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What I heard: “USA Today”

; sports moderator Mark Medina broke the NBA’s future into the 2020-21 season.

USA Today

With less than a week before the 2020 presidential election, athletes from leagues across the country are using its platform to share their political views and encourage their fans to vote.

LeBron James was outspoken in his efforts to eliminate voter repression in black communities with the “Beyond Voting” initiative. He brought an influential person to his HBO show “The Shop: Uninterrupted” on Friday night. Guests.

James joins with Maverick Carter and former President Barack Obama.

In a special edition of the show following the COVID-19 shooting guidelines, Obama discussed life during quarantine, the NBA and the importance of voting in the upcoming elections.

Prior to winning the title of the Los Angeles Lakers, James was a member of the NBA player team. In August he received Obama’s advice on how to play the season, while appropriately drawing attention to the ongoing social justice protests across the United States. .

On August 26, the Milwaukee Bucks decided to strike the fifth game of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals to protest the police shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Obama is pushing I hereby express my support.

James and Carter recounted those moments.

“Milwaukee played in Orlando that day, and then I believe Oklahoma State University and Houston will participate in the next game, and then our game is the last game. I think that’s just our experience with Portland.” James was in Said in the show. “So when Milwaukee does what they do, we take it for granted. We understand that we have no one to speak. We are a fraternity. We are brothers in the league. We are with the Milwaukee Bucks and they want to Do things stand together.”

James shared how much he appreciated Obama’s leadership and guidance during this time.

James continued: “But sometimes we also want to leave, including the Lakers and myself.” “We are ready to leave. We are trying to figure out whether we are leaving or staying. What is our plan? What action do we call for ? I’m fortunate to have a friend in the 44th President who allowed me and allowed my CP (Chris Paul) to talk to him on the phone and get guidance.”

Obama said: “When CP called LeBron, Carmelo, it was close to midnight, and I think Westbrook was on the phone.” “Our conversation was conducted in accordance with what LeBron said. Protests are important for raising awareness. Very useful, but given the power of NBA players, my suggestion is that you use the platform to see if you can start asking for specific details.”

Obama also supported James’ leadership, and he believed that James would inspire young athletes and athletes from other leagues.

“Considering the history of African American athletes, it can be traced back to boxer Jack Johnson, then Jackie Robinson and Mohamed Ali, and Bill Russell of the NBA and Arthur Ashe of tennis. Then For a while, for a while, African-American athletes began to consider issues such as contracts, money, shoe trading, etc. If you want to see this new generation of people without worrying, they will speak out their thoughts and consciousness, I think you are for Many young people and many young athletes in other leagues have laid the foundation.”

Following the murder of George Floyd and holding protests across the country, Carter and James discussed the country’s racial equality and frustration within the black community that seemed to take a few steps back.

Obama said: “Don’t let your frustration become a cynical attitude, and think that everything will not change.” “The truth is, the situation has changed, this is just a continuous battle. When you climb a mountain and stay in Back then, it was not a breath. In this sense, it was like an NBA champion. You will win. You will win, and then you must start again.

James said that since the NBA season, in terms of people hoping to have an impact on the community through voting, he must have changed a bit.

James said: “We love this country. This is the largest country in the world. But we also want to see more love than hate.” “Many things that happen in communities and our country are affected by hatred. We know, The change will not change overnight or next year or a year later, but I hope that when my grandchildren will change around 50 years later, they can say “my dad is at that moment” when they see the change.

Obama praised the athletes’ efforts to encourage their followers to vote in the upcoming elections.

Obama said: “LeBron and other athletes have registered thousands of voters who did not intend to vote.” “This is power, and it will be shown in this election and in future elections. Because once they are trained to vote Get used to it, you can continue to vote.”

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