Fox has revamped action drama Lethal Weapon for a third season with a new co-star. [19659004SeannWilliamScottbestknownforplayingtheRandyStiflerinthe1999comedy American Pie becomes Clayne Crawford as Damon Wayans & # 39; s co-star in the series, based on the Mel Gibson-Danny Replacing Glover's movie franchise with a rogue cop and his close associate.

Scott will play a new character who deals with Wayans – Roger Murtaugh, as Crawford's Martin Riggs, i advertised.

Crawford was released from the series after which executives described repeated cases of "emotional abuse" by cast and crew members, which several months ago the actor was repeatedly reprimanded. He apologized on Instagram last month but blamed the unsafe working conditions for his outbursts of rage.

Damon Wayans (left) gets a new "Lethal Weapon" co-star after Clayne Crawford was fired by Warner Bros. (Photo: Darren Michaels, FOX)

"Warner Bros. Television has decided not to renew Clayne Crawford's contract for Lethal Weapon ," the studio said in a statement he did not continue wanted to perform. Warner Bros. last fall fired Andrew Kreisberg, a top producer of his DC Comics-inspired CW superhero series, for repeated allegations of sexual misconduct. More: Which network TV series are back, almost dead or in limbo? Watch the Complete List

Until Crawford's exit, Fox expected the renewal of Weapon an unobtrusive, albeit unspectacular, quota interpreter on Wednesday night. But it was the network's decision to accept Scott as a co-star in a new role or to completely cancel the series, which would cost Warner Bros. millions of lost revenue. Fox has aired 40 episodes, including the season two finale last Wednesday.

Crawford, an unknown man who starred in Sundance TVs limited series Rectify was aggressively asked by the studio in 2016 for the iconic role of the loose-gun cops played by Gibson in the series.


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