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Let’s see what this rookie can do

Frisco, Texas – Let’s go, maybe we should have.

It seems that in 2016, the Cowboys reserve quarterback Kellen Moore missed the season in training camp. Then starter Tony Romo (Tony Romo) suffered a back injury, possibly the entire season.

As a rookie, the Cowboys’ second round rookie Dak Prescott (Dak Prescott) became the starter.

Four years later, the Cowboys’ starting quarterback Dak Prescott (Dak Prescott) retired this season due to a dislocation of his right ankle and a compound fracture. Then two games later, veteran guard Andy Dalton suffered a severe concussion. He is out, at least very skeptical about the game in Philadelphia on Sunday night, which is a bit like a matchup between the NFC East and the Eagles.

Hey, Benjamin Anthony Dinucci, hold on to your helmet. The rookie is only a 7th round pick, that is, your 231

st pick in the draft. Age 23 years old. There is no off-season. There is no OTA. There is no small camp. There are no preseason snapshots. The Cowboys’ first-line offense may not have any action until the Cowboys’ substitute enters the Arizona State team, but it may not exceed the 12 he got to ease Dalton in the game against Washington last Sunday.

Don’t worry, you are the starter and your first NFL player, not just in any game. Oh, no, this is the national televised game on Sunday night and everyone can see it. In all places, Philadelphia faces all teams, the 2-4-1 NFC First Hawks in the East, and the defender who has fired the quarterback four times-by comparison, the Cowboys have 13-defensive coordinator Known for his aggressive pressure.

Oh, don’t think about anything. The Cowboys are counting on you to help your 2-5 club break a two-game losing streak, stop losing four games in the past five games, and quiet all loud voices close to victory, and finally win the club Back to first place.

Even if you are a smart guy, maybe when you are with Dak and Andy, there is no chance in our great green world. You will not even participate in the game this season, especially after the first five seasons of inactivity. . Or, you will have your own WebEx conference call on Thursday. The call is full of questions, while others are asking, who is Ben DiNucci?

The Pittsburgh native said: “But it’s 2020.” “What else do you expect?”

Therefore, maybe we should open this DiNucci file by default for a few cowboy veterans.

The first is Zack Martin, who himself returned to the right back in his Pro Bowl this week after missing the Washington game in the concussion agreement.

Martin said after practice on Wednesday: “I think he was great today.” “You know, he is very confident. The quarterback is the first line of confidence for me. Obviously, a young man may be his From the first start, other people have to instill confidence in him. You know, everyone else must do our job well in every game.”

And huddled together? Does he act like a quarterback who transferred from the University of Pittsburgh to James Madison three years later and led the Duke to the North Dakota FCS National Championship at Toyota Stadium this year?

Martin said: “You can say that he has a little more-what does this mean-energy. Today, knowing that he is with him will be swaggering.” “Today was a good communication at the beginning of the practice. Now we have to complete the week and execute it. Sunday night.”

And you, Ezekiel Elliott? What did you see?

Zeke said: “Ben Ben is just a professional player.” “I think Ben brought to the table a young man with a lot of talent. He can do things that others don’t realize. He can run a little bit. So he can get out of trouble and play in his pocket.

“It’s about us improving the game around him.”

DiNucci (DiNucci) will be the second cowboy quarterback who started the cowboy game in the rookie year of the past five seasons, apparently Dak in 2016. But since Drew Henson started playing on Thanksgiving in 2004, this is the first two rookie quarterbacks they started to play for the Cowboys. Although it only lasted halfway, head coach Bill Pa Cheers (Bill Parcells) pushed this struggling rookie to the aging starter Vinny Testaverde. The second half came back to defeat Chicago 21-7. Henson left the game and tied for seventh place, but only completed 4 of 12 yard passes, with a passing distance of 31 yards and a touchdown interception.

So maybe there is an asterisk, and the rookie Kevin Sweeney’s 1987 victory, but that was a substitute player game during the strike. Like rookie Jason Garrett, he replaced the injured Troy Aikman against the Cardinals in the 1993 game. Garrett led the Cowboys to a 3-0 lead in the first two games, but in the last game only this round, he handed the game to the veteran and recently acquired Bernie. Bernie Kosar, who won with a score of 20-15.

Prior to this, Aikman and Steve Walsh had both lost their first rookie game in 1989.

Therefore, after all the conditions are met, Dinucci will try to become the first cowboy rookie quarterback to win his first full game, non-strike season NFL championship, because Roger Staubach (Roger Staubach) in 1969 Started the season opener and defeated the 24-3 year-old St. Louis, threw a 75-yard touchdown pass to Lance Rentzel and drove a goal from 3 yards. But rookie Staubach was only 27 years old after performing his naval duties. DiNucci is still 23 years old.

However, times are changing. Today, quarterbacks are indeed more willing to participate in games than they were 10-20 years ago (and certainly 30 years ago). Remember, in Dak’s 2016 debut against the Giants (NFL), New York won 20-19. He completed 25 of 45 passes for 227 yards and gave the Cowboys Leading 19-13 in the fourth quarter, until Eli Manning (Eli Manning) completed a 3-yard touchdown pass and the remaining 6:13 opponent was Victor Cruz.

On Sunday, if only the efficiency of the Cowboys offensive line can be compared with DiNucci’s confidence, or at least he maintains his state in the first full week of preparations for the Cowboys offense.

“DiNucci is DiNucci. He is a good boy,” said Michael Gallup, the third-grade successor.

When asked how DiNucci did in practice, Gallup said: “He keeps throwing that thing away (definitely shook his head). He keeps throwing that thing away. He has been very good, you know. Every passage During the period, he would come, and he always thought: “My job is actually very easy. I just want to give you three balls and let you go to work. Not so difficult. “

Remember, as Bill Parcells doesn’t want to say, quarterbacks are not there to play singles. Of course, this will help DiNucci Martin return to right back. Cam Erving will help the left tackle will be the second start of the season. Relatively speaking, Tyler Biadasz is almost the current center. The rookie won the fourth game, and in the fifth quarter he replaced the injured Joe Looney. , Only behind the fifth game.

Moreover, if only the defense can lend a helping hand to DiNucci, it can actually keep the Eagles at a reasonable amount instead of 25 points or more in each of the past six games. The Hawks’ momentum is quite reasonable, not 307, 281, and 208 in three of the past four games. Hey, this is a new idea. Since the Eagles turned the ball 13 times in 7 games, they may have caught it once or twice, which is three times less than the Cowboys record of 16.

So, who knows? Perhaps the starting history of the Cowboys rookie quarterback will change.

After all, as DiNucci said, “This is 2020.”

Boy, he was right.

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