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Lemonade is locked in and will expire after the best IPO of the year


3 monster growth stocks that can move forward in 2021

With the end of 2020, people increasingly believe that 2021 will be a year of stock market growth. The US election has split the government. It is unlikely that a government will have the broad majority or broad support required to enact broad reform legislation from left to right, which bodes well for the economy as a whole. The COVID vaccine is entering the release version, and a new anti-virus lock function is also set, but there is a feeling that the epidemic is about to end. According to analysts, some names reflect serious growth prospects. These stocks have achieved impressive growth so far, and are expected to see growth continue even after 2020. Keeping this in mind, we scanned Street using TipRanks̵

7; database to find codes in this category. Analysts specifically locked in three indicators, and they believe that each name (which happens to have a “Strong Buy” consensus rating) can maintain a rebound in 2021. SunOpta (STKL)’s first stock on this growth list is healthy snacks. The company, SunOpta. The company’s product line includes plant-based beverages, fruit snacks, broth and broth, tea, sunflower and roasted snacks. The company conducts marketing through its own brand and cooperative manufacturing distribution and food service agencies. After an astonishing year of stock price growth, SunOpta’s market value is $962 million. The stock has risen by a staggering 328% this year, far exceeding the general market. The company’s third-quarter revenue was $314.9 million, a year-on-year increase of 6.4%. The EPS net loss was 1 cent, better than the expected 2 cents, and much better than the 11 cents reported in the same period last year. The company’s outstanding performance attracted the attention of Craig-Hallum analyst Alex Fuhrman (Alex Fuhrman). Analysts rated STKL’s stock as “buy” and set its target stock price at $15. This figure means that from the current level, there is a 40% upside in a year. (To view Fuhrman’s track record, click here.) Fuhrman supports his position, saying: “We believe that as the economy recovers from COVID, the company’s commitment to high-value plant-based foods and beverages Attention should bring premium valuations, and there are opportunities to rise. Fellman’s optimism is largely based on SunOpta’s niche market. The analyst pointed out: “In view of the accelerating and compelling growth trend We expect that in the foreseeable future, plant-based food inventories will have a higher valuation than other food companies. At today’s sales of $4.5B, plant-based products are less than 1% of the $695B grocery market, but it can be easily imagined that it represents a double-digit share of grocery sales over time. Wall Street does not always pass unanimously, but in this case, it does. Based on 3 reviews, SunOpta’s Strong Buy analyst consensus rating is consistent. The stock is priced at $10.70, with an average price target of $15, and SunOpta’s potential growth potential is 40%. (See STKL stock analysis on TipRanks) Green Brick Partners (GRBK) In the past year, one of the highlights of the economy has been the housing construction industry. When people move out of the city to avoid COVID, they go to the suburbs and suburbs-this increases the demand for single-family homes. Green Brick is a land development and home purchase company based in Texas. The company invests in real estate (mainly land) and then provides land and construction financing for development projects. The sprawl in the suburbs-not only in COVID this year, but as a general trend, has always been beneficial to Green Brick. The company’s third-quarter revenue was $275.8 million, the highest level in more than a year, 20% higher than expected and a year-on-year increase of 31%. Earnings per share are also very strong; the price in the third quarter was 68 cents, 54% higher than expected and more than double the same period last year. With the company’s financial prospects, Green Brick’s stock price has been rising. During the year, GRBK rose by 111%. JMP analyst Aaron Hecht noted in his research on the stock: “[We] We hope that GRBK can take advantage of the trend of apartment tenants turning to safe single-family houses and take advantage of the momentum of change brought about by more workers telecommuting. The most important similar transfer among the homebuyers group is millennials, who have already purchased houses off-site, and we believe this trend has been going on for many years. Given GRBK’s very large exposure in markets such as Texas and Atlanta, which are net beneficiaries of moving out of high-priced coastal areas, the millennial demand trend has been amplified. ), and his target price of $30 means that it will rise by about 23% in the next 12 months. (To view Hecht’s performance record, click here.) Although not consistent, the strong buy consensus rating for Green Brick is decisive, with a buy-to-hold ratio of 3:1. The average price target of 27.5 US dollars has a 12.5% ​​upside compared with the current stock price of 24.45 US dollars. (See GRBK stock analysis on TipRanks) After Brightcove, Inc. (BCOV) turned to the software industry, we came to Boston-based software company Brightcove. Brightcove offers a range of video platform products, including cloud-based hosting and social and interactive accessories. The company is a leader in the delivery and monetization of cloud-based online video solutions. In the days of this pandemic, white-collar workers are turning to remote offices, telecommuting and video conferencing. The advantages of this business model are obvious. Brightcove’s earnings per share in the third quarter reached 11 cents, almost double the same period last year. Most importantly, revenue remains stable, ranging from US$46 million to US$48 million per quarter by 2020, and the impact on COVID is not obvious. Last winter, Brightcove’s stock price has been rising gradually. Since the end of July after the release of the second quarter results, this pace has accelerated. By 2020, the stock has now risen by 103%. As Northland Capital analyst Michael Latimore pointed out, the overall macro headwind has become a headwind for the video niche. “We believe that the market is going well, BCOV’s leading technology platform and strong sales execution will drive strong bookings. We believe that sales staff have reached the highest productivity. BCOV will add more channel managers this year. This five-star analyst Point out. (To view Latimore’s track record, click here.) In the past 3 months, two other analysts have learned about the video technology company’s views. The other two buy ratings are provided by Brightcove A strong buy consensus rating. The company’s average target stock price is $20.17, and if it achieves this target in the next few months, it is expected to earn 14%. (See BCOV stock analysis on TipRanks) To find For a great idea for trading growth stocks with attractive valuations, please visit TipRanks’ Best Buys Buy, a newly launched tool that combines all the stock insights from TipRanks. Limited to those with distinctive analysts. Contents For reference only. It is very important to conduct your own analysis before making any investment.

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