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Ken Jennings (Jenpardy!) apologizes for insensitive tweets

After announcing that Jennings would be the first guest of “Jeopardy!”, past tweets surfaced. After battling pancreatic cancer, long-term owner Alex Trebek passed away in November.

Jennings tweeted on Wednesday: “Hey, I just want to have the fact that I must have posted something unwise and insensitive on Twitter over the years.”

He wrote: “Sometimes they make jokes in my mind, and it makes me frustrated to see how they read on the screen.” “In the past, I used to leave bad tweets so that they could be posted. At least that, they may lead to wise answers or even advocacy. Deleting them is like whitewashing a mistake.”


He added that by not posting a tweet, he believed that he “may leave me with the impression that I have made every failed joke I have ever posted here.” He said that was not the case.

Another tweet said: “Sometimes I say something stupid in a stupid way, and I want to apologize to those who (deserve to be offended) offended.” “I’m not trying to hurt anyone, but it’s okay: I messed up I’m really sorry.”

Some Twitter users responded by sharing some tweets that have now been deleted, including a tweet from 2014 in which Jennings wrote: “There is nothing more sad than a hot person in a wheelchair.” He apologized for the 2018 tweet: “This is so ridiculous that my mind is a little different. I regret this because of the good ordinary reading!”

Jennings ended his tweet on Wednesday and looked forward to the future.

He wrote: “If 2020 teaches us anything, it is that we should be kind to each other.” With this in mind, I look forward to entering 2021. ”

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