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Kevin Porter Jr. Commercial Grade: As the Cavaliers prioritize culture, the Rockets take low-risk home runs

According to Shams Charania of Sports, Kevin Porter Jr. has been traded to the Houston Rockets. The Cleveland Cavaliers will receive a protected second-round pick in the trade. Porter is the 30th rookie in the 2019 NBA Draft. He spent his rookie season in Cleveland but has not participated in the game so far this season due to personal reasons.

Porter initially dropped to the 30th place, mainly because of character considerations. According to a report on Cleveland.com, he was accused of assaulting a woman in August. In November, he was arrested for possession of weapons and marijuana. According to reports, Porter broke out after moving the locker room to another part of the locker room earlier this week, causing Cleveland to decide to trade or release him.

Porter has a very promising rookie season. He averaged 1

0 points with a 44% field goal percentage, but from late January to early March, he gained more playing time and increased his scoring average to more than 14 points per game. During that time he did well enough to make some people wonder if he is not a suitable long-term backcourt partner for Collin Sexton in Cleveland instead of Darius Garland, who is ranked No. 5.

Now, he will join the suddenly crowded Rockets backcourt. The starting point is currently occupied by John Wall and Victor Oladipo, and veteran Eric Gordon is also deeply rooted. In this way, Porter can compete with players such as Mason Jones, Ben McLemore and Danuel House for spare time.

But Houston is unlikely to compete with James Harden for the Brooklyn Nets game soon. In this case, high-risk, high-reward swings for young people are usually a prudent move. On the surface, this is the action the Rockets should take. We saw his potential in Cleveland. Now, the Rockets hope to find a more stable output from the previous first-round draft. This is how the two teams score in the transaction.

Cleveland Cavaliers: C-

Ignoring this situation, this result is a complete disaster for Cleveland. The Cavaliers have 50 games from Porter. They traded four second-round picks and $5 million in cash to get the No. 30 pick and accepted him. Now they only get one choice. Cleveland is not Oklahoma City or New Orleans. Koby Altman is not on the pile of assets he can wander around. For those who ultimately need to be abandoned, losing all of these picks is a meaningful loss.

But considering Cleveland’s position after an amazing 7-7 start in 14 games, this is a reasonable loss. It was supposed to be the reconstruction season, and the reconstruction season provided a certain amount of patience. The Cavaliers of last season may have been able to work with Porter through his questions. But with the explosion of Garland and Sexton and the unexpectedly outstanding defense, Cleveland seems to put culture above talent. This is a wise choice. Based on his performance so far this season, Garland has proven his long-term starting position in Cleveland. Regardless of his raw abilities, this made it easier to abandon Potter and swallow pills. The Cavaliers will not seek help from guards in the short term.

But accountability is universal, and now a young team has witnessed firsthand what happens when someone does not purchase the plan. This is still a terrible result for a young team that is still far from real contention, but the Cavaliers managed to make lemonade with these lemons.

Houston Rockets: B+

We must start with the obvious warning. Potter’s situation is chaotic. Given the allegations against him, the lack of demand for his services is justified. That was enough to get him out of several teams, and what happened in the locker room earlier this week did not fully help. This result is entirely based on the trend of basketball trading, in that field, this is a prudent supplement.

Right now, Houston’s backcourt is very crowded. This may change soon. It is generally believed in the league that Victor Oladipo will leave the Rockets as a free agent. If the Rockets continue to struggle, they can easily get rid of him before the deadline, which will bring in more draft funds and increase meeting minutes. If this is indeed the path the Rockets are pursuing, then it will hint at a comprehensive reconstruction in the coming seasons. This is a wise choice. Houston controls the first-round picks in 2022 and 2023, but not in 2024, 2025 or 2026. The thunder is loud, they have long-term nuclear.

A good way to go bad is to spend some time training young players. Players with Porter’s advantage are rarely available at the price Houston paid. In an ideal world, he will continue to grow in the next few seasons, work hard to grow, and become a person who can help the Rockets win when the Thunder begin to collect debt. There is no guarantee that he will overcome Cleveland’s problem of trading him, but for a protected second-round pick, Houston does not need him. If needed, they can reduce his investment.

The Rockets are not yet a stable picture, but James Harden is gone. Starting from his departure, they can theoretically transition to a relatively normal period, and swinging talented young people is a normal reconstruction team to do. Porter may benefit from a stronger culture, but if the team that can provide such an environment is interested in it, he may now participate in a game. Houston is the team that wants him. This shows that he is willing to make the necessary commitments for his growth, and given that the game time may come soon, this is a new opportunity for a team with low expectations. This is roughly what Porter is now asking for.

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