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“Law and Order: SVU” Review: The Return of the Horse-Season 22, Episode 9

So, Elliot Stabler is back Law and Order: SVU Live up to the hype?

It depends on you worry tendency. If you like solid criminal activity, good luck next week.If you are looking for the chaotic, exciting and boring ripping of interpersonal relationships that El’s sudden retirement from the New York Police Department in season 12 left behind, this is your Christmas.

The hour is the first half of the crossover event, which led to the premiere Law and order: organized crime, This is the stabilizer used by Chris Meloni when working with other departments of the New York Police Department.Keep reading to review SVU A plot titled “The Return of the Prodigal Son”

; (heh), then make sure to check back later to check our review of “The Prodigal Son” Organized crimeDebut.

The beginning of the episode is Olivia driving in the rain and rushing to the crime scene. Fin called and wanted to know where she was, because everyone was waiting for her at the station. “You are a VIP,” he told her. Remember the award she won? She apologized to her and told him that she would show up when possible. When she arrived at the scene, it was a car bomb attack. She first noticed that one of the victims, Kathy Stabler, was loaded into an ambulance. When Liv heard someone calling her name, she turned around and said softly, “Elliott?”

Yes, it is him. Former partners walked around each other, staring at each other’s faces as if they didn’t quite believe that they were real. “They tried to kill her,” Stabler finall was a little shocked. “They tried to kill Casey.” This show is not. waste. any. time. Let’s go!

Fern stuffed Olivia into it at the hospital. The bomb was in a taxi. Obviously, Maable has always lived in Italy, because Eliot is the international liaison officer for the New York City Police Department in Rome (!!) (!). (Liv speaks for all of us when she says “When do you start?”). He attends department meetings in town, but she travels with him. From Fin’s suggestion, they are planning to attend a party celebrating the Liv Award.

While Liv was waiting outside the hospital, El came out: Kathy was burly, but she was still alive. “Tell me she will be fine,” he said intermittently. “Kathy is a fighter. You know.” she replied. Then, Maable’s children Catherine and Dicky appeared. They were surprised to see their father’s old partner, but they soon went in.

The team quickly arrested a suspect during an anti-police demonstration near the bombing. Therefore, Maable will naturally appear in the area and quickly get to know everyone who has appeared since he left, and begged Benson to let him interrogate this guy. He said: “My dear, if I give you my word, I will act.” Of course, this is a terrible idea. Course Stabler was too angry to participate in it and couldn’t get close to the suspect. In the episode of “Cool Guys,” he almost gave that guy extra points within 15 minutes of the episode, but I didn’t tell you that this is wrong. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It’s great that only Liv stepping directly into El’s path can stop him and his rolled up shirt sleeves from letting him go into next week.

When Dickie appeared, Olivia was tearing off her ex-partner from the roof: Kathy was awake. Moreover, the suspect opened his mouth so wide that Carisi & Co. knew he was not behind the car bomb. In the hospital, Casey remembered nothing, only a pile of broken bones and accumulated internal bleeding, but even SHE didn’t want to discuss the elephant in the room. “Have you really not spoken in ten years?” she asked. Liv confirms that she didn’t even know that Maable was playing for the army again. “That was what Elliott told me. I don’t believe him,” Casey said, and began to cry.

Later, in the waiting room, Stabler apologized for losing control during the interrogation… etc. “Are you sorry for leaving, or are you sorry for walking because you didn’t tell me politely?” she said. “Both,” he replied. We are doing this. When she called him to leave, they were almost crying (“I must find out from Cragen”), and her frustration afterwards. She said, “You are the most important and important person in my life, and you are gone.” “I know,” he said wet. “I’m afraid if I hear your voice, I won’t be able to leave.” Forgot Casey: I Is a person who may die.

While drinking with Fin, Elliot experienced his recent whereabouts. He walked for a few years, then worked as a private security guard overseas, and then rejoined the New York Police Department as a liaison position four years ago. He still has a lot of work to do in New York, including testifying in the trial of some small players selected in Puglia, Italy a few months ago. Fin also gave Liv a brief overview of Liv’s personal life over the past ten years, including the fact that she had a son and had some serious relationships. “Who is that person?” El was surprised, but Fin smiled and said that he would have to ask Liv.

But polite enough! Kathy is about to have a cardiac arrest! She finally stabilized, but we understand: There is no guarantee that Elliott’s other wife (yes, I said) will do it. Back at the station, Rollins asked Benson if she and Casey were friends.Lief said: “As time goes by, we really become very close.” Because we keep someone’s neck stable while working. with A car accident really makes you helpless.

The investigation is still going on, but honestly, I just live for the next Stabler/Benson scene. But Rollins and Kate tracked down the guy who actually put the bomb in the car, and he hinted that it was a rental job. Then something legal happened, but-oh wait, Stabler called Liv and her face was terrible. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

She appeared in the hospital, El staring at Kathy’s empty bed. She is dead. When Olivia approached, he turned to her, fell on her shoulder, and started sobbing. Liv hugged him and muttered “I’m sorry” as he fell apart.

When he recovered a little bit, we learned that Casey had a spleen ruptured and she died of surgery. He said: “I didn’t say goodbye.” “We are very happy.” Coins. When he was about to call his children, including Eli in Rome, he assured Liv that Casey’s killer would fall. However, it will be difficult because the suspect they were detained died in his cell. Someone makes it look like an overdose. But this is the end of SVU: Garland informs Liv that the case has been taken away from them.

Meanwhile, in the hospital chapel, Stabler hugged Dickie and Kathleen and cried, while Olivia watched.

Next we know that this is a new day. Stabler flashed his badge in court and asked two bad guys in Puglia (very hot) in Italian. He thought it was related to Casey’s death. Then he warned them that they were dead and we were out!

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