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LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers played their first real challenge to their championship defense. Since Anthony Davis intensified his Achilles tendinopathy and suffered a calf strain, Saturday’s 96-94 loss to the Miami Heat was The third defeat of their last four games was on his right leg.

These Lakers’ questions have surfaced: Does LeBron James need to do more to help his teammates or does his teammate need to do more to help James?

Lakers guard Kentavitt Caldwell Pope said after the game: “I feel there have been a few games recently, which has caused a lot of trouble for Brown.” “We already know we will get from him. What. So all of us, we must continue to play hard and play basketball without worrying about anything else.”


James scored 19 points on 7 of 21 shots in the game against the Heat (including only 1 of 8 from three-point range), which is his worst shooting percentage of the season. He also coughed up the team’s five highest turnovers.

With 5.4 seconds left in the game, James stole the inside pass for Jimmy Butler and gave Alex Caruso an opportunity to miss the game, but He insisted that his teammates do not need to slack off point guard Dennis Schroder in Davis and starting.

James said: “They are playing their role.” “They are doing their part and more.”

No, James said he would lead Los Angeles out of trouble, just like he did in his 18-year career with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Heat and now the Lakers. Saturday’s defeat dropped the defending champion to third in the Western League.

James said: “I think this is the bottom line. Now for me, adapting to it is another challenge.” “There has been no advertising for a long time. This is something we have never encountered in the past year and a half. It’s time for me to adjust again and see how I can help this team win games more effectively because this is the sport we are in.

“The industry we are in is a winner, and I have always been a winner. So now it’s time to click to understand.”

James is not the only one struggling against Miami. The Lakers made 1 of 13 three-pointers in the fourth quarter, and did not perform as well. They made 13 of 45 shots (28.9%).

“We will try our best to help him. We want to do our best.” Caldwell-Pope said, he is one of the three Lakers who have shot more shots than him against the Heat. “We tried to help him. When we were with him or even playing with him, we tried not to make too many mistakes, just to give him some help. We did ask Brown a lot; he gave a lot of help. We have a lot in every game.

“As far as the mentality of the role players and the’next person’ is concerned, it is up to us. We must be prepared and locked in firmly.”

Caruso, who is 10 years younger than James, said that he should remember not to burn James to death in the championship battle planned for spring and early summer in February. This is “a conscious thing” for his teammates.

Caruso said: “I mean, LeBron is the best player on our team, and we can see him getting attention because of him day and night.” “With the players we come out, the team will step up to deal with it. He. He has a great basketball mindset and he will do his best to make the players perform well.”

For James, his support is united. He said: “Every time we are on the floor, we are working hard to protect each other and lift each other to the floor every night.” However, he treats himself. His teammates made criticisms.

With 1.4 seconds left in the game, he dropped 2 points. He said he hoped that Caruso could step back a few steps to fire 3 shots and win.

James talked about Caruso’s 22-foot shot that hit the leading edge of the buzzer. He said: “I think the only bad thing is that he hit 2 long shots.” “I hope he can hit three points. Whether it succeeds or fails, I will endure it.”

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