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LG’s Rollable phone is real and will be launched in 2021

LG made fun of its Rollable phone at the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday, and now the company has confirmed that it is a real product and will be available in 2021. LG Rollable has what the company calls a “unique resizable screen” that can be expanded from mobile to mobile. Small tablet computer monitor. The screen can slide in and out to provide a larger screen area.

An LG spokesperson said in a statement to Microsoft: “Our management wants to prove that it is a real product, because there are many rumors about rollable phones.” Nikkei. “As it was released at CES 2021

, I can say it will be released this year.”

Nikkei LG also reported that LG is working with China’s BOE Technology Group to develop scrollable screen technology. LG has not confirmed the display technology used by Rollable, or any details about the different display sizes.

LG Wing.
Chaim Gartenberg/Edge Photo

As part of the company’s “resource manager project” experiment, LG first started the research on Rollable. The company has used this project to previously launch an LG Wing smartphone with a rotating design and two OLED displays.

Now, LG has branded the new LG Rollable mobile phone and confirmed that it will be available this year. Therefore, we are likely to see mobile phone manufacturers competing to launch this scrollable screen technology. TCL also showed off its future mobile phone concept in March, while Oppo mocked the concept device with an expandable OLED display at the end of last year.

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