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Kitchen tools for cooking eggs

HLike in the past year, the time we collectively spent in the kitchen as in 2020? If you work from home, you are likely to have three meals at home—if you have children, you will definitely open the refrigerator more than 3 times a day.What if you are Do not Working from home, it is likely that your work schedule is very busy and you do not have much time to prepare or cook food. (Shout out to all important staff!)

For both groups, eggs can be a saviour when eating. They are rich in protein and healthy fats (the key to keeping fullness), and they work the same in breakfast dishes as lunch and dinner. They can still cook relatively fast now, or they can cook ahead of time all week.

Watch the video below to learn why a registered dietitian calls eggs a “natural multivitamin”


To make the most of eggs for cooking, eating more eggs will help eggPotential.This can help cooking and cooking Easier. Rounded down below are five egg kitchen tools worth stocking.

5 egg kitchen tools

1. OXO Good Grip Egg Timer with perforator, $23

Egg kitchen tools
Photo: Macy’s

Let’s start with the basics of egg kitchen tools. Equipped with an egg-boiler timer to ensure perfect egg laying every time. You no longer need to pull them out of the boiling water early, open the shell nervously, and find that you really should wait another two minutes. This can be adjusted to four different sizes (depending on the size of your eggs), and has a perforator to prevent cracking during the boiling process. It also does not take up much space, so it is easy to hide.

Go shopping now: OXO Good Grip Egg Timer with perforator, $23

2. Westmark double egg slicer, $19

Egg slicer
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If you like to add eggs to salads, pasta or cereal bowls for quick protein, then the egg cutter can really come in handy. This also makes it easier to make egg salad sandwiches with boiled eggs cut into small pieces or mashed. This is made in Germany with steel blades that can really do the job.

Go shopping now: Westmark Double Egg Slicer, $19

3. Cuisinart egg cooker and egg cooker, $40

Egg kitchen tools
Photos: bed, bathroom and others

Want to cook and prepare your eggs so that they will be ready to eat all week? Then, this child belongs to your kitchen. It can cook up to 10 eggs at a time, and has a special standby mode to prevent overcooking. After the batch is complete, you will have the protein ready and ready.

Go shopping now: Cuisinart egg cooker and egg cooker, $40

4. Joie Roundy silicone egg ring, $3.50

Egg ring
Photos: bed, bathroom and others

Egg sandwich lovers, this one is for you. For less than $5,000, you can give yourself a small invention to make perfectly shaped eggs for your breakfast. Not only does it ensure that your sandwich fits perfectly, it also prevents the yolk from leaking and keeps your bread from getting wet.

Go shopping now: Joie Roundy silicone egg ring, $3.50

5. Emson Egg and Omelet Wave microwave oven, $10

Egg and omelet
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More omelet people? We caught you. This tool makes making omelets in a microwave oven foolproof-no need to flip. You can also use it to boil eggs in the microwave. It can provide useful gifts for college students living in the dormitory.

Go shopping now: Emson Egg and Omelet Wave microwave oven, $10

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