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Kevin Feige reveals why they replaced Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver with Evan Peters (Evan Peters)

Surprisingly, Quicksilver has basically been revised in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Wanda Vision The moment when X-Men movie actor Evan Peters replaced Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) caused fans to question what this means for the multiverse.But we just got ridiculed Wanda Vision Episode 5 “On a very special episode…” only raises questions about the arrival of Quicksilver, and may not open the door to the advancement of the X-Men series. Now, we know that this version of Pietro is not a real deal-especially after Agatha Harkness becomes clear about her manipulation of Wanda Maximoff. But what does it mean for Marvel to move forward?

In the TCA presentation at Disney+ on Wednesday, the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige (Kevin Feige) decided to introduce Peters instead of Taylor Johnson’s decision to take place early in the development process, and then explained that it was completely It is part of the confusion between “some people”

; and Wanda.

Feige said: “This is one of the interesting things to develop these things in a room or a blue sky in the room.” package). “In the process, my favorite part is always very clear from the beginning. When we figure out what is Will continue to use what you saw relatively early in the development process. This is another way that some people mix with Wanda.”

The seventh episode of the series last week’s “Break through the Fourth Wall” revealed that someone was indeed messing up Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and using “Petro” to do it. In this episode, Agnes revealed that he was Agatha, and Montage showed the audience that this was the theme song of “Always Agatha”. This song Fascinating, the theme song has spawned many creative fans and remixes. Of course, there are still many theories suggesting that Agatha may not be the ultimate disadvantage of WandaVision. There are many theories that indicate that Mephisto or Nightmare may still be behind everything, and even some theories suggest that Quicksilver may actually be Chthon. Fans only need to wait for the last two episodes to find the answer.

The first seven episodes Wanda Vision Now streaming on Disney+.

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