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Kevin Feige, cast and more (live review)

On Sunday afternoon, the actors and staff are responsible for Wanda Vision Life is almost a press conference to discuss the upcoming Disney+ series. Wanda Vision This is the first Disney+ series launched by Marvel Studios. Previously, the entire 2020 schedule has undergone unexpected changes. Now the widely acclaimed Marvel Cinematic Universe has entered the ranks of long and long titles. The series is directed by Matt Shakman, written by Jac Shaeffer, and written by Elizabeth Olsen, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, and Tiona Starring Paris and Kathleen Hahn. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Pictures, serves as the producer.

All the above names participated in the virtual press conference on Sunday, which was a private live broadcast, where they discussed the return of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time. Avengers: Endgame with Spiderman: Far from home In the summer of 201

9, Infinity Saga was closed.

This article will be updated regularly throughout the conference when the press conference is scheduled to start at 1:00 PM Eastern Time / 10:00 AM Pacific Time.The full coverage can be found here and on ComicBook.com/Marvel, including exclusive interviews, trailers and more Wanda Vision Bit continues to roll out.For more information, please watch ComicBook.com phase zero Podcast on January 15th and every Friday.

its existence

Sitcom star Jaleel White Family affairs, Is hosting a press conference. White has worked with Shakman in the past. He introduced the group. White started with Olson and asked questions about working in front of a live audience.

She said: “This was the first thing we shot. It was so disturbing, and there was a lot of adrenaline, and it changed quickly, which completely confused my brain.” “When we added a fourth wall, I I really appreciate it!” She took a minute to understand how not to perform for the audience, but to draw energy from their energy. “I think this is the merger of Mary Tyler Moore and Elizabeth Montgomery, and I think I joined Lucy in the 70s because there are so many comedy movies there.”

What keeps Vision always honest?

“He keeps getting something else. He is JARVIS, he is part of Ultron, he is part of Tony Stark. He is omnipotent,” Bettany sys. “He was so naive… I realized that I would only lose a little Dick van Dyck there, a little Hugh Laurie… I think the vision is decent and glorious for Wanda.” The vision requires “a lot of wigs.” “To integrate into the community.

Does Hahn have a nosy neighbor like her character?

Hann said: “We do have a neighbor very much like this, and the expert will suddenly appear.”

He asked Parris about Monica Rambeau’s role.

“basically Wanda Vision, We understand that she is now an adult woman. Rambo said: “During the entire performance, we discovered what she did and the gap between her talents. We will see Monica and Carol Danvers, Carol Danvers, Captain Maiev and Maiev are together. Captain Marvel 2! ”


carry on

Shakman explained in detail how production design, performance, laughter, dialect coaching and other factors merge different eras of sitcoms together. “This is crazy, I don’t want to ruin anyone, but we have come a long way.” Sackman said of the era after three episodes.

White asked the writer Shaeffer about the past relationship between Wanda and Vision and how Wanda Vision can further develop this relationship.

Shaeffer said: “Wanda and Vision are a couple’s favorite.” “Their love story is very tragic, but it is very warm and intimate. We have seen them at the moment the MCU was stolen… what we have Wanda Vision…Are we opening up the stage and space for them, and they have entered this family field. We can see them washing dishes in the kitchen. . . All these family fun activities that you’ve never seen a superhero will participate in.We start from this huge moment of MCU and then enter Wanda Vision A lot of cuteness until not.

How does she manipulate the dialect?

She said: “It’s like talking about accents or period works.” “In the early days, this was indeed a research thing… Then, as we moved forward, the sitcoms of the 1980s were deeply imprinted on me. This is not a challenge in the actual DNA of

Will there be more Marvel sitcoms?

“We will wait and see. This is our test,” Feige said. He continued: “Marvel has had many successful TVs in the past. This is the first attempt by Marvel Pictures.” He pointed out that this was an actor in the movie. “The idea is always, yes, what we have to do is to make a function that is compatible with both the format and the media. Before everyone understands the goal we are pursuing, there are many meetings… The weird idea turns into a weird performance… This fully proves that this is the first appearance on the MCU’s Disney+. “


Press Qs

How can they best understand the physical movement of different ages and how it has evolved?

Bettany said: “There were more farce and physical comedies in the early days.” “Fortunately, in the 90s, they all made me look so ridiculous that I really didn’t have to work hard to laugh.”

Olsen said: “The whole society has changed a lot in the way of action of women over the past few decades.” “Jac did write on how these things evolved. Throughout the 1960s, she wore something. Pants adjust the way someone moves in space… every ten years, politeness is an important part. A book that describes the behavior at the time.” She pointed out that this is not a real sitcom, but a real sitcom they resemble. The same performance world.

Did you hesitate when starting the fourth stage of the MCU? Wanda Vision, Given what is the difference? Are miracle fans more willing to take risks?

Feige said: “I want it to say,’Be prepared for new things and new things.’ “Certainl, with the opportunity of Disney+, allows us to creatively expand our work. [TFATWS] Will debut last year and will soon follow Wanda Vision. Creatively speaking, it has not been reorganized. “This does not require any creative shuffling… Just like what often happens when the ball is lost, accidents can usually serve MAavel Studios well, in this case it can serve us, because this is ours The first show is first, I like its courage… We have what you can only see in the cinema at first… This is seen on TV week after week, which is very different for us of.”

They have a plan to shuffle the cards, but “I am not saying that we are ready for a global pandemic, we have not.”


More questions

From the perspective of the movie, how do they grasp the change of tone from the perspective of the contrast between the intense moment and the sitcom format.

Shackerman said: “It has entered a twilight zone.” “This is how we deal with its appearance and the way.”

Shafer said: “Personally, the twilight zone has a huge impact on me.” “That round was incredibly cunning. You think you are in trouble, and then suddenly jump up. We are all I was so fascinated by all this. You watched a few episodes and you think the show is one thing, and then you can flip the script through episode 4 or 5.”

Have insights into HYDRA or MCU references in commercials?

Feige talked about how the real world will penetrate into all of these sitcoms, saying: “Business is an early idea.” “If this is the first Marvel MCU product you are watching, it is only a 50s or 60s commercial. A strange version of. If you have been watching all these movies, you may be able to start connecting the meaning of all these things. From the past.”



carry on

Do they refuse to capture anything in sitcoms for decades?

Shaffer said: “When we looked back and conducted research, we found that it was a bit disappointing, and it is still unacceptable today.” “We have a very incredible writer’s room with people everywhere, and one of our jobs is to pay attention to these things. . As Matt said, we zeroed in on family sitcoms… Family productions made us very focused. I may not care about what this show was, but it was also the piece that got us on the right track.”

How did actor Kathryn Hahn come from?

“In my memory, this all happened very quickly,” Feige said. Hahn attended a shareholder meeting, which is rare in Marvel Studios. “She is our suitor, we are also her supporters, and at exactly the same time, we were sitting in that writing room trying to figure out who should play Agness… This is usually never so perfect… This is also solid. The voice of the character…Who is the biggest nosy neighbor in the world right now? Catherine, not in real life, I’m not sure, but on the screen!”

Did Feige see anything during production? Mandalorian He applied for Wanda Vision?

Wanda Vision, We’ve been doing it for a long time before we saw the Mandalorian,” Feige said: “There are many Mandaloran Marvel Studios inspired us, especially the stage crafts used in some upcoming projects… It’s amazing to see Disney’s marketing efforts to achieve eventualization… These Disney+ projects_Enter The theater project is just as important… they definitely showed that they can do it on Disney+ with Mandalorian. An interesting week, a week of discussions, and sometimes even a series of discussions are directly placed on the streaming service, Disney+ I think it is smart to delete once a week…” He thinks these conversations can help stimulate people’s enthusiasm. And look forward to this happening. WandaVision.”

How does Olsen use Wanda’s power in sitcoms?

She said: “I can’t twist my nose, so we have to find something to translate.” The effect team became “the little jingle people floating in the sky. They use magnets to rotate things.” The next piece of clothing or something else. When things change, they will “stay still” and “try to remember their body”.

How would Wanda Maximoff describe Wanda Vision?

“She would describe Wanda Vision As a family sitcom composed of two people, they try to blend into it without being discovered because they are different. “Olson said.


carry on

How does the MCU incident affect the lives of Monica and Agness?

Paris said: “They must have gone through something and saw something.” “We do have to learn, especially the things Monica has seen and experienced and how they have affected her life. I don’t want to pay too much. Many, because we will actually perform while being exposed to many things.”

Hann said: “There will always be people breaking in and sitting on the sofa, but they don’t know anything about their personal lives.” “In this classic way, I can walk into all the beauty behind me like Agness. The metaphor, keep going.”

Where does the fourth stage end? Feige will not comment.


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