was in 1993, when the team won the top pick with a 1.52 percent chance and Chris Webber to Shaquille O & Neal chose. Orlando swapped Webber for number 3 and three future first years later that night. Penny Hardaway was Penny Hardaway, who made much more sense as O Neal vice-mate.

In 2010, the Wizards had a 10.3 percent chance of winning the lottery, and Irene Pollin, in one of her last official acts as owner of the team, represented the franchise while in the 1978 Washington Bullets NBA Championship ring her deceased husband wore. Washington won the lottery and selected John Wall.

The following year Wall took part in the lottery as a representative of the Wizards and vowed to wear or at least wear the gold jacket that Irene Pollin had worn the year before. 19659027] Further reading:

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