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Kirstie Alley issued a strong negative opinion on CNN’s report on COVID-19 on Twitter on Friday morning. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the virus has infected more than 9 million people nationwide and killed Nearly 230,000 people died. CNN responded to a tweet.

“I now know why my personal friends walking around in the SHEER TERROR contract with Covid are only CNN viewers!” Hutong wrote. “I decided to watch CNN personally to understand their point of view, oh my god, I never did!!! If you want to live in terrorist watching CNN!!!”

She continued to capitalize: “Fear of death is their mantra! Goodness!”

The CNN communications team responded to the actress after tweeting last Friday. She made her own comments in the third season of the sitcom “Veronica’s Closet” (Veronica’s Closet).

CNN wrote: “Curty, you are welcome to change channels, just like countless viewers watching “Veronica’s Closet” on TV every time.” “But don’t underestimate the loss of life of nearly 230,000 Americans. .”

They also reminded alleys to wear masks.

On Twitter, Twitter users received a series of responses, and they had their own opinions on Alley’s views.

Respondents included Walter Shaub, the former director of the US Government’s Ethics Office.

He wrote: “You should be ashamed.” “We are one of the worst-hit countries, because irresponsible science-denying fools like you do not care about the deaths of thousands of Americans or the lives of millions. disease.”

Shaub followed up with Alley’s question. “Have you ever reflected on how many deaths you could personally cause?”

Other users shared personal anecdotes-a man, a Twitter user identified by the @james_r_p_III handle, even posted a photo of an intubated lady he wrote as his wife, who was lucky to recover from the virus after being hospitalized Up.

He wrote: “This is not fear, this is our reality.” “This is when my wife was in Dallas 8 months ago. Fox and Trump downplayed the virus. She was in a coma for 5 days. Fortunately she survived. But I don’t want to do it again. So, thanks to stupid comments like this, she can’t leave the house.”

He also shared a photo of his wife who recovered. The equipment he wrote saved her life because the ventilator was impassable.

User @kshering also shared a personal story. They wrote: “Underestimate this… my son is only 36 years old.”

Others agree with Hutong.

Twitter user @misschellerene called CNN’s report “propaganda.”

@misschellerene wrote: “People have lost the ability to think.”

By Saturday morning, Alley’s tweets received a lot of attention, attracted more than 23,000 retweets, and attracted more than 74,000 favorites. By Saturday morning, CNN’s tweets received more than 24,000 retweets and about 105,000 favorites, which attracted more attention.


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