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Labriola believes that Claypool is not an option for Steelers

Ready or not, here comes:

• “With the 48th place in the 2020 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers chose Darrell Taylor of Tennessee on the defensive end. Pittsburgh is working hard.”

• As the clock begins to beat the Steelers to begin their initial selection of the 2020 NFL Draft, something is at work.

• The Iron Man knows who they want to choose. Their fans know who they want to choose. Different factions of the media are always ready to tell them who should be selected, depending on the players they ultimately select, because these days, after all, popular reports and instant analysis pay the bill.

• Tick. Tick ​​to tick.

• “In the 49th-ranked draft pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers chose the broad receiver Notre Dame Chase Kleklap.”


• Through this announcement, everyone can get what they want. The Steelers found the person they thought was best for them. The fans got their complaints that they wanted to cheer and complained that they still exist in certain dark corners of the Steelers Country. And by avoiding the cornucopia of “shoa, maya” options, the media got the information they needed in the days and weeks after the draft.

• Cam Akers and JK Dobbins participated “Because James Conner can’t stay healthy, we have to back down”. Jalen Hurts said: “We need a better backup from Ben, Hurts can be used as a slash at the same time.” Denzel Mims (Denzel Mims) said: “If we are to choose a receiver, there must be at least one guy who publishes 40 times faster on the “combine harvester”.”

• Soon after the Steelers chose Claypool, general manager Kevin Colbert said: “We never seek jobs (draft). “We have ideas, where are the advantages of selection, we have Where are our needs. If they match at a certain point, that would be great. For a wide range of receivers, we are happy to see that we can use specific players. Not in that position. Chase Claypool can find our players for all the reasons we have said. He is big, he is fast, he is strong, he is strong, he can take the ball and scramble the ball. Once again, when players like him are available, it’s simple. We did not look for any specific positions. ”

• Then it happened. The end of the world scene. Within an hour, the Baltimore Ravens selected Dobbins in the second round of trade, and the world ended. It was announced that the Steelers 2020 season has started for more than five months. Immediately after the draft pick, the Steelers were relegated to a permanent post in the AFC and North Asian Football Confederation. Oh, too rich-Dobbins led the NFL to the 2019 team. Start to check whether there are Wild Card points in the playoff tiebreaker, because now the first place in AFC North is the clear property of Baltimore Ravens.

• At least that’s what it feels like to fade from April 23 to April 24. Nowadays? Even the Ravens want the Steelers to choose Dobbins, Akers or especially Hurts, because that would make it possible for them to get Chase Claypool.

• At least this year, looking at the Ravens, who will face the Steelers on Sunday, is a supplement to the wealth that the team already has after retreating. Maybe in the near future, Dobbins will become 30-year-old Mark Ingram’s substitute or even an upgrade, but this season’s rookie is a substitute to prevent injuries.

• A few days ago, the Ravens were so dissatisfied with their receiver that they seized Dez Bryant’s opportunity and signed his practice class to determine whether he is suitable for the dressing in a simple way Room and understand whether he can help their passing offense. According to reports, the Ravens will sign a player who will turn 32 on November 4 and have not played in an NFL game since the 2017 regular season finals. The person has previously tried to join the NFL roster to tear apart Achilles ended in 2018.

• The Ravens offense ranks first in the NFL in average number of rushes per game (164.3) and average revenue per rush (5.4), but the unit ranks first in the league in terms of passing yards per game (177.8) 31, and Lamar Jackson completed the 27th game percentage. Seven of the Ravens’ 10 touchdown passes are close to the finish line, Mark Andrews (Mark Andrews) and Nick Boyle (Nick Boyle). The number of touchdowns, but obviously coach John Harbaugh hopes to gain more contributions from his broad receivers in the following aspects. If not, why flirt with Kobe?

• For the Steelers, Claypool had 18 catches for 333 yards (18.5 average) and 4 touchdowns, and 5 of his 18 receptions covered 84 yards, 39 yards, and 36 yards. Codes, 35 codes and 32 codes. Baltimore’s longest wing score is 47 yards.

• So please think about it, Steelers fans. Which player will make your favorite football team’s fiercest opponent face a greater threat in 2020: another talented athlete, or a tall, fast, and broad receiver? Because if you think it is a nightmare for the crows to choose Dobbins, imagine if they get Claypool.

Good sign for progress
• Ultimately it makes no sense. In fact, it was ultimately considered negative due to the way it ended, but in the middle of the fourth quarter against the Titans last Sunday in Tennessee, the Steelers’ offense was a clear bright spot.

• It may not be suitable for the game. But it will definitely move forward in the coming season.

• The situation is like this: The Titans just scored, reduced the deficit to 27-24, and after penalizing Henry Mundo in the subsequent kickoff, the Steelers started with a 10 advantage. They were on the 9-yard line. On the offense: Only 2008 left in the fourth quarter.

• The offensive end played 16 games there, covering 82 yards and consuming 7:38 of the game time. In terms of ownership, Ben Roethlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) completed 72 yards with 10 yards for 14 yards, and the Steelers converted 5-4 on the third fall, all through his passes. By the time “Titans” regained the ball, only 2:35 was left, and they had a timeout.

• Of course, this kind of thing requires a more positive ending than an interception in the final quarter, but for the Steelers’ offense, being able to take the football out of the air in the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter is an unquestionable positive factor. Matches against high-quality opponents.

Personal politics, coat
• It is only a few days away from the presidential election, and its coverage seems to reach 24/7. People are probably tired of it, and it is likely that many tired people come to such a place for a little respite. But stay here for a few minutes, because I believe you will like it.

• “CBS Evening News” anchor Nora O’Donnell recently talked with former Republican Senator Dan Coats from Indiana, who was Donald Trump The president’s first director of national intelligence. For the first time since the president suddenly took over as president in July last year, Gaotz talked about the fact that he was worried about what would happen on election day in a TV interview.

• Coat: “The nightmare scenario is that on election night, people will come to a conclusion, or a few days later, they will come to a conclusion that the candidate’s failure to win will lead to public riots and possibly violence. ”

• O’Donnell: “Did you see any evidence of fraud? Or is there anything that convinces you that this will not be a fair election?”

• Coat: “No, I don’t. People who chat with me basically say, at least they haven’t seen it yet.”

• In an interview, Gautz continued to say that the country that attracted his most attention in disrupting elections was Russia.

• Coats: “They are New England patriots messing up the election. I think they do better than others.”

• In all dynasties of sports, when the topic of discussion was fraud, Coats chose the Patriots. interesting.

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