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LeBron James vs. Toronto Raptors: A timeline of utter dominance

LeBron James finished another series against the Toronto Raptors on Monday night with a dominating 128-93 win in The Q. His record against the Raptors improved to an impressive 12-2 in the postseason.

LeBron and the Cavaliers looked more vulnerable than ever after having played through the gauntlet in the first round against Pacers led by Victor Oladipo. A game winner and a few iconic snapshots later, he has further proven that the Eastern Conference is his conference. Also the city of Toronto and the Air Canada Center.

That's how we got to know the so-called "LeBronto" the other day.

Game 1
: Raptors 84, Cavaliers 115

LeBron's Stat Line: 24 PTS (11-13 FG), 6 REB, 4 AST

LeBron James had a nice warm-up in Game 1 in this series, which was highlighted by this fierce showing of a dunk:

The Cavaliers improved to victory 9-0 in the postseason.

"This result is embarrassing," said [Raptors head coach Dwane Casey]. "But it's just a game."

Game 2: Raptors 89, Cavaliers 108

LeBron's Stat Line: 23 PTS (7-13 FG), 11 REB, 11 AST

So it goes:

The Cavaliers just became the fourth team in the NBA playoff history to start with 10 straight wins, joining the 1989 and 2001 Lakers as well as the 2012 Spurs.

"We do not quit," said coach Dwane Casey. "Anyone can bury us, but we will not stop, I refuse to believe that."

Game 3: Cavaliers 84, Raptors 99

LeBron's Place: 24 PTS (9-17 FG), 8 REB, 5 AST

The Raptors come back The series was fueled by Bismack Biyombo, who had seven points, and 26 rebounds. "We did not play our game and they let us pay for it," LeBron said after the game. "We did not start the game as physically as we should have done at the time of the attack."

"It's a long series," said Raptors coach Dwane Casey. "It's not over yet, but everyone thought we'd get away, I think that's what drives us and if that's what it takes, so be it."

Game 4: Cavaliers 99, Raptors 105 [19659019] LeBron's Stat Line: 29 PTS (11-16 FG), 9 REB, 6 AST

67 points from Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan made the series two better. That was as good as it would be for them.

"We have to play much better home and I think we will," said LeBron.

"We need to keep on making sure that if we beat, we'll fight back," Lowry said.

Game 5: Raptors 78, Cavaliers 116

LeBron's Stat Line: 23 PTS (10-17 FG), 6 REB, 8 AST

Even Cavaliers fans participated in to speak for LeBron and said, "You're in Cleveland now."

Indeed. And then LeBron rolled the knife after the game:

"I was part of really adverse situations, and I just did not think that was one of them," he said after the game.

Ouch. 19659029] "They kicked our asses, the bottom line," said Raptors coach Dwane Casey. "These were all three ball games."

Game 6: Cavaliers 113, Raptors 87

LeBron's Stat Line: 33 PTS (13-22 FG), 11 REB, 6 AST

LeBron had 21 points in the first one alone Halftime gave the Cavaliers a break of 55:41. He let everyone know – including Drake – that it was his moment:

After the game, he said, "I know our city deserves it, our fans deserve it, but that does not give us any sense of authority still go out and get it, we still have to go out and prove ourselves. "Of course, they would later upset the Warriors in the finals and give the Warriors" Memories "a 3-1 lead.

"We're learning," said Casey. "We're not where (the Cavaliers) are straight. We will be.

Game 1: Raptors 105, Cavaliers 116

LeBron's Stat Line: 35 PTS (13-23 FG), 10 REB, 4 AST

This was just a rude performance from LeBron – for him as well First off was the off-hand slam set up by Kyrie Irving as he put one out of the glass:

Later he would delete a DeRozan shot if we could show that barring the last respect, LeBron would get his points in the pits and DeRozan's attempt would not show up.

This was also a sign of how easy the series would be:

"I did not want to run over our beer lady," said LeBron. "She had one and I took her. I am not a beer. If she had red wine, I would probably have had a sip. "

" They were rested, flying around – almost half a pace faster than we did all night, "said Toronto coach Dwane Casey, 19659042. Game 2: Raptors 103, Cavaliers 125

LeBron & # 39; s Stat line: 39 PTS (10-14 FG), 6 REB, 4 AST

LeBron outperformed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the career playoff scoring list in a game that was never really close 39 points say it all.

He was weighed more into the series as shown on this shot against Serge Ibaka:

"I feel pretty good," LeBron said after the game. "Just blessed, I can tonight Play some games to win another game. "

" We take our butts and drive home, "said Raptor coach Dwane Casey.

Game 3: Cavaliers 115, Raptors 94

LeBron & # 39 ; s Stat Line: 35 PTS (9-16 FG), 8 REB, 7 AST

Take It Away, Dwane:

"Sunday game is about pride," sa Casey. "You do not want to be swept, especially in your house building."

Game 4: Cavaliers 109, Raptors 102

LeBron's Stat Line: 35 PTS (11-22 FG), 9 REB, 6 AST

LeBron practiced a left-handed shot in this on the way to a solid final performance in Larry Bird manner.

No, really, he did it more than once – and the game was really close. 19659056] The Cavaliers became the first team to win eight playoff games a year after winning the title. They also became the first team to win eight consecutive games in consecutive postsaisons.

"It's up to us to admit and understand that we need to come back better, more individually and in teams," DeRozan said: Cavaliers 113, Raptors 112 (OT)

LeBron's Stat Line: 26 PTS (12-30 FG), 11 REB, 11 AST

LeBron did not have a particularly good shooting night, but still had a triple-double, which turned into good nights for his teammates. It was necessary after the Raptors jumped out in the first quarter to a 33-19 lead.

J. R. Smith scored 20 points, Kyle Korver 19, Jeff Green 16 and Tristan Thompson 14.

Anyone can cook with a bucket, but the king can also cook with a helper:

"My teammates That was unbelievable tonight", LeBron said after the game. "They got up when I was not at their best."

"I do not know if it was nerves or Yips or what," said Raptor coach Dwane Casey. "Only things that shot us in the foot when we had 10 points ahead."

Game 2: Cavaliers 128, Raptors 110

LeBron's Place: 43 PTS (19-28 FG), 8 REB, 14 AST

This will forever be called "The Night Toronto Became in" LeBronto Known for the Raptors as they were two points clear at halftime, then passed the third quarter.

LeBron scored 15 points on 70 percent shooting with six assists and four rebounds. It led to the now famous statement by ESPN Mark Jones:

It was not surprising for those around LeBron. "This morning you could just feel it," Kevin Love said after the game. "He knew what was at stake he knew that we were here another victory. He came out and he played that path from the jump. You could just feel like he would have a special night. "

" Sometimes, when you're in difficult situations, this brings out the best in you, "DeRozan said.

Game 3: Raptors 103, Cavaliers 105

LeBron's Place: 38 PTS (14 -26 FG), 6 REB, 7 AST

I will have LeBron introduce this.

"One game, one down," he said, "I live for those moments."

"I do since I was six, seven, eight, "LeBron said," maybe before. It's a picture around me, next to a Little Tikes hoop with a sagging pamper, and I did it back then, at 33, up to now. "

At this point, LeBron feels himself." It's very difficult, "he said about the game win." Do not try it at home. "

" Fight, "Lowry said, when asked what would come next. "Rumble. What else will you do?

Game 4: Raptors 93, Cavaliers 128

LeBron's Place: 29 PTS (12-19 FG), 8 REB, 11 AST

The momentum came and we all knew it, it was just Of course it was with a brilliant performance by LeBron in a game that was never really close, in fact it was a bit sad that ended the season of the Raptors.

The last nail in the coffin was this one Shot by LeBron, he pulled back Pascal Siakam, fell back and landed in front of the Raptor Bank.

The shot killed the Cavaliers at 27, destroying any pride the Raptors wanted to show, only LeBron James could claim a 59 victory # 1 Seeds look like a # 8 seed in the playoffs.

Similar to those on Earth, these Raptors are extinct, at least in the world of LeBron James.

"We want to be the organization that knocked down the gate. For whatever reason, every year we have the unlucky draw against him. "- Dwane Casey

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