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Kelly Clarkson revealed “a song in history” she was afraid to reveal

sound Coach Kelly Clarkson is the undisputed queen. Obviously, she became famous for performing other singer’s songs in another singing competition. American idolRecently, her viral “Kellyoke” segment has become the focus of her daytime chat show. Kelly (Lady Gaga)’s “Poker Face” and Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get Rid of Your Head”, to Erasure’s “Forever”, it seems that Kelly can’t make his own song, no matter how iconic it is Sex or everywhere. Yazoo’s “Only You” was even described as “Should I stay or go”

; in the first British wave of punk legend “Clash”.But on monday Voice In this episode, Kelly revealed to her team consultant Latin superstar Luis Fonsi that his signature dish is One She thinks the song is unshakable.

“I just realized something,” Kelly told Louis during the preparatory rehearsal of the combat round. “I’m afraid you are going to cover a song in history,’Despacito’.” …and I have practiced and so Work hard because I like to sing in Spanish or other languages. “

“Yes, it Yes Lots of lyrics.This is Luo Word I! Louis admitted with a smile.

with It’s like the biggest song ever. I was kind of like, “Did you know? I will leave it alone,'” Kelly said modestly.

I believe in that loyalty The Kelly Clarkson show with sound The audience-looks like Louis himself, he exclaimed: “Oh, please, you Have Cover it now! When he learns of Kelly’s Despacito anxiety, please believe that Kelly can completely kill Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s crush, if she decides Let go. Maybe one day, with Louis’ encouragement, she will add it to her “Kellyoke” playlist; we just have to wait and see.

At the same time, we have to wait until the knockout round that starts on April 19 to see Kelly move on. sound Full time again. Last week, Kelly announced that he was ill, so Kelsea Ballerini, one of her former team consultants, was asked to fill her red chair in the actual campaign performance this season. Kelsea returned as a backup coach on Monday, and when Kelly was once again in a deep absence, her team performed very well. Kelsea sent a message to Kelly every step of the way. (Kelly) Consulting. At the end of the episode on Monday, two Kelly team members brilliantly interpreted Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” (which is the song Kelly sang in the “Kellyoke” section earlier this year), and they did a fantastic job, Kelsea Jokingly said: “This one That’s why Kelly didn’t show up today! “But in the end, under Kelly’s remote guidance, Kelsey made the right choice.

Here are the battles performed on Monday:

Team brakes: Cam Anthony and Emma Caroline, “10,000 hours”

Cam and Emma are very different singers. Emma is a great country creative-so Dan + Shay’s crossover pop songs seem to be a good middle choice for them. Dan + Shay even served as Blake Shelton’s combat mentor, and generously claimed that Cam and Emma’s performances were better than their original works! Well, maybe they are correct. There really is no middle ground here: Emma has a beautiful, brisk tone, but Cam definitely dominates the fight. He is six years younger than Emma, ​​but he was a child prodigy (he has been singing since he was 4 years old, Ellen And in the White House) made him a genius for TV shows. Cam is expressive, in his elements, not only plays with the camera, virtual audience and his duo partners. Instead, Emma froze and flinched. “It’s so frustrating to know that you are really a singer, I don’t know if you Blake told Emma, ​​and then understandably chose Cam, he said he was “born to do this.” Black tells Emma that because of your body language, you know if you are a good singer. That’s why I was so surprised when Emma (Blake) used his savior of the season on him as Emma walked down the front steps of the stage to the path of shame after failure. “I want to scare you some stage performances!” He said, and explained his faltering decision to press the button at the last minute. But I think Emma will be even more scared when she competes with contestants rescued by other coaches in the next daunting four-way knockout round.

Winner: Cam Anthony / Saved: Emma Caroline enters the four-way knockout

Team Kelly: Halley Greg and Gihanna Zoë, “Thinking Out Loud”

This battle was described as another slam dunk, but I think the coach did not give enough honor to the loser Harley. At best, they use adjectives like “quirky” and “fun” to rebut and praise Harley, and often mention that her voice is not as loud or technically perfect as her opponent. But Harley did come from where the Minnie Riperton-style dog whistle decibel note came out. This alone left a deep impression on me. Yes, Gihanna is generally a stronger singer (although coach Nick Jonas is a bit exaggerated when compared to Beyoncé, twice! ), but I appreciate the sweetness, warmth and “imperfection” of Halley’s voice. It was a fight I didn’t mind, which led to a save, but after Kelsey texted Kelly, she chose Jihana on the orders of the boss and told Harley to leave. It turns out that Kelsey needs to save the save anyway.

Winner: Gihanna Zoë

Team legend: Durell Anthony vs. Zania Alaké, “emotions”

The selection of this song was inspired by Bee Gees’ recent wonderful documentary (in which Nick made a cameo) and John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen’s love for the “Gibbs” framed ballad remake of “Children of Destiny.” This is very suitable for the buttery smooth voices of the two contestants, and their slow duet is like something in the 1978 “Soul Train Award”. Generally speaking, this is a fairly average game, just an all-round outstanding performance. I like battles that are less like actual battles, but more like professional duets. But Zania is the more charming and attractive entertainer here. John said that they were both “great” and praised Durell’s falsehood, but he finally chose Zania because after receiving the guidance of the team consultant “Voice” this week, Zani Ya’s impression of her “stepping up” and “really sending out” left a deep impression on him. The Bible” herself, brandy.

Team brake: Keegan Ferrell vs. Jordan Matthew Young, “call all angels”

Thirty-four-year-old rock singer Jordan (Jordan) is full of grit and gravel in his voice (Dan + Shay praised him by comparing him with Black Crowes’ Chris Robinson), and the 21-year-old Ji Keegan’s silky pop moaner-this train-powered ballad Really Seems to prefer Jordan. This is the way of performing on stage. Keegan tried his best, but he had obviously exceeded his elements, trying to get close to the song, he seemed to have failed. That being said, although “Calling All Angels” is a good display of Jordan’s robust bellows, Blake described the bellows as “weathered” and “warm”, but it can be said that the bedroom pop producer Keegan and The current market is more than band rangers like Jordan. This is the argument that pop singer Nick is willing to make when he uses one of his steals this season on Keegan. I’m still not sure if Keegan can take the stage in this game, but I think he should have a chance to show his talents, so he is now in the right team. (Side note: Keegan does have the option to join Kelly, but he thinks Blake can take him to the “next level.” Damn)

Winner: Jordan Matthew Young/STOLEN: Keegan Ferrell joins the Jonas Team

JONAS team: Lindsay Joan vs. Zae Romeo, “Rewriting the Stars”

Zae only occupies four seats in the blind trials, so he seems to have the advantage.But Lindsay is a theater veteran who used to Leather boots, So a game with The greatest artist Tune and the two experienced mentors (the coach Nick and the team consultant Darren Criss) could have favored her easily. This battle is ultimately a fierce competition, and everything depends on taste. Of course, compared with the maverick hair stylist Zae, Lindsay’s style is more like Broadway traditionally, but in the end Nick “goed forward” and chose the latter, which is not shocking.But if this battle is to be You are the one i want, How do you solve a problem like Maria, Glee, Or Legally Blonde: The Musical – Looking for Elle Woods, The results may be very different.

Winner: Zae Romeo

Team Legend: Ciana Pelekai vs. Denisha Dalton, “You hurt me first”

More like “Montage me first” apatite? So far this season’s fighting rounds have managed to avoid the montage of montages, but poor Ciana and Denisha were out of luck, and the fighting time on Monday was reduced to less than one minute. It was a chaotic-sounding minute, and the two women almost yelled at each other, so maybe this cruel editing was necessary. From the information I may gather, John was the right choice for Ciana, and I do recall enjoying her fresh and interesting “Dance Monkey” blind audition. But Denisha’s “Pillowtalk” audition is also great, so I really want to know what went wrong here. okay then. Next time we will see if Ciana has more release time.

Winner: Ciana Pelekai

Team Kelly: Corey Ward (VS) and Savanna Woods (Savanna Woods), “Dream”

The classic movie by Stevie Nicks must be performed in the cab of the earth girl Savanna. She even said that she sang Fleetwood Mac with the former band since she was a child. However, this song also works well with Corey’s shoddy work, and these two songs share the kind of chemical reaction that Kelly said usually takes years to produce and burns down TV screens. “I don’t have any notes. I won’t spoil what just happened. I won’t let you go away,” she gasped happily during the rehearsal. The instant connection between Corey and Savanna turned into the main stage, and the fusion of vocals and natural ease made Kelsea awe. (Kelsea used Halsey to talk about “Dreams” and knows how difficult it is to make an “idol” song.) Kelsea prefers Savanna, but three regular coaches cheer for Corey. Of course, this was ultimately Kelly’s call. After a fierce text message exchange with Kelly, Kelsey revealed that the winner of this battle was Corey… and the savior of Kelly’s team was Savannah! Kelsey explained: “Kelly knows it will be a difficult thing, and she really wants to participate in the rescue”, which means that she at least has a say in the result. Well, whoever decides to save Savannah is the right decision.The savanna is not worthy of her Voice The dream was shattered.

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