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Lane Kiffin orchestrated-this is not the first time-fined a penny after Greg Sankey teased

If Lane Kiffin is anything, he is calculating.

Coach Ole Miss kicked off the curtain and kicked off his recent SEC fine. This is a tweet-actually a re-tweet-a video showing the controversy that the rebels lost to Auburn 35-28. Sex games.

In short, he planned the whole thing carefully.

After the SEC announced a fine of $25,000 on Kiffin and how to deal with the subjective error of the replay after the kick-off of Shaun Shivers, who appeared to pound Auburn, Kiffin still poked the league on Twitter.

Giffen told reporters on Wednesday: “When the commissioner called me about the fine, I was joking.”

; “I said,’To my surprise, resending the tweet will fine you.” I’m not talking about anything. , So we have been on Twitter. I joked: “If I am fined, I will not only forward, but also do some things. That’s not much. I have a great time with him.”


After the news showed that he was fined, Kiffin thought of paying a few cents. He miscalculated the few cents needed to pay off the debt.

He said all parts of the plan.

“What I want to say is that I always knew it,” Kiffin said. “I am setting it up to get more attention during the replay part.”

In other words, the slogan and lighthearted shot of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Greg Sankey.

According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, “During the replay of the football game, every game will be reviewed, but when appropriate, the game will stop further review.

“Because the game was not properly stopped for further inspection, the game replay officials did not review the necessary slow-motion view of the game to determine whether the ruling in this area should be revoked.”

See what Kiffin did on the tweet?

He added that he had a lot of pennies asking prices, and even got some asking prices to help his son due to reduced income.

Not the first time

Kiffin had arranged some publicity before.

Before the 2017 National Signing Day, the then FAU coach produced a very low-energy video.

“I did this on purpose, so we can get more publicity,” Kiffin said on Wednesday.

This is not the first time he has been fined for reposting.

Last year, after FAU lost 36-31 to Marshall, he tweeted a picture of a blind referee with a watchdog on it. That cost him five pounds.

Lane Kiffin Tweet

After FAU fell into Marshall last Friday, Lane Kiffin posted photos of the blind official on Twitter. He was fined $5,000 by C-USA. (Twitter_

“Commissioner Judy (MacLeod) said that I could have given up forwarding, but I tagged the C-USA officer. I thought it was okay there, but I think I am not.”

Kiffin, the former offensive coordinator of Alabama, said he understood-now-why the fine was imposed.

He said: “It’s behind us.” “I understand his position. I retweeted not because of comments. I am tweeting because it shows a video, so all fans can see if they haven’t seen it (ball ) Hit the hand.”

The initial tweet (or re-tweet) looks like this:

Lane Kiffin Tweet

Lane Kiffin was fined in his tweet on Monday, October 26, after Ole Miss lost to Auburn.

At the end of the press conference with reporters, the topic of Penny surfaced.

“I’m waiting for that,” he quipped. “It took you a long time to reach your goal. You are getting softer.”

Just a few hours after Kiffin’s unseen inauguration in the fourth quarter of the rebel loss on Monday, the SEC announced the statement and fined it.

The play took place after the “Miss Ole” touchdown brought the rebels 28-27 with less than six minutes left, and the subsequent play attracted social media attention.

Auburn tried the ball with trembling until it rolled into the end zone. Officials said it was a reserve ball and an Auburn ball. However, the question is whether the ball is in contact with the trembling finger. If a contact is made, it should result in a live ball and an Ole Miss touchdown if it is restored in the end area.

Here is the story of Kiffin himself:

Mark Heim is a sports reporter for the Alabama Media Group.Follow him on twitter @Mark_Heim.

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