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Los Angeles County reports more than 300 COVID deaths every day for the first time

Good morning los angeles

The events held in Washington, DC and across the country on Wednesday will not be forgotten quickly. Local educators are already taking steps to ensure that students (most of whom will return to virtual classrooms this week or next week) have discussions and Situational tools. they.

The Los Angeles County Office of Education and the Long Beach School District each provide resources for teachers. Both encourage adults to deal with their feelings before solving the problem with children, and then provide space for their students to communicate.

In Long Beach, suggestions include reminding students that “violence and hatred are never the solution to anger,” and “history shows that hatred can only cause harm.”

Parents, caregivers and other adults also have a responsibility to help young people deal with this week’s events and their thoughts and thoughts on surrounding events.but Brent smiley, taught the early world hisSherman Oaks of Rededa enriched the views of Tory and American history among middle school students at the Research Center, who believed that the teacher’s location was very unique.

“In each classroom sits a professional teacher who knows his children better than anyone else in the command system.”

; Smiley told my colleague Caroline Champlin. “What’s the message for the teacher? Go teach.”

Keep reading to learn more about what happened in Los Angeles today, And stay safe.

What you need to know today

Waves in Los Angeles: The oxygen delivery infrastructure is Collapse under pressure In Los Angeles and other COVID-19 hot spots, it jeopardizes patients’ access to precious air and limits hospital turnover.

Wrong test: The FDA said that the cheek swab test Curative often uses in Los Angeles for COVID-19 has a high false positive rate, which means that our number of cases may even be higher than we thought.

Housing crisis: In a new report on the deaths of homeless people in Los Angeles County, officials expressed their concern Dramatic rise Fentanyl overdose.

California children: California’s six largest school districts, including LAUSD and Long Beach, said Governor Gavin Newsom’s plan to reopen classrooms Set unrealistic deadlines Compliance with laws and regulations will result in unfair punishments for low-income communities.

Local conflict: These photos show a group of Trump supporters Through downtown Los Angeles Support the mob attacked the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Impeach, 2021 edition: Karen Bass said Trump should be kicked out, but this is Unlikely to happen Given that his supporters in Congress are still under his “cult” spell.

Weekend reading

There are a lot of things happening in the world. It is very difficult to keep up with our daily lives, let alone keep up with the news. However, if you are free this weekend, you might miss the following:

Martin Luther King, Small community hospital Activities that serve some of the Los Angeles communities hardest hit by the coronavirus have been pushed to the limit. (Los Angeles Watt Times)

county The “food handler” card is being promoted, which will force delivery drivers to obtain certification. Some people say that this will hurt black-owned companies and cause unemployment for people who cannot take certification courses for various reasons. (Los Angeles Outpost)

Los Angeles Democratic Party Ted Lieu is a joint effort to lead the (re)condemnation of President Donald Trump. (Mag)

Some Boyle Heights Residents are waiting for the next federal stimulus inspection, and immigrants without legal status in the area cannot get financial assistance at all. (Boyle Heights Beat)

Factory delivery service, Hand-poured handmade candles and Thai comfort food are just a few local small businesses that have faced unique and huge challenges in the past year. (Los Angeles Angels)

Latino and black If stopped by the police in California, they are more likely to experience the use of force or being searched than other ethnic groups. (San Fernando Valley Sun)

Baldwin Hills Skshaw Plaza Hotel During 2020, the proportion of soap sales in soap operas is before and after.Los Angeles Wave Newspaper)

transport This epidemic has irretrievably changed it-some people see it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make things better. (Los Angeles Streetsblog)

Before you leave… take a breath this week

Gallery1988 opened two online shows on Friday, including “Thirty Years Later: Celebrating Favorite Movies Since 1991”. Picture: Zita Walker, courtesy of Gallery1988)

This is a week, Followed by year. Nowadays, self-care has become a joke, but for all of us, it is vital for all of us to turn off our brains as much as possible and think about other things besides the terrible situation that has been bombed since March 2020.

In this spirit, here are some suggestions: check out pop art inspired by the movie released in 1991, listen to a live concert by Rufus Wainwright, learn about Oshogatsu food for the Year of the Ox, and more this weekend. The best pandemic approval event.

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